Saturday is Fun Day....let's Koffee Klatch about it!

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   Posted 2/6/2010 1:42 AM (GMT -6)   
This time of year can be difficult if you live in the 'upper' half of the planet. Let's see, if you life below the equator you are burning your britches in some You may be harvesting produce from you garden, going swimming and putting on the sun screen. But up north we're freezing our kazoos off... shocked (can I say that on the forum?) tongue

Many are being blanketed or buried by snow, others are beginning to build an Ark and a few are just getting by with gray and sometimes rainy weather. SO....we need to find some weekend FUN! What things can we do, either alone or with our family, to have fun on a cold and/or dreary Saturday? Take into account that some are snowed in and that all of us would like to have this not cost anything. All ideas are needed!

I'm a bit weird in that when the weather gets yucky and hubby is home and in a generous mood to help me with project, I like to clean and rearrange the house. OK, this isn't a lot of fun for most people but we each have our own idea of fun. I've been staring at the pictures in the living room, the ones on the walls, and I think it's time to play 'Picture Shuffle'. idea That's why I need hubby to give me some help. Not that I can't hang a picture but to hold them here and there so I can see if I like them in their new location. Plus I love his company. Also I love to fix us a yummy lunch when we're working on Saturday projects.

Now it's your turn! I KNOW you can come up with something way more fun for a wintery Saturday than I did. Go for it!

Chutz smilewinkgrin
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   Posted 2/6/2010 2:23 AM (GMT -6)   
I'm a big fan of old fashioned board games, or movies with popcorn! What WILL be happening this Saturday is a trip to the library for me, and possibly swimming, if my hubby wants to do some studying at the library (it's all in the same building). I am a magazinaholic and will bring home stacks and stacks to go, gardening, home improvement, name it!

Our weather in Calgary is cold, and there's still snow on the ground, but it's not as bad as we've had it in the past. I hope everyone here has a great weekend, wherever they are and whatever they do!

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   Posted 2/6/2010 3:26 AM (GMT -6)   
Well....of late I've been taking to doing something that's not in my long term best interest: baking. And, of course, eating what I've made. Remember, I live alone, so that can be really dangerous!

Last night I made banana walnut bread. YUM! I'm embarrassed to say how much of the loaf is left, but at least there's still some left! LOL

I use the excuse that warming the oven helps warm the house. Works for me! :-)


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   Posted 2/6/2010 9:23 AM (GMT -6)   
This Saturday is cold and dreary and we are having our youngest daughter and her family over for dinner later. Our two youngest grandkiddos are there. The oldest is 5 and she has asked grammy to make her a pork roast because she loves pork roast it is her favorite. I might just have to bake a cookie or two also just in case we need something sweet. The baby is only 4 1/2 months so he still prefers his momma's spickets and baby food to my cooking. However, the little burger sure does drool and slobbers when he watches us eat. It won't be long before he can eat the real stuff and he is a big boy at about 16 lbs and happy as a little lark.

keep the faith
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   Posted 2/6/2010 10:11 AM (GMT -6)   
We are in the middle of a blizzard. We have 28 inches on the ground and it is still snowing and will not stop until 10 p.m. tonight so the weatherman says. It is beautiful outside since no one is moving about spoil the whiteness. It's like a fairy land. It will also probably be a record.
If family could get together it would be pizza and card games especially Uno because there are 7 around the table. Uno works well for that.

I would love to hear from anyone else in this blizzard about their snow totals.

Mrs. Dani
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   Posted 2/6/2010 10:37 AM (GMT -6)   
What things can we do, either alone or with our family, to have fun on a cold and/or dreary Saturday?
    Dear Chutz,
      Well I have a sick house hold, so I was thinking it would be a good day to bake cookies, play dress-up and watch tinker bell movies :-)  ...speaking of which I should set some sort of soup to start cooking.. humm..



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   Posted 2/6/2010 11:06 AM (GMT -6)   
Well we had 4 inches or so of the nasty, wet, and heavy, white stuff yesterday and last night! This morning we have super bright SUNSHINE! with Bright Blue skies! First time in quite a while I have seen the sun so bright! Anyway Saturday on our PBS television stations is cooking shows, and I am a great fan of cooking shows along with building shows such as this Old house and the like, so today I sit with my coffee in hand and laptop in front of me and the TV on and I am just going to veg out today! ( Send some of that Banana Walnut bread my way PALady, that would go good with some peanut butter on it and with my coffee!)

White Beard

P.S. they are saying our big snow is coming Sunday night and Monday and into Tuesday, right now all they are saying is that we are going to get many, many inches of the nasty white stuff! I hope they are wrong! Where is that Global Warming they keep talking about????

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   Posted 2/6/2010 11:45 AM (GMT -6)   
Well, most of you in the US will have no idea what I'm talking about, but here goes anyway. There's a big Rugby tournament called the Six Nations that happens every year in Europe. It starts today. So I will be watching Rugby today. England are jusst about to kick off, and we're doing quite well at the moment, so it should be enjoy able to watch. I've already enjoyed watching Ireland beat Italy (with supreme satisfaction I might add!).

Also, I bought a couple of steaks yesterday (got a lift up to the shop, because I still can't walk that far since my surgery), and some non-alcoholic beer (still on post-op antibiotics lol). So it should be a fun saturday even if I am in pain. The Valium and Vicodin actually seem to be helping today, so I'm in a vaguely good mood :)

Enjoy your saturday folks x
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   Posted 2/6/2010 12:08 PM (GMT -6)   
Keep the Faith! WOW! What a mess that will be when it starts to melt! I feel for you there, but I bet it is very pretty.

I love Photography, and always will, so I usually either research an area in it, or play with the tons of software we have for it.

When it is nasty out, I will usually cook or smoke something on the grill. We have an over/hang
on the house to protect me and the grill, and I get so much enjoyment watching the blue
smoke curling up in the air and teasing me with the aroma from the meat.

Then of course, I will always love cuddling up with the wife, and a good conversation, talking
about the memories of the past, and plans for the future. A glass of wine or two is a must for this!

keep the faith
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   Posted 2/6/2010 1:49 PM (GMT -6)   
Screaming Eagle
If you love photography you would love to be here today Everywhere you look there is a photo op.
And it is still snowing. Guess what? They say there is more to come on Tuesday!
So I am making a pot of vegetable beef soup. Smells great in here Yum.
No wine with all my meds : (

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   Posted 2/6/2010 11:18 PM (GMT -6)   
and I attest that Screaming Eagle and his Big Green Egg are excellent cooks and of course his lovely wife is a great cook also but my hubby and I are still signing his praises for the lamb chops.............yummy I had never eaten a lamb chop and I actually liked it!!! I think my husband was more impressed that I at least tried it and that I even liked it!!! You know who will probably have the next Big Green Egg on there deck in Kansas...?????
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