New Years Eve is creeping up on us!!!

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   Posted 12/29/2009 7:59 AM (GMT -7)   
So, what is everyone's plans for New Years Eve? Do you dress up and go out to some parties or clubs? Or do you like to go out to a nice dinner? Will you be like me and stay home and leave it to the rookies and watch it come in on tv? lol. I remember the rookie days of finding that special dress and dancing our shoes off till the bewitching hour. We usually got a package deal at a hotel.  Then we started throwing big parties at the house, or we went to a friends house and partied, those were alot of fun.
But, as time went by and we got older we decided it was pretty risky to be out driving on that particular day so we started just staying home. Most of the time the two of us fell alseep in front of the tube watching Dick Clark bring in the new year, lol.
This year I am planning a little party! My little tornado is coming to spend the night so we are going to have our own party of sorts. His mom & dad are going to a party at their next door neighbors, so the tornado gets to stay with granny & papaw, lol. We already have our hats, noise makers, beads, plastic champagne glasses for our orange drink and all sorts of gadgets. We are going to go out to dinner somewhere, not sure where that is to be decided later. We will be playing some of the new board games he got for Christmas, he has become partial to Operation, can't wait for that one. It will be fun to say the least.
I hope everyone here at the forum has a happy and safe evening. This may be our year of more low pain days, healthier bodies and less sickness. Boy, wouldn't that be awesome.

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   Posted 12/29/2009 8:16 AM (GMT -7)   
We have "plans". Which are to dump the kids on my mother in law for the night, wooohoo! Then watch The Hangover (saving it for new years), maybe watch a few other movies. My wife will have a drink or two and that's' enough to make her fuzzy heh. Maybe I'll sneak one in at midnight hmmm. And at 11:30 we'll put on one of the goofy new years eve shows and watch the ball drop.

I hope for a good night, but we have a lot of stresses right now. We need a relaxing day. Oh please let us have a relaxing day! If you see me posting here at midnight on new years, kick me!

I hope you all have a great new years!

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   Posted 12/29/2009 8:52 AM (GMT -7)   
Good morning Straydog! I had to laugh with you as I read your post. To hear the term Tornado used for a grandchild was pretty cute. They can really be a handful cant they! Now, to top it all off with the game Operation! just made me laugh! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your time with them, and let us know if they make it to midnight! :)

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   Posted 12/29/2009 10:37 AM (GMT -7)   
We stay home and order a Pizza for dinner, then have low sodium ritz crackers and cheese whiz and of course the 7up with a cherry to toast each other right after the ball drops..
Hope everyone has a safe and good New Year...
Now for New Years day we do some traditional German foods...
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   Posted 12/29/2009 11:04 AM (GMT -7)   
I usually stay home. My grandmother sleeps over on New Years Eve. My mom makes chicken cutlets (yummmmm!) and later in the evening we all play bridge. Of course I always forget how to play, since I only play a few hands once a year! Good thing my grandmother (who I partner with) is a bridge master! I don't really care whether or not I watch the ball drop. I'm almost always awake, but sometimes I watch it, sometimes I don't. New Years Eve is nice. It's relaxing.


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   Posted 12/29/2009 12:41 PM (GMT -7)   
SE I only have the one tornado I am afraid what two of him would be like, lol. His Mom is not willing to have any more as she says he is more than she can handle some days. Oh, I say that but really wish we had more but thats out of question. I am thankful to have him but he is growing up way too fast to suit me. My sister nicknamed him the Texas Tornado.

Here comes our rain that was predicted now lets see if it changes to snow as predicted.

crohns disease dx 2002 & small bowel resection, still looking for remission whatever that is, chronic pain 22 yrs, added ulcerative colitis 6-05 to the mix, high blood pressure 28 yrs, aortic heart valve insuffiency, depression, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis lumbar spine, scoliosis lumbar spine, peripheral neuropathy hands & feet, COPD & on oxygen therapy, lupus & psoriasis and psoratic arthritis. Several other health issues just not enough room to list it all. Too many surgeries to list and too many medications to list. Currently on 17 different daily medications. Intrathecal pain pump implanted June 05.

