I think I am about done with this physiologist.

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   Posted 12/15/2009 3:42 PM (GMT -6)   
Had another appointment with the physiologist I have been seeing and I really think that I am not going to be seeing her much longer and instead try to get a referral to the PMD that our ever helpful White Beard has suggested to me.

The reason that I have about had it with this physiologist is that she is pushing for more injection therapy, which has been completely unsuccessful so far, as well as surgery even though I have told her that 1. back surgery scares the hell out of me and 2. that it would not even be possible for me to have it any time soon as I do not have anyone to care for my 4 year old son nor to help care for me once I am released from the hospital until I am fully healed. We can't afford a babysitter and our closest family member lives 120 miles away, (my inlaws) and her health is not the best and my FIL works 50 hours a week. My wife goes to school full time as well as works full time.

Anyway this doctor has pretty much blown off my concerns about everything and is still pushing, pushing, pushing and trying to make it out like I would be back on my feet fully within a week post, open back surgery. Yeah right. Who is she kidding. I had my appendix removed laproscopically and it was 2 weeks before I wasn't hurting badly just getting up and walking 20 feet to the bathroom, plus with my diabetes I am going to recover slower anyway.

Another thing that is really pissing me off is this tip toeing around any real pain management medications. They have my FULL medical history which coincides with everything I have said and they don't want to prescribe anything that really might work.

The latest try this script is Celebrex. rolleyes I have already been on so many NSAID's trying to get a handle on this pain that I would probably crash the site if I list them all. On top of that NSAIDs are not really the best choice for me as my diabetes has already started to compromise my kidneys and while I still have really good function I have been advised to avoid them so they are not taxed any more than needed. Think they will listen. Hell no.

The only "good" thing that came out of this visit is I was taken off the Lyrica. I wasn't helping and was causing a lot of muscle cramps as well as muscle tenderness, which after 2 weeks wasn't getting any better.
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   Posted 12/16/2009 12:13 AM (GMT -6)   

Those injections never really did much for me either! I think the longest period of relief I ever got from them was 3 weeks! At least from the ones in my spine! They are good as a diagnostic tool though as they further indicate that is where the problem is. At least that is what my surgeon told me! Get your self set up with an appointment, I think you will find this Doctor is tops on really caring for his patients! He sure has done right by me and I think the world of him!

Good Luck to You!

White Beard

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   Posted 12/16/2009 12:34 AM (GMT -6)   
Jim, sounds like you finally have a good plan in mind getting in to see the dr WB recommended. I sure hope this pans out for you.
Wow, the psych is a joke. You have valid reasons for declining surgery as well as the injections. Good riddance to her. Not sure how you could have made tihngs any plainer than you did other than someone just not caring or listening... The injections are a joke as far as I am concerned, it is putting a bandade on the problem if they work. 
It will be interesting to see how it goes once you can get a referral to the PM dr. If anyone ever needed one you sure, don't know how you have managed. Good luck.

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   Posted 12/16/2009 6:15 AM (GMT -6)   
Jim, I hope you get some help from the PM doctor. Are your herniated disc side by side? I know when I had my lumbar fusion I was scheduled off work for 4 months, so no you won't be up and ready to go in a week and you won't be able to take care of a 4yr old for quite some time. Also, with diabetes your chances of fusion are not as good.

Let us know when & if you decide to try the PM doctor. I know it was the best decision I could have made.
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   Posted 12/16/2009 11:04 AM (GMT -6)   

isnt it crazy how hard it is to get someone who isnt in much pain to understand our side of the story? I agree with you about the NSAID's. I have been on a few of them myself, and I have not found any long term relief from them. If they are still so reluctant to look at your real situation and prescribe what you need I would try to look else where as well. A referal to a good pmd seems like a good option, it just seems in this age its harder to come by even with our conditions.

Good luck!
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   Posted 12/16/2009 12:32 PM (GMT -6)   
Jag, yes my bad discs are together. Don't ask me which ones specifically because I don't remember off hand, but I think it is something like L5 and S1.

Mike, crazy is hardly the word I would use though I agree with your sentiment. The words I would use would include ridiculous, pathetic, stupid, and a score of others that if I posted would probably get me banned.
2 confirmed herniated lumbar discs. Spinal Arthritis. Spinal Stenosis, diabetic peripheral nueropathy.

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