New meds! Does anyone know about these?

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   Posted 9/10/2009 6:15 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi guys!

I have 2 new medications that I wanted to see if anyone here has had personal experience using them.  I was given these for an emergency situation and I basically have them to replace any type of ER visits, since I do NOT want to be going into any more hospitals and I will soon be signing a DNR as well....Long story on my health situation..but its not good, but its OK  :)  ANYWAY-  so these 2 new meds...
1.  Actiq Buccal Lollipop 200 mcg  and I have 30 quantity.
2.  Roxicodone Oral Concentrate 20 mg  and I have 120 quantity
I'm trying to see how strong/ not strong these pain meds, how long they last... what they compare too... 
i'm really sensitive to all pain meds.  Currently, I'm on oxycodone 5mgs as needed every couple hours.  Thats my regular pain med, but these 2 new ones are to aviod the ER when I get my epigastric pain that I feel like I'm dying..  It's happened 2 times this month, I have pneumotosis and basically not a candidate for surgery so I have to only manage pain.. ( I have several chronic GI diseases that cannot be treated )
Anyway-  thank you to anyone that can share!!  Sorry for the long post!

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   Posted 9/10/2009 7:07 PM (GMT -6)   
Does it prevent you from having the EsophyX procedure? I believe you are IV sedated in a twilight sleep. I have GI problems and am getting it done in a few months.


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   Posted 9/10/2009 7:20 PM (GMT -6)   
Joy- I have never heard of what you are talking about. What is Esophyx procedure? How can you do an IV at your home? This is for home care... Sorry, little confused

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   Posted 9/10/2009 11:05 PM (GMT -6)   
Wishing you the best with the new meds. Actiq is ultra-short acting. It is designed to last about 4 hours. I don't always get relief for that long, but some people get it for slightly longer. The good news is that it tends to be quite well tolerated & most people "grow out of" the side effects over time. I don't have any probs with it, but some people need to take Senakot or something due to constipation. Your doc can probably give you more specifics. Make sure you do not take 2 doses very close together unless specifically instructed to do so.

I'm not sure what pnuemotosis is. Is that related to the lungs (sounds like pneumonia)? If so, be very careful with narcotics.

I don't really compare one narcotic to another. Especially fentanyl. It is prescribed in micro-grams whereas most other narcotics are prescribed in milli-grams (1mg=10mcg). Only thing I can offer is that it tends to last shorter than most narcotics, but also is more addicting/habituating so if you start taking it every day & then need to go off it for some reason, that is not fun at all. If that becomes the case, no worries, but do plan to enlist a doctor's help getting off it b/c it is not something to try on your own. ;)

Take care & let us know how the new meds work. :)


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   Posted 9/12/2009 10:14 AM (GMT -6)   
The actiq if of course fentynal lollipop obviously. It does have a short half-life. The roxicodone is similiar to oxycodone more then hydrocodone, whether people want to compare it or not, it is comparable. I know I take 30mg oxycodone a few at a time and it seems to work for me still after being on that those doses for about a year and a half at the same but it also doesnt work quite as long as it used to, but then again it never worked 4 hours for me to begin with. Today it lasts about 2 to 3 hours at the most. I take fentanyl patches, I have to use 2 because they dont make one that is biggest enough dose for me, So I use either 1-100mcg and 1-50mcg to 1-100mcg and 1-75mcg, so overall 150mcg to 175mcg. It actually works really well for me. I had used fentanyl twice before the last being about 2 years ago before going back about a year and a half ago. I do know that 150mcg of fentynal is equal to 60mg of oxycontin and oxycontin is the same thing as oxycodone only controlled also the same as roxicodone.

To me its a little bit weird that you got both of those, because their both 'imediate' type release medications , or atleast not extended release, so whats that point? most drs would not do that, thats a way to overdose. If you have something extended release or controlled release then you have a constant flow of medication in your body, isntead of ups and downs, that way you can take less breakthrough medicine because you already have a base level. If you dont have extended release then you have to take more breakthrough medication more often and then besides more often you have to take higher doses also. So to me it makes absolutely no sense to take two breakthrough medications. UNLESS one works specifically for one area or portion of the body, I know that for me vicodin will help my stomach but percocet would help my other pains...back years ago when i was taking those two lower style pain medications.

I'd ask your dr about the extended release medications honeslty, that'd be the first thing I'd ask about my next appt.

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   Posted 9/12/2009 11:01 AM (GMT -6)   
To answer your questions about the extended release vs. immediate release. Right now, and I have been for 2 years now, I have been taking only the Oxycodone IR 5 mgs because... BECAUSE I am not able to have any forms of extended release drugs in my system or any type of patches due to my major malabsorption issues I have with my entire GI system. Also, I have chronic Illeus, which is another reason why. Every doctor that knows my medical history and the severity of my GI diseases, know that instant release meds are whats best for me. I do NOT mind taking a pill every couple hours instead of taking 1 pill that might kill me because it absorps all at once or nothing at all. I'm very sensitive to all meds and docs have to be careful.
The reason why I have these 2 new meds added, is NOT for every day usage. my oxycodone is for that. These meds are to only be used on EMERGENCY based situations, like if I were to go to the ER because my pain was THAT BAD.. I'm basically in a hospice situation to where there is nothing the medical world can do for me, so my only choice is to be kept comfortable, and OUT OF A HOSPITAL.. and taking these stronger drugs will help in doing that. Its a long story, but thats why my doc is doing what he's doing. We are trying to aviod going on hospice and he doesn't want to give up on me just yet.
anyways.. i hope this answers your questions!!
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