Cheery Sunday! Ready for Koffee Klatch?

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   Posted 11/8/2009 2:51 AM (GMT -6)   
For anyone new to our Koffee Klatch, it's a few minutes each day when we take some time for fun! Yep, just plain old fun. We deserve to laugh, giggle and just be silly like 'normal' fold Anyone ever figure out what a 'normal' person is like? How sad! turn

The only rules in the Koffee Klatch we do NOT mention the 'P' word. (psssttt, for those who aren't sure what the 'P' word's the {pain} word..sssshhhhh) And the only other rule is to have fun! Even if you're not from the Fibro or Chronic Pain forums where we have our daily Koffee Klatch, you are welcome to join. Everyone on Healing Well deserves to have some fun and smile. So jump on in whether this is your first post or the 10,000th post. smilewinkgrin

Two things we seem to be mighty good at are the word types games and talking about food! We haven't done that in a while. So, at some point in our lives whether we're male or female we all have to do some cooking. You might be a very accomplished chef, cooked and raised a family of 7 children or been a bachelor all your life and only cooked meals that you could make in the microwave. But no matter what your style or experience we all have had disasters! smhair smhair

Ever cook pasta and you were afraid you didn't put in enough, so you put in a little more, and oh, just one more handful should do it? Before they were completely cooked they filled up the entire kettle, you divided the batch into 2 kettles and a fry pan and it nearly overflowed those pans before the pasta was cooked. You were cooking enough for 4 people and you now have enough to feed the entire population of Alaska! My DIL had that happen not long after they married. Or the time I found my huge white, long hair cat curled up on a yellow cake that was cooling on the counter. I mean, it was soft and warm. He had no idea why id got in

But the first one that I messed up was some pumpkin pies I made as a young teenager. I had done a lot of baking and made these pies many times but on this day I was making them especially because my brother liked them. On this particular day the pies had been in the oven long enough to be done. I used a table knife to test and make sure the center was cooked. When I pulled the oven rack out the pies sloshed! Yep, like 2 giant pools of pumpkin colored bath water. WHAT had gone wrong??? All of the other ones I had ever baked came out perfect. So I let them cook a little bit longer. In the mean time I started cleaning up the kitchen and OH MY...Goodness!!! Why were there 4 eggs sitting on the counter by the mixer? DUH <slapping forehead> I forgot the eggs in the pumpkin pie filling. Without eggs they have no way to thicken the pie and it remains liquid, hot tasty liquid...lmbo. So I took them out of the oven and told mom what happened. No problem, mistakes happen. But my brother, who was/is the consummate goofball, had to make ugly comments and start drinking the soup. Easy fix...I never made him pumpkin pies again. smilewinkgrin Do NOT mess with the cook!

What cooking disasters have you had???
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I was on my way to bed when I decided to read this one last post. I've had a few cooking 'malfunctions' (ok, disasters!), but for now, the first thing that came to mind is something along the lines of a cooking 'mishap'! A boyfriend I had years ago decided that he was going to make a batch of pickled eggs for a pool party we were having at our house. He knew I loved pickled eggs. I had no idea he was making them - it was supposed to be a surprise. Well, I got up the morning of the party and started getting things ready. I noticed the jar of eggs on the bar by the pool. I looked over at him and he was just beaming - he was SO proud of himself (his previous cooking expertise was boiling water). He wanted me to try one - they looked good - he even remembered to put the beets in! I grabbed the jar and it made "clicking" noises. I couldn't figure out what it was at first, then I realized - he didn't take the shells off of the eggs!! When I told him you have to take the shells off before you put them in the jar, he said, "Oh, I was wondering how the eggs would get pickled through the shells." He had been "pickling" them for almost a week! Oh well, I wasn't attracted to him for his brains (or kitchen talent) anyway! wink

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Just a while back, I decided to cook a Pizza in the grill. I bought one of those Pizza Stones to lay the Pizza while it was cooking. I think we bought one of those uncook already made Pizza's. Anyway, after several minutes of baby sitting the thing on the grill, it was done, and I must say,I was so proud of the way it turned out! It was perfect. I quickly removed it from the grill, and placed it on the table for the family, begging for pats on the back, doing such a good job. We got all the kids called to the table, prayed the prayer, and all the while I kept smelling this funny oder. In fact, I thought boy, this Pizza seems like its getting hotter. As my wife lifted a piece off for the first lucky Pizza Eater, I realized from the burnt underside what had happened. I never removed the Pizza from the stone, and it was still cooking! I had simply, picked up the stone, with the Pizza on it, and set it on a couple of potholders, on the table. I still get teased by my wife to this day about it! :)

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What cooking disasters have you had???
   Dear Chutz,
      OooOO I was so excited. I LOVE Turkey, so I got one all ready. I wasnt gonna stuff it, as it was my first time and no need to go fancy.  OoO I was excited! I buttered, I spiced, set the happy fella on the disposable cooking pan. This is it! So I pop him in the oven and go back to the stuff I brought home from work to finish up. Much later I smell something HORRIBLE burning. Look through the little oven window, turkey looks fine. Search all over the house, I dont see an lamps touching anything plastic, or any plugg-ins smoldering.. WHAT IS THAT SMELL? No smoke, no mothing... So I open up some windows and finish up work. Then I call a friend and we chatt. While we are chatting the smell getss worse and worse!!!! So I tell her about it. She says same thing I check on, light fixtures, pluggs, etc. Then she starts making supper and asks what I am having. I tell her Im trying out my first turkey. She then says, "Did you remember to clean it out?" I say, "of course, and buttered him too" she says," No No I mean get the bag of spare parts out of the belly of the turkey?"  I say,"What spare parts?" ......... smhair   It really is an awfull smell and lingers in the oven looong after youve cleaned it. He he



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Two years ago, I wanted to try making a "peanut butter" cookie with "Honey" and to do this
you have to omit the brown sugar, well I started making them had the honey all in and forgot
to omit the brown sugar and well those were the sweetest tasting peanut butter cookies I ever
ever made...and it has bothered me...this recipe is in the Betty Crocker cookie Book, it's a
variations on the peanut butter cookie, maybe someday I'll try it and get it right....
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Okay when i was a teenage i was told by mom to make the german chocolate cake. I made it alright had never baked in my life i mixed all the cake ingredients and the recipe for the topping . This was not a cake when i was done more like chewy brownies.

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I think I just found a new way to lose weight. Reading all of our mistakes sorta makes you lose your appetite! <urp>


you guys have the best stories!
The three grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. — Alexander Chalmers

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Xmas day, eight friends over, 40 dollar prime rib, oven broke half way through cooking. Anyone want some more mash potatoes?

Dani - Cooking a turkey with the pouch in the cavity is alway a part of the initiation process of becoming a good cook, congratulations, you past the test!

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   Posted 11/8/2009 2:55 PM (GMT -6)   
Lucy that is so true...
I think some of my worst baking experiences have been because I've forgotten to add the soda or baking powder. It makes things really flat when you don't put them in, also it seems that when I bake boxed brownies of any brand I never get them done. I cook them longer than it usually calls for but when you get to the center they are really kids like them but if they want dough they should just eat it out of the bowl and I'll not heat up the oven.

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