Anyone else hear an echo.

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   Posted 5/20/2010 2:06 PM (GMT -7)   
Do you ever wonder if you stood next to a doctor and yelled "Hello" in their ear you would hear a huge echo just like you were standing in a cave?

Just go back from the PCP today and I swear I still hear an echo.

Several months ago she gave me a script for 2mg Dilaudid as needed every 8 hours. I took the script as prescribed for a month and was only getting 30 minutes, sometimes and hour, of pain relief from it. At my next appointment she asked me how it was working and if I wanted another script. I told her that at the 2mg every 8 hour level it was not providing a long enough of duration of relief to make it worth taking as it only messed up my mental blocks and that it was like being teased for hours on end and being left cold. At this point she said we would have to try something in a new medication as she didn't want to prescribe higher doses.

So today we had a long talk about about pain management and I suggested revisiting past medications like Darvoset or Percoset which had not worked before, but at the time I had tried it I had been hospitalized a lot and had been on a lot of IV morphine and Demerol so I thought that maybe I had developed a tolerance for narcotic pain meds which is why nothing worked until I was put on oral morphine, and since it had been a over a year since I had been on any narcotics (except 1 month of the Dilaudid) that maybe one of the others would work now. She proceeds to respond that people do not develop tolerances for the analgesic effects of pain meds, only for the side effects. rolleyes

So what does she do....She writes me a script for 4 mg of Dilaudid every 8 as needed, something she has previously said she did not want to do because she didn't think increasing the dose would do any good. rolleyes

At least she did agree with my reasoning behind not wanting any more injections since all they ever did was raise my blood sugar to highly dangerous levels. The last round I had sent my blood sugar into the 300-400 range for about 6 weeks and it would not come down even with doubling my insulin regiment in both dose and frequency of shots. She also agreed with not trying any more NSAID's because my last labs showed the beginning of kidney disease.

I walked out of my appointment today wonder if anyone was home and hearing that echo.
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   Posted 5/20/2010 3:04 PM (GMT -7)   
it might be time for you to switch to a different yours seems not to be able to help you...what you said
had me flabber ghasted...some doctors need a crash course on listening...but they just don't seem to have the time...
Doctors these days are over book and if I don't write my questions down then my pain management doctor just writes my scripts and
goes on to his next patient....and it's "used" to listen.......
Sorry this happened to you...and that echo I hear it a lot....
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   Posted 5/20/2010 3:16 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Jim,

I feel like this all of the time with my PCP. I absolutely LOVE her personally, but her medical and prescription opinions kind of freak me out. They contradict each other all the time. She is the absolute best about referring me to a specialist when needed and gives me the help I need when I need antibiotics, so I stay.

I'm wondering (and I posted in another area) if torodol could raise blood sugar. I just had a shot at her office (and I HOPE I didn't violate my pain contract by getting it......I did tell her that I needed to clear it with the PM Dr, but she didn't think I needed to) and now my blood sugar is too high. I've never been diabetic, but it's showing up now and I have to go in tomorrow morning for a GTT. If the shot caused increased sugars (as well as my growth hormone), this could be the problem and I may not need the meds they will probably give me tomorrow.

I don't mean to hyjack your thead, but you really have me wondering.

Thanks for the info!
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   Posted 5/20/2010 3:41 PM (GMT -7)   

Yep, been there w/ doctors before... it's frustrating! Still, though, if the Dilaudid works for you...I'm glad you got the increase that you need. It also comes in 8mg (hopefully you won't need that...but just FYI)... To me, if a medication works - then it works. Like you, I have a huge tolerance to certain meds given the amount of IV medications I've had (hospitalizations and so forth). I'm sorry - I totally disagree w/ your doctor... I very much has developed tolerance to the "analgesic" properties of the meds.

That being said, I thought my tolerance would never "lessen"... and, now that I've tapered down from my long-lasting pain meds... things that never worked before - now work (Percocet and so forth). So, you are right, sometimes it worth revisiting meds because your system can always change.

Sorry you had a frustrating time w/ your doc... but, again, glad you got what you need. Hope you get some good relief.

Take care, Tina
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   Posted 5/20/2010 4:19 PM (GMT -7)   
Wow, I am sorry that your doctor isn't hearing you.
I used to tell people to go find a new doctor but I am begining to realize that it isn't that easy.
I am fortunate my doctor (PCP) is listening to me-unfortunatly she knows nothing about RA so I have two different docs each only treating half of my body.

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   Posted 5/21/2010 7:27 AM (GMT -7)   
   Dear Jim,
     Oh my gosh! That has got to be the most frustraiting interaction ever. Did she hear ANYTHING you said? At all???? WHOA  shocked
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   Posted 5/21/2010 1:44 PM (GMT -7)   
I am still shaking my head is disbelief about the bit of people do not develop tolerances to analgesic effects of pain medicines...only to the side effects. It just leaves me wondering where her brain is or what they are teaching in medical school these days.

Anyway the good news is that I got about 5 solid hours of relief from the 4 mg dilaudid last night with my first dose at about 5 pm. Took my pain down from around a 7 or 8 to about a 3 or 4, basically cut it in half, then when my pain levels started to rise again it was several more hours before I felt I needed another one. I finally was ready for bed at around 2 am and took one and while it took me an hour or so to fall asleep I ended up sleeping 7 hours straight which is something I haven't done in over a year with rare exception.

While it would be super great if all my pain was gone and I would be pain free for 8 or 9 hours I can certainly live with getting 5 hours or so of decent relief and keeping the worst of the pain from returning for 8-10 hours. I just hope the effects remain.

I have an appointment in a month with the clinic's pain nurse to see how I am doing overall and to see how the current levels of Dilaudid