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   Posted 12/29/2009 12:53 PM (GMT -7)   
We normally go camping, but unfortuantly there is no snow this year... so we have decided to go play BINGO.
Maybe we can HIT THE BIG ONE!! yeah
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   Posted 12/29/2009 2:47 PM (GMT -7)   
My husband usually works New Years Eve, in fact, he only has it off every 7th year, so I spend mine with the kids. I let them all stay up late, we sit and have our own traditions. I buy a few bottles of sparkling cider/sparkling white grape juice and we have to have party hats, noise makers, confetti , etc and we sing, dance , play games until 11:45 and then we turn on one of the tv shows that have the ball drop, and we start whooping it up the last few minutes of the countdown and then we get real quiet for the last few seconds- at midnight we call daddy and wish him Happy New Year and then grandma- of course, we all wish each other one during all of this and then after our toast of sparkling cider/grape juice, it's off to bed for the kids......
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   Posted 12/29/2009 4:52 PM (GMT -7)   
Our New Year's is very similar to Sandi's... except for my husband's home. We let the kids stay up late. We cook a good dinner...usually some type of seafood something. We do the sparkling cider, too. We play games, watch TV, etc... until the countdown starts...three, two, one - Happy New Year's!! Then, it's off to bed...

At this point of life... and especially after this long year... I can't imagine spending it any other way. It's relaxing and low-key.

Whatever you are doing...I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's...

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   Posted 12/29/2009 5:14 PM (GMT -7)   
For me, I've been spending it alone most of the past several years. Occasionally if the weather is good, my cousin drives up (she lives 3 hrs away). The rest of the family have their friends and parties to go to. Like Susie, I did my partying in younger years!

I know it sounds scrooge-like, but I am relieved once New Year's Day comes and the big holiday season is over. I'm guessing Big Lucy understands what I mean! I do watch the ball drop, and like to watch the fireworks from around the world. Those are kind of neat, especially in Sydney, Australia. This year I may have the company of my goddaughter's cat, Birch, but I'm not sure if he's going to last here that long! LOL He's growing increasingly irritated at not being able to go outside (it's too cold, with wind chills below zero, plus this is a strange neighborhood to him) and he has figured out which door leads to "outside" and sits in front of it and cries. Woke me up a couple of times during the wee hours because his food dish was empty, and he also was bored and wanted to play! So while I've enjoyed him, having a cat with claws who's used to going outside staying indoors for what now is approaching 2 weeks is not a good thing!

Anyway, I'll likely be home alone again. It's going to be stormy and cold here. But back in 1972 I did get to watch the ball drop in person in Times Square. And get lost on the subways of NYC in the middle of the night with friends. It's a great memory, but I'd never do it again! Once was enough!

Happy New Year to you all, and I do echo Susie's wishes that at the very least we have some decreased pain and illnesses on this forum! And that my computer perks up again!


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   Posted 12/29/2009 5:58 PM (GMT -7)   
WOW, I honestly have not thought about New Years! I have been in such a daze since after Christmas! I know most years we would go to the Majestic theater and see the adult choir put on there show New Years Eve, they would sing all the old Broadway hits! A couple of years we even seen Judy Collins live on New Years Eve, she is one of my favorite folk singers! We always went with the friends that we played cards with. After the show we would go to one of our houses and toast in the New Year with one glass of wine or Campagne and then play one game of Spades and watch the ball drop and call it a night, ( not exactly in that order) This year, I don't know?????? I have not even thought about it! I guess I will just stay home, maybe watch a movie, with Direct TV I can order one cheaply or put in a DVD or VCR tape, ?????? I know I have alway hated New Years Day! It always reminded me of a Sunday night! Which I also always used to hate! Maybe I will take the tree down that day! I have been thinking about doing that now but just can't get myself motivated to do it! I do know the next few days, we are suppose to get snow and an Artic Cold Front is supose to come through and stick around for a while and New Years is suppose to be very very cold and add the extra snow to what we already have, I am ready to go south! But where?

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   Posted 12/30/2009 12:30 AM (GMT -7)   
White Beard,
Maybe it's good to NOT think about New Year's Eve. It IS just another night, afterall. I try to think about all the economic reasons why these various holidays are promoted - sell a lot of cards, and in cases like New Year's Eve a lot of alcohol!

So maybe forget you even saw this thread if you can, and go about the next few days like it was any other week as much as possible.

I agree about the weather, although I don't have much choice but to stay put. It has been frigid here lately - more like what we get in January, so I hate to imagine next month! And way too much snow! BRRRRR.....

For some of us New Year's Eve may be just staying warm! :-)


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   Posted 12/30/2009 1:59 PM (GMT -7)   
We are very boring on NYE and have been for several years. We used to party and cut the rug a little in our younger years, then we have little girls and we stayed home with them and played games and at midnight they'd go out with a spoon and a pan and make racket to bring in the New Year. I am cooking beans, red and green chili and sopapillas on New Years Day for my good friend's birthday and everyone will come for that so I'd bet I could be sleeping at midnight!!!
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