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   Posted 11/23/2009 1:43 AM (GMT -6)   
I am fortunate that Gretchen1 sent me ideas for our Koffee Klatches. Here's one of them for today. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Do you get up at the crack of dawn all bright eyed and bushy tailed? Are you cheery way before breakfast time? (shudder) Or are you someone who really begins to wake up and function once the normal work day is over. Does sunset mean your internal system is just revving up? Most of us prefer one or the other but sometimes we must mold ourselves into a different one than we'd prefer.

When my kids were tiny I easily was a night owl. I could stay up all hours of the night and still function well. When they began to get school age I had to force myself to get up early so they were ready for school and on time! I'm a stickler for being timely. I won't say I was a cheery morning person but I was civil. For many years everyone knew to just leave me alone for at least a 1/2 hour after I got up or they were taking their chances.

When I became a single mom and went back to college I began to get into the swing of getting up early. And as i remember I did really enjoy it. I got the kids off to school by 6:30 and was headed to school myself. I would put in extra hours working in the computer lab before classes started. And even when I was working...if I drew an early class to teach for a quarter I was sometimes out of the house by 5 AM! shocked The commute was nasty if you went any later not to talk about parking. But now???.... tongue Ya...I'll get up whenever. Well, not really. I hate getting up too late. I feel like the day is 1/2 over if I sleep past 7 or even 8. But this body kicks me back down and explains to me that if I don't go back and get some more shut-eye that it's going to make me a VERY sorry person. smhair So I get hubby's lunch packed and he's out of the door by 6:30 AM, I get my meds and such, grab a bowl of cereal, into my recliner, pile on the blankets, let the cat get comfy and I'm set for a couple more hours....about half of that time I'm sleeping.

So...what times of day do YOU function best? Are you up with the chickens or building up speed as the stars come out and shine?
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   Posted 11/23/2009 3:24 AM (GMT -6)   
I have always been a morning person. I like Chutz thought if I slept past 7:00 I had missed most of the day. Then I got my days and nights mixed up. My problem with that is I am not a day time sleeper, never have been. I am working very hard on getting things turned around. Since forcing myself to sleep in the bed again, I find getting up is one of the hardest times of the day for me. I am very stiff in the mornings and the pain is excruiating. I usually start my day with a pill for nausea and a muscle relaxer, several stomach pills and something warm to drink to make the pills kick in quicker. Our weather has turned cool which is making the old body just scream in the mornings and at night when it cools down again.


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   Posted 11/23/2009 3:30 AM (GMT -6)   
hmm - im definitly a night owl. both my Mum & Boyfriend leave for work at 3am; sometimes iv only just fallen asleep!
im awful in the morning, im so groggy and bleh. all i wanna do is sleep, but sometimes pain dosnt let me, so i get up have my meds and eat some breakfast :)  
~ Love Always; Erinxo

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   Posted 11/23/2009 3:35 AM (GMT -6)   
Well, I see I'm not the only night owl tonight! (ahem, Susie!) I have generally been a night owl by nature for most of my life. If I had to get up early to do something, I would, but never willingly! Once I was up and going I was ok, but that up and going part is the tough thing - and this was before CP!

Now with CP and the meds and all everything is screwed up. Obviously, it's the middle of the night and I'm up, but not really because I want to be. I'm actually hurting and have all my pain meds in me, but am not tired yet. I was exhausted earlier today and fought going to bed because that screws me up even worse. Like Susie, I've got my nights and days screwed up, but I don't even enjoy the night time now especially with the cold coming and snow on the way this weekend!


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   Posted 11/23/2009 6:50 AM (GMT -6)   
I'm definately a morning person but for 9.5 yrs my job required me to work 12hr rotating shifts by this I mean we worked 12hr shifts from 8a to 8pm for 2-3 days, had 2-3 days off then worked nights 8p to 8a for 2-3 days etc. After 9.5 yrs of this my sleep was just crazy. I haven't done this for 2yrs cause after my fusion surgeries my body wouldn't take the factory work anymore but it seems like I've never gotten my sleep cycle back to normal. I will still get up at 2-3am wide awake. These companies that run continuous production 24/7 to save money don't realize how hard it is on their employees. Sorry I guess I'm changing the subject a little here.

Anyway, I'm a morning person.
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   Posted 11/23/2009 11:11 AM (GMT -6)   
So...what times of day do YOU function best? Are you up with the chickens or building up speed as the stars come out and shine?
   Dear Chutz,
     I am both. I am up with the chickens at 630am, cooking and setting up the breakfeast table. At about 3pm, I  gearing up, and getting ready for the second "day of my day" which I dont offically end til about 930pm. Then I sit and vegg out in front of the computer and make jewelry til 11:30 - 1am. I always joke that I get "2 for the price of 1" smilewinkgrin



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   Posted 11/23/2009 11:39 AM (GMT -6)   
Night Owl, for me...always start to get going just when it's time for bed...
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   Posted 11/23/2009 1:02 PM (GMT -6)   
I used to be a morning person, even after I went of disability, I would get up and make my wife her breakfast and fix her lunch to take with her, while she was getting ready for work I usually got up at 6:30 or 7 am. I have to take my meds at 6 am anyway. I would usually go to bed at 11PM or so. Now I am alway wide awake at midnight, and I usulally do not go to bed till after 1 AM frequently it is after 2 AM going on 3! I still wake up with my alarm to take my 6AM med, I take just about everything at 6 AM. Then I will go back to sleep till 8, 9 , or 10, or sometimes even later. But I hate it if I sleep to late in the morning because like the others that have mentioned this I feel like the day is wasted! I have been trying and trying to get back into getting up early, but no success yet! Sometimes I take a nap during the day, but it is such a hassle to sleep in the recliner in the living room, because I have to have my VPAP and Oxygen to sleep! If I don't use it, I wake up miserable in a Sleep Apnea Fog! I do like the early morning especially in the summer, I love to see the Sun rise! But it seems that after 9 or 10 PM I get a second wind or something, actually the absolute worse time of day for me is between 3 and 7 in the evening, I get so so sleepy at around 3PM and heaven help if I eat an early supper 4:30 or so, then I really want a nap! Anyway some of my posts are really late or really early, but most of the time I do my E-mails then! It was 2:40 this nmornig when I turned out the light and 9:30 AM when I woke up!
Such is my life now!

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   Posted 11/23/2009 9:13 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm usually in bed around 10ish and asleep by 11 or so. I get up several times during the night to tend to "privey" and wake up early but usually don't get up until 8ish or so. I had to be at work for years at 0645 so I was the early bird then. Since my retirement and illness I'm not an early bird anymore. The PT that I work with wants me to lay down at least 2-3 times a day to rest and I just can't make myself lay down cauze once I'm up I'm UP and rarely nap. I try to force myself but I'm not too good at it. He doesn't want me to sit, stand, or lay for too long a time which makes sense but kind of difficult to do.
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