ThanksGiving with the Flu

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   Posted 11/24/2009 5:41 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello Everyone.
I hope everyone is doing well, I'm not and I really need to rant. For the past 4-5 days I have been running a high fever with a very violent and nasty cough. My head is always killing me, my whole body, my chest,and my thoat are hurting so bad i could cry. the fever has seem to have let down some but the rest of the symptoms are still here. I keep drowning myself in Robitussin DM and ibprofen to get a little bit of releif but it isnt doing much. ThanksGiving is in 2 days and I'm suppose to cook diner for my kids and my best friend and I'm so scared I dont have to evergy to do so. I finally had a little bit of energy last night to wash the dishes, and that wiped me out, so how am I gonna manage to stay in the kitchen for hours making tons of food?? My father usually makes dinner at his place but this year he went out of town for thanksgiving and bought me all the food I need to make thanksgiving but i didnt plan on being sick when he bought the stuff last week.
My aunt invited me to her house to eat but I dont want to leave my friend behind, and she cant go with me to my aunts eventhough my aunt said she could cause my aunt has a million dogs and smokes in the house and my friend is highly allergic to those 2 things (triggers asthma attacks so its not like she can just take an allergy pill and be fine)and my cousin is 36 weeks pregnant and I dont want to expose her if it's the flu. And my friend's family moved across the united states so she has no one else to spend it with. I know she wouldnt mind if I left her behind but that wouldnt make me good friend. I thought I could buy one of those already made thanksgiving meals but I dont have the money for that.
I just dont know what to do.....I know going to the doctor wont do much since it seems I have the flu and their's absoutly nothing a doctor can do for the flu but tell me to rest and drink fluids which I'm already doing. And I'm not having trouble breathing so i dont think I'm going to die or anything eventhough I feel like I am at times. Also I just cant fall asleep as I'm so miserable, all I do is cough (which feels like razor blades in my lungs) and my body aches like crazy.
anyways, thnaks for listening to me rant, I just needed to get it off my chest. I'm just terribly worried about Thanksgiving and having one for my kids, and it also my favorite holiday cause I love thanksgiving food, and everything right now taste nasty, so I'm worried about having a misearble time on my favorite holiday. Also I thought my elecricity was gonna be shut off tomorrow and i wouldnt be able to pay it, but the city promised me they are not shuting off anyones electricty this week so that was a HUGE releif cause I can pay it next week which is when I get my money from SSI, so I'm very thankful for that. There would be nothing worse for my kids then no Thanksgiving food and no electrcity.
Well anyways, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and hope everyone is healthy. And also this is why I have been gone the past several days. And thnaks for listening to me Rant and complain, it's nice to be able to whine to someone other then my 7 year old daughter who is taking advantage of me being ill and having fuin with it, like making a huge mess......

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   Posted 11/24/2009 6:31 PM (GMT -6)   
Carmen, go to the doctor there are anti viral meds out there to take for flu now, if you catch it in the first 48 hours you have more chance of beating it. With all the swine flu they're probably all set up for prescribing it> go, make an appt now!
Sorry you're sick though, kids never understand do they? big hugs, golitho

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   Posted 11/24/2009 9:24 PM (GMT -6)   
Yea not sure if Tamiflu would work now I think you said you have had the flu 4-5 days.  Best to start that within 12 hours but must within 48 hours of onset of flu symptoms.  But if you are having any chest or breathing problems go to Doc.
Could your friend and kids help out even if it is small things like pealing potatoes, cleaning dishes, setting table etc...
Could you cook some things Wed ahead of time like the veges and dessert?
I have had the flu in the past and I understand how bad it can be plus I suffer from fibro and my flares are so similiar it just wipes you out and hurts so bad.  I am sorry u are ill on a holiday/
If you are that ill though on Thursday morn could u put Turkey day off another day, people have Thanksgiving on others days for various reasons all the time.  Your health is important.
Good luck to you and try to rest and drink fluids like the Doc said and I will pray you are well by Thursday.
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   Posted 11/24/2009 10:12 PM (GMT -6)   
    Good Evening Kitty! ...Soooo sorry to hear that your not feeling well. That would be awful to have that going on during Thanksgiving. Surely, if you explained your not feeling well and the possibility of having the Flu, your guest would lend a much needed helping hand for you. Do the pain meds help at all in a time like this. You may just need to scale down what you had planned to do, and I'm sure they will understand. The need to have everything perfect for family, is a natural one for many mothers....but the fact is that you one sick little Kitty (Pardon the Pun!) It will be OK....and I will be thinking of you for what ever it's worth. We all care about you...and knowing that can be worth a lot in time like this. I, myself..... feel wonderful of all the friends that I have met here on this forum, and I greatly appreciate it as well.

