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Mrs. Dani
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   Posted 11/26/2009 12:30 PM (GMT -6)   
   Dear Leisa,
    Good morning *warm huggs* I am sorry I havnt been around much. My husband had to do all sorts of stuff to my computer and erase / reload a bunch of programms. I am glad he is done, I thought my head would pop off my shoulders and rotate 360 deg! hehe No, I didnt get any emails. Well, I porbably did, but eveything was lost when I got a Trojan on my computer. smhair
     You asked alot of questions so I am gonna try to respond to em all, thou I may be a little to late with the info.
Danni, do you get break through pain?
       I have a kinda extensive plann for pain management, So I am just gonna give a detailed list and if you have any questions about any of them let me know.
   Epidural Steroid Injection (every 3-4mon ~6 to 8 injections in a "series" in spine)
   Nabumetone (For the ache / stiffness in the hipps and shoulders)
   Amitryptaline (insomnia - less pain in the AM - decreased reaction to pain)
   TeNS unit (Spine stimulation and temporary pain relief in lumbar)
   Tramadol (the dosage is being slowly increased over 1.5month, will be at desired dose in few weeks~ I hope)
   50,000 IU Vit D (per week - tetany, parethesias, hypoparathyroidism, bone loss)
    That is the stuff related to "pain".
The pain i get in my id to lower back to the right is a completly different pain. I hope he listens and doesnt think i am a hypercondriac...
   The pain in my lumbar is COMPLETLY different from the pain in my upper spine. There is NOTHING wrong with you. The pain between my shoulders is a constant "ache" and the pain in my neck is a "flu" like feeling and the pain in my lower back / tail bone is a constant "Hot sting". If there is something "weird" about your pain, then we will be "weird" together *warm huggs*
and i am complaining?
     NO! You are NOT! Dont think that for one second. We just need to have specialists that understand the spine a bit more than most. And there are doctors that specialize in spinal deformities. I was so relieved when I read your latest update and mentioned you would be seeing one. You will notice the difference right away.
 Its amazing how little kids can feel your pain, its so hard at times when we cry in front of our kids due to bad news , pain etc... how are you supposed to explain this to our small children, like you said as soon as Mummy cries they cry, and that is heartbreaking.
     I do not cry in front of my bumblebees. Everything that is going on with Mommy is explained in terms that they can understand. They have met most of my doctors and love them very much. Even when it comes to the injeciton series, they know mommy goes to her "special doctor" to get "shots" so mommy can "jump and play". Even when I lost my teeth (they crumbled out of my mouth) they met the oral surgeons and dentists and love them very much. They knew mommy was to get "brand new smile" so we could "eat ice cream till we got sick to our tummies".  This way, nothing is frightning or scary about what is "happening" to mommy and they arnt "afraid" of doctors.
     I dont have extended family myself, but my husbands family in florida is wonderful. Here our family consists of my husband, bumblebees and very good friend of my in california who feels like family.  :-)  
I too have been dianosed with clinical Insomnia, and have been prescibed Stillnox- do you have this med in your country?
     I am afraid I do not know much about the differant medicines. I am so new to all of this. Just 4yrs ago, my doctor visits consisted of routeen vaccinations and standard "physical" check-up.  blush  
 Did you get the email i sent you?
      I killed my computer  shakehead   . And lost all sorts of stuff that was in my MSN explorer. But, on a more positive note, my computer is no longer "sluggish" and I don't get errors anymore :-)
Any plans for as you call it Thanks Giving?
     Yes, but we do not "celebrate" holidays when the rest of our neighbors do. We will celebrate "thanksgiving" on Sunday Evening due to my husband work schedual. This is my first year without my husbands family, so it will be quiet. Usually we have a steady stream of his family members from October til January, but this year will be quiet and relaxing. smilewinkgrin   Do you celebrate the season of "harvest" out where you are? What kind of holidays do you have for the winter season? Do you have a large family? And more importantly are they supportive for you?
I was expecting a even pain relief, i am frazzled as to why its subsided in one area, and still very strong elsewhere? Has anyone else experienced this with pain meds before?.
    Yes. Nothing but Nabumetone touches the pain in my hipps and shoulders. There are other areas like this in my body, thou I am not sure of "why" it is like that, my spine specialist just "nods his head" like it is completly normal.
      .... I see I have once again, made this post far longer than intended. I will end it here but please know you are in our hearts and prayer *huggs*
*warm huggs*



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   Posted 11/30/2009 6:27 AM (GMT -6)   
 Hey Dani,

smilewinkgrin   I am so sorry, that i have not replyed sooner, i just saw this thread yesterday, i dont know how i missed it, my appologies.

wink I did send you an email off your profile details, but it obviously got lost in cyberspace, never mind. yeah
I to am having a few Pc issues, mine is clear of virusus, but keeps dropping signal so something is wrong with my wirless conecction, i have a Computer specialsit comingover today, to check ou the problem, my hubby is great with vaulting viruses but this is more a tech issue. Wow Dani your PM Plan is very extensive, you require alot of meds and medical intervention with all the injections etc... this must take up a huge part of your day
The pains that are all over place confuse me, and frustrate me also, until i can identfy the causes, as i dont feel that some of the pains are connected, but i do think the pain in my neck, shoulderand traps maybe as the pain is close to each other and similr in intensity and feeling a stong burnung weakness of the muscle, when i fish off all my tests it may shed som light as to why all these different pains and at different levels, or well if we are wierd that ok, at least  we can relate to each other and be wierdos together! Ha HA. smilewinkgrin
i think that when we all get together as a team, with my new PT , and a muscular spinal specialist, and orthopedeac Dr im sure after the inital trial of what and doesnt work, something positive will come about in effective pain relief.
I try my best not to cry in front of the kids, but at times it just happens , my kids to know mummies back hurts and they run over to rub my back, massage my neck, there just beautiful caring kids, and really understand that some days mummy has are better than others.My kids ask alot of questions about the future of my back, but i say, we must embrace each and everyday, take it one step at a time and love, one another and mostly smile & have fun- My kids are my best medicine no doubts about that.
My kids  are more concerned about how i am feeling always fussing over me, i tell the thanks but... scoot and have fun enjoy your friends and toys. My kids are not scared of dr that a bonus. tongue
Dani, you guys seem to have many celebrations and holidyas.We dont have the harvest, The only winter season holidays we have are christmas eve, xmas day, boxing day, new years eve,& new year.Other than that we have Easter which is a fairly long festive season, we have a few public holidays and remembrace day- which is our soldiers that went to war in vietnam, & Turkey.
Halloween is getting bigger and better here, but not a great as the states. My kids wathc the RLStine Goosebumps dvds i had to purchased them from another auction site, to get them shipped over to OZ.
I have an antiimflamotory called meloxicam 15 mg, just started them so waiting to see if they help.
so good to catch up.
Whats been happening with you other than pc prblems.
How is yor pain hope your feeling well
i will email you, let me knoow if you get it.
take care of yourself and family
Love /Leisa xpunchfit smurf
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