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   Posted 2/21/2010 9:46 PM (GMT -6)   
Well we moved back in to my house and I survived! Saturday night was horrendous, I was in such pain. My pain patch kept falling off because I was sweating so much and I was searching madly for my kids strapping tape to try and stick it to me! Finally found some bandaids which made do, don't you love it when you move and you know stuff is in a box and can't find it.
I have to go on the alarm clock search next! TG cell phones have alarms!
Have to take it easy today to try and recover a bit after 3 full on moving /cleaning days, every joint hurts. I'm having my feet injected tomorrow under xray so wish me well, I so hope it gives me some relief, my feet are becoming a nightmare.
The house is brilliant, still a building site outside, but the inside is nearly complete. Just a few details that need touching up. It is so exciting to have so much space, all 3 kids have their own rooms, plus we have a swimming pool, small but very useful. It is so hot in Sydney it has been well used already.
We still have the rental house for a week so we have left my hubbys office up and running, its nice to escape the madness and come up to this empty house and say hello to you all. We are employing a cleaner to come and clean up this house. I don't think my joints could handle much more abuse. You just don't realise how physical cleaning is until you spend a day at it!
Must away, good wishes to you all, golitho

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   Posted 2/21/2010 11:12 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Golitho,

Glad to hear that you are all moved in & the move went as well as it did! The house sounds great! I bet the kids are ecstatic about their new rooms! Take it easy unpacking, you don't want to overdo it & your things aren't going anywhere! Have fun setting everything up! It must be neat to "start over."


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   Posted 2/21/2010 11:34 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello Golitho! Sounds like you are having quite a time there. I'm sure you will enjoy, once your all moved in and settled downed there. I don't know where your computer is, but mine is right beside my bed, and I downloaded a really cool free program, that is an alarm clock. I have it set to go off playing a song from my iTunes list of songs to wake me up in the mornings. We absolutely love it, and use it all the time, but have it set just for week days here. You are right though, as to the Cell/Phone having an alarm, and I have it set up to go off as well, just in case the computer goes nuts.

Have a great day tomorrow, and enjoy the new house!

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   Posted 2/21/2010 11:53 PM (GMT -6)   
The house sounds great, but like Skeye said no need to unpack in a hurry. You're darned right cleaning is hard work and I'm glad you're hiring some help.

It sounds so strange reading how warm it is there while it's snowing here! LOL

I hope you put your feet up and maybe ice them a bit after your injections - and of course, take it easy! Play Queen for a Day!


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   Posted 2/22/2010 12:27 AM (GMT -6)   

Moving is always so exciting! Even if it is just from one house to another. Anyway I do hope you can take it easy and relax for a while. I wish you well on your injections on your feet, and hope that it helps you!

Good Luck to YOU!

White Beard

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   Posted 2/22/2010 8:30 AM (GMT -6)   
I can't believe you could do all that for 3 days in pain. I would curl up and hide. Wowyeah
Enjoy your new home ( reward) and hope you gain good health and your family stays  well.

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   Posted 2/22/2010 11:08 AM (GMT -6)   
Congratulations on the new house! I do hope you can slow down a bit with the unpacking and getting organized, but it must be such a relief to just be there!

Good luck with your injections...hope it all goes well.

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   Posted 2/23/2010 2:42 AM (GMT -6)   

So glad to hear that you survived the move... Ahhhh, the joys of moving. I've done that way too many times, unfortunately. You are right, it's frustrating to try to find all that stuff - especially when you are SURE something is in a particular place... and it's NOT there.

I can only imagine how your body is doing... I really think you need to RELAX as much as possible tomorrow. That's the one "good thing" about stuff in boxes... it's still going to be there waiting for you if you take a day to rest. :)

Ahhh, the swimming pool sounds wonderful...especially for the kids! That's exciting. And they get their own rooms? They must be in heaven!

You are right - physical house cleaning is one of the toughest things on our bodies. All the different ways our bodies have to bend, stretch, just move. That's great you found someone to give you some help.

Back in the day (about 2+ years ago), I had someone to come 1x/week to help clean the "deeper cleaning" stuff... things that just were too draining for me to do. The way the recession hit us and our families, though, that was one of the first things to go. I still can't do a bunch of those things... but the boys are good about helping.... AND, I've learned to just accept "what is" for the moment. That is the one "luxury" thing that I really, really miss. I say luxury, but it was more of a necessity... I know it is for many of us. (I've just had acquaintances say - Oh, must be nice to have a housecleaner!...not realizing how medically necessary it was....)... But that's for another topic!

