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   Posted 4/12/2010 5:53 AM (GMT -6)   
It's 5:50 am here in southern Kansas and of course I have been up since 4.  I am begining to think that I am half vampire....*evil grin and laugh*  Anyway, my mom used to always tell me that I talked to much and maybe over the years she was right.  Anyway I appologize if any of you think that I have been hogging the posts.  I will try harder to keep my posts to a minimum.
I live to "Tame My Pain!" 

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   Posted 4/12/2010 6:34 AM (GMT -6)   
Good Morning Scared_for_life! I too have been sharing many of my nighttime hours awake lately. So I understand, and I'm sure many of us with medical issues can sympathize as well.

I have thought that if your supporting any member in a positive light here on the forum, that there is no such thing as hogging a thread.
If fact, I don't recall any member telling me or any other member, they wish they would stop supporting members here. As long as it is support!

You are well known here, and well respected as well. I think the troubles we have had here, has a negative affect on our membership, and we all are a little support shy at the moment.

In a positive light though, I do believe it will all smooth out, and we can get back to the business of supporting members as is the vision that Peter fut forth when he built this wonderful forum and website.
I believe we have a good crew here, and that we are indeed a family of sorts, and are bonded together with that nasty old, shall we say trouble maker CP! :)

Hang in there, and I enjoy seeing our Kansas friends here :) I like so many others, I hope you get to feeling better, sooner than later. Remember, I and so many others need your support, and I pledge to you, that as long as I'm a member here I will do the same for you.

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   Posted 4/12/2010 7:03 AM (GMT -6)   
I love reading your posts. Please don't keep them to a minimum!


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   Posted 4/12/2010 9:46 AM (GMT -6)   
Scarred, please don't alter the frequency of your posts. Honestly, everyone of us here could post many times each day to vent or discuss pain issues....but it's not a contest and it's not a case where there is a limit.

I personally believe that if there are posters who are upset with how often someone posts here, then they are jealous because the attention isn't focused on them. To that, I say "grow up!". We're all here for the same reason - to share, exchange info, vent and offer comfort. Don't waste a second worrying about whether you're posting too is too short to let silly stuff like that worry you.

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   Posted 4/12/2010 12:22 PM (GMT -6)   
   Dear Scarred,
     Good morning *warm huggs* I hope right now you are taking a bit of a nap. I am so sorry you in so much pain. I wish pain and sleepless nights didnt go hand in hand. I doubt any of us has had a decent nights rest in years... shakehead
~~>Anyway, my mom used to always tell me that I talked to much and maybe over the years she was right.  Anyway I appologize if any of you think that I have been hogging the posts.  I will try harder to keep my posts to a minimum.
     You know, I would be very sorry to see you post less. You are a breath of fresh air here. When you post, often, I feel like I can relate to you. And you make me feel like I am not alone. It means the world to me to have you here. SO please, keep on posting! *warm huggs*
      I hope you have a chance to rest today, I know you have alot on your plate. You are in always in our hearts here.



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   Posted 4/12/2010 12:53 PM (GMT -6)   
Dear Scarred,

I know that recent events have left many of us feeling more self-conscious, wondering how we appear to the other members at the forum, wondering if we are part of the problem.....but I'm really hoping that we can all get back to being ourselves very soon!

I am also guilty of "talking too much", and I know it, but I think it's important that we all feel (as Chutz said in another thread) "warm and safe" to be just as we are. Because here we are in the virtual presence of our HW family. How can we feel free to come here and vent or cry on someone's shoulder at 3am if we have to be constantly worrying if we're posting too much! There's no way!

It is important to remember the forum rules, as Chutz wisely pointed out earlier today. But please don't try to post less often! Just be yourself and post as much as you need to!

Looking forward to reading many more posts from you!! yeah
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   Posted 4/12/2010 1:31 PM (GMT -6)   
Dear Scarred
I'm sorry to hear that you are in such pain.  I hope you feel better really soon.  I know I would be up all night if I didn't take Seroquel to help me sleep.  It knock me out so much that I don't even know I'm in pain.  The nurse practioner (sp?) that I see at the mental health clinic that I go to see her gives them to me.  I had problems in the past with things happening with my depression where I was seeing and hearing voices and they put me on them for that and it has helped with my sleep also.  Maybe you could ask your dr. for something to help you sleep.  (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))
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   Posted 4/12/2010 1:48 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey all! I feel better now that I know its not me. :-) 9 my doctor took me off of the only medication that actually worked well to help me sleep. Apparently it was causing my sodium to decrease, so doc took me off of it. I have an appointment tomorrow morning and I will talk to her about changing up my sleeping meds a bit. Whether it will happen or not is another story. Lately it seems that my PM is not willing to change anything in my regiment, I think its because I am HOPEFULLY getting the SCS and they want to see if it works first.

Dani; I am always happy to hear from you! I think you and I were twins at birth. Everytime I see a post by you it sounds so much like what I would do or say LOL. Scary right?

Don't worry, I won't stop posting gang. I was just feeling a little self concious as Nas put it and I don't like feeling like that. As I have said before I talk to much and sometimes that can be my biggest downfall. But, its okay....ya'll will just have to get used to it hehehehe!


I live to "Tame My Pain!" 

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   Posted 4/12/2010 3:25 PM (GMT -6)   
Just wanted to say hey to everyone....I had a decent weekend. I went to the casino and played slots....actually won over $1000.00!!!!!
Then got up this morning...or rather I was woken up with having to run to the bathroom to PUKE my guts out....I guess when something goes Great something has to go WRONG.....oh well, I can handle it....Pain is ok, but not great.

Chutz, how is the Diabetes going? My sugar was 161 and it made me sick....I can't handle it below 180.....and I need to get it that low and lower....don't know what to do. That along with the CP is making me a NUTCASE!!!

Love you all,
I have been a spectator for so long..Now it's time to participate.......
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   Posted 4/13/2010 8:32 AM (GMT -6)   
Scarred,so you are not taking lunesta anymore?. My ambien is not working well for my sleep anymore been on it for 2 years now . I am just waiting for a call back from the nurse to see if my pcp will call me in something else. I dont know if he will he is a very iffy dr sometimes he will work with you and sometimes he wont. so its a wait and see with him. I hope you have a lpd.
im dxed with  herniated discs,fibromylagia , scolosis,ddd,athritis, spinal stenosis ,gerd,gastric ulcer,gallbladder removal 3/23/10.
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