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   Posted 12/11/2009 12:07 AM (GMT -6)   
OK, so we all know we have to be good boys and girls this time of year, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or maybe nothing at all...we still need to be able to face ourselves in the mirror each day. (I know, scary thought, But what about those deep dark secrets that not even your parents found out about??? Well, this is a good time of year to fess up! No, you don't have to tell anyone else but your friends here on Healing Well and you can be sure we won't tell on you. Hey, fellow HW friends don't rat each other out!! OK, everyone do the secret handshake. Raise your hand and ... o/. OK, your secret is safe.

So, do you have a secret with a sibling, friend or just by yourself that your parents never found out about? Never, ever and you are sure??? If you don't have one they never found out, then what secret DID they find out but didn't tell you til years later??? Time to share with your buddies just how evil we really tongue wink

I do remember when I was very small, before I started kindergarten, and it's one of my very first memories, so I was probably near 5 years old. My mom was a smoker and it was in the 'dark ages' when no one knew about second hand smoke or anything. She was sitting at the table with her morning coffee and cigarette. I was standing beside her when she excused herself to go to the bathroom. Well, there I was and beside me in the ashtray was that interesting cigarette that was lit and burning slowly. Mom thought it was mighty good and looked so mature and all so I thought I'd give it a try. Why not???

Oh my Lord in Heaven!! I thought I would die on the spot. shocked I coughed and gasped for air but no way could I let mother find out. I would be busted big time. I didn't know why just that we weren't supposed to touch 'adult' stuff and smoking was adults thing. When mother came back I pretended like nothing had happened at all, but I'm sure she could tell. I disappeared upstairs to my bedroom and nothing was ever said. Wow, I had pulled it off! Why in the world did mom like those things anyway??!! I have never become a smoker and possibly because of that first encounter which was like a near death least when you're

What youthful secret are you still hiding or laughing about?

Chutzie <hack, cough just thinking of it
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   Posted 12/11/2009 1:13 AM (GMT -6)   
I'm not sure I really kept anything secret from my parents - just thought or hoped I did!

One night they went out and I had a girlfriend with me, and we knew my parents were going to be out late, and had planned to have a couple of the boys join us (we were teenagers, of course), and had all the timing planned out and turned out the outside lights so no one would see the boys walking up the driveway. I don't know how we thought we got away with it, but by the next day we learned we hadn't! I'm sure my parents had neighbors watching (my aunt lived next door!), and you'd have thought we would have realized that! LOL

And another time a bunch of us girls, again teens, decided to babysit together on New Year's Eve, but of course planned on sneaking the boys over. Again, we had things all planned out, even buying extra coke and food and such but sneaking it in. I think by then someone had a car. But again, our parents all found out! I suppose we left a lot of tell tale signs that we never even thought of! I think after that one I gave up trying to put one over on my parents. I was convinced they had spies everywhere!!!!


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   Posted 12/11/2009 11:30 AM (GMT -6)   
     Well ....I'm sure my sister could jog my memory....but I'm not going to tap it at this time....but I do remember loving Track and Field in High School...and I was fast in the 100yrd dash...very fast! We lived on a farm several miles away from any city and the schools....and I loved to run! .....after my mon and dad would settle in for the night....I would put on my mud boot for the extra weight and slip out and run a mile or so...many times at 12:00am....well now, here is the rest of the story!....all I wore was my underware and my mud boots....I took a chance that no one would come driving by way out in the country. I cant tell you how many times I hid out in the fields looking for cover while a car would zoom by......just me, in my underware, and mud boots! I have several 1st place medels from those days.....and I have to laugh when I look back and think about it! My parents never knew about it either! :)
We were farmers...and my folks thought it was foolish and a waste of time to perticipate in such events. At the time it ment the world to I kept it hidden from them.
  I can't wait to see Petey Boys...story! :)...or for that fact Privey's! Onery little woman she is! :)

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   Posted 12/11/2009 3:26 PM (GMT -6)   
hey hey now screaming....onery? who you callin onery.

I have an older brother that taught me all of this you see. When our parents were gone we would fix ourselves a mixed drink and act all grown up like they did at parties...of course we couldn't risk the fact that the bottles were losing their juice so we'd add a little water to make up for what we'd had in our drinks. I would say that it was about 5-10 years ago and my brother was visiting at home we told our mom (our dad died in 1986) what we had done in our youth and told her that is why people thought they had the dullest parties on the block. We all had a good laugh...but I wasn't in my undies in mud boots...or maybe I was and didn't remember!!!

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   Posted 12/12/2009 1:16 AM (GMT -6)   
Hmm, well since its getting close to Christmas, I suppose I could share my secret from my young Christmas days. By the time I was 8 I figured out where my mom hid the presents before she wrapped them, she had four spots around the house, so I would always peek a bit before Christmas and know what I got! I stopped after awhile, as it made Christmas morning not as exciting, but it was always tempting to look!

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