Well, glad you are getting settled in.... and hope you take time to relax and let your body rest for a couple of days. Share more when you can about the things you are doing at your new place!!

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   Posted 2/24/2010 3:56 AM (GMT -6)   
Goth, So glad to hear that the move went well and you are safely home! I know how it feels to have to move your things to another house, I did it just 2 years ago and boy was that bad!!!! I don't know how far you moved, doesn't sound a very long way, but I did a 1,000 mile trek in a day and a half and it about killed me!!!! I felt like every muscle and every nerve was singing their own tune to my already screaming back, ya know?

Anyway.....we both survived our horrible moves and we are both better for it right? Now if I can just talk hubby into not thinking what he is......MOVING again!!!!!!!! ACK! He hates it here. The only reason we moved here was because his mom has Alzhiemers and his dad is sick as well. As soon as they are both gone he is talking about looking for a new job up north where the winters are colder and I will hate it, but hey it's not as bad as all that I guess huh? Oh well, roll with the punches is my moto ha ha ha.

Have a great day!


I live to "Tame My Pain!" 

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   Posted 2/24/2010 6:12 AM (GMT -6)   
yes great job golitho a new house would seem overwhelming to me , but you've handled it like a superstar .It sounds like a wonderful place , enjoy every second of it !!!But please yes don't forget to rest yourself , give yourself a chance to recover and recharge .Great job friend !!!
HIV+ also Hep c , need hip replacement surgery on hold because of cellulitus  .most pain from hip condition and cellulitus .hands numb may have carpal tunnel syndrome now .             .Medecines - Oxycontin , percocet , Oxycondone , Celelbrex ,Avalox , lasix .

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   Posted 2/24/2010 6:51 AM (GMT -6)   
Congratulations on the new house.  Itsn't it wonderful moving into a house-everything is  new and clean.  I remember moving into our home thinking about all the extra space.  It is amazing how quickly  we use up all the new space.  In six months you will wonder how you ever managed in you old smaller home. 
We ALL WELCOME YOU to your new home. 

Stella Marie

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   Posted 2/24/2010 7:01 AM (GMT -6)   
Congratulations on the new home. I'm sure your family will love the space and privacy of having their own rooms. It's so great for children to have some space of their own (although I don't let mine do the decorating).

Please do take your time unpacking and just settle in softly.

I wish you all the best!

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   Posted 2/24/2010 9:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks everyone, moving has knocked me down a bit , taking quite afew days to recover but I am getting there. The injections underXray were amazingly gentle! Maybe because she could see exactly where to put the needles, I still had the pain from the pressure but compared to my wrists and knees this was a piece of cake.

Suffering from the cortisone haze now, hot flashes, no sleep, red face and chest. I had to go get my photo taken for my disability permit and I look like a demented witch!!! Its the most hilarious photo, I am so red in the face and my hair is sticking out like a scruffy halo around my head and I'm frowning. I can't believe I have to put that on the windshield of my car for the next 6 months! Talk about crushing my vanity.

Thanks for all your lovng support, I'm feeling a little down with all the pain but its only to be expected, at least my ankles are good! Shame about the rest of my joints.

My rheumy rang me and she has applied for approval for the new med for my RA (Orencia), I have to ring her when I hear from Medicare if I've been accepted. So back to the waiting game. I can't find anyone out there on it right now, so I'm hoping it works for me.

Oh the joys of RA. Any you are all right my boxes are sitting waiting for me quite happily. We are camping out in the middle of them all. But I have my dishwasher and washing machine up and running again.

Best wishes to you all, golitho

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   Posted 2/24/2010 10:13 PM (GMT -6)   
I think we forget just how much an activity like moving can take out of us. I know I can get a thrust of adrenaline that makes me push my way through some things I probably shouldn't be doing, but then some part of my brain think I can just keep on going! Instead it's "crash" time. So draw some faces on the side of each box so when you look at them you can just smile back and have a conversation! (ok, weird, I know! LOL)

about the photo - I bet it'll keep people from trying to take your parking spot! ;-)

Take care - I hope the new med is approved for you.

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