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   Posted 11/24/2009 11:07 PM (GMT -6)   
Carmen if you are still running a fever I would not have my friend over to expose her too. If the fever is gone then let the kids and friend take over in th e kitchen and you be the master of ceremonies, by way of telling everyone what to do. I am so sorry that you are sick. You might need to see the doc if you are coughing alot, It may be too late for the anti-virals but you could have an upper respiratory condition working. Take care.


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   Posted 11/24/2009 11:16 PM (GMT -6)   
I have to agree with the others, call the Doctor bright and early in the morning and get in..
it could be something viral or bacterial and only a doc could tell ya...You definitely
should not be in or near the kitchen if your that sick as you could get everyone ill, too...
Lots of soft healing hugz, prayers and well wishes being sent your ways...
Hope your better soon...
tell your friends your ill and can't cook and they should understand and take the kids to your aunts house
and yous stays home to rest....hope this helps.....wish I could come over to help you out....
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   Posted 11/24/2009 11:29 PM (GMT -6)   
It sounds like you need to see the doctor. There is an amazing cough syrup that really helps you with the cough and with sleeping but I'll be darned if I can remember the name right now. If you are taking a bunch of OTC meds that could be what is not letting you sleep and sleep is good for you when you are sick. Good luck and I agree with everyone else, scale down, let everyone else do the work, and keep your prego friend at ams length so she won't get sick too. She needs to be able to breathe to have that baby.
Keep us posted. Take care I care.

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   Posted 11/25/2009 1:34 AM (GMT -6)   
Like others I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well, but to be honest if it was my friend who was sick the best thing she could do for both of us is take care of herself AND not give me the flu! I know that sounds selfish on my part, but our lives are hard enough and if I can avoid something like the flu I sure want to. And if I had it I wouldn't go to any gatherings to spread it, or prepare food that I might contaminate. Just another way to think about it.

You can always have Thanksgiving on your own special day when you're all feeling well!



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   Posted 11/25/2009 6:32 AM (GMT -6)   
I am in agreement with everyone else that you should call the doctor and cancel Thanksgiving or at least postpone it so you don't make anyone else sick, it almost sounds like you may have Strep. There is a cough syrup that you can get at the pharmacy from behind the counter after signing for it. It does contain codeine so check with your doc before using, not sure what meds your on already. It does really help with the cough. I would call the doc this morning cause if it is strep you don't want to wait until Monday.
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   Posted 11/25/2009 10:36 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you everyone for the replies.

Well my son went out of town with my father so that helps alot, him being the only one not sick makes me feel bad that I cant give him all the attention he needs. Also my friend has more then been exposed to whatever I have, she has visited me several times to see if I needed anything and one to being over a movie to watch with me, and I told her she was gonna catch what I got but she said it wasnt a big deal.

Well my fever has seem to finally gone away, which is great, havent had one for all day, and I fianlly got some sleep last night which was wonderful for a change, eventhough my coughing woke me up several times. I know my local ER has a HUGE sign outside it's doors saying that Tamiflu will NOT be prescribed in most cases, plus when I brought my son the ER with the flu a month ago the doctor told me that he wasnt even sure if Tamiflu even really worked that good and they only gave it to people who are so bad with the flu that they must stay inpatient in the hospital. And me taking any codiene for cough is a HUGE no for me, as I'm never suppose to mix other pain meds with my Suboxone, it wouldnt kill me but it will just be blocked. But if my cough isnt better by Monday then I will call my doctor and see what they say.

Well my friend says she will help make some stuff for thanksgiving, but the problem is that she can be an airhead at times and is known to forget about stuff in the oven, so I may just give her the easy stuff. So afterall it seem slike things are going to be okay, as long as my fever stays away, I should make it. I think I'll just drink some coffee tomorrow to give me some energy. Right now I'm drinking alot of orange juice hoping the vitamin C will make me feel better faster.
Well thankyou everyone for the replies, I really needed someone to listen to me whine.


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   Posted 11/25/2009 11:26 PM (GMT -6)   
     Here Kitty....Kitty...Kitty! :)  I'm so glad that your starting to feel better. I'm willing to bet, you will feel even better tomorrow. Have a wonderful Scram! :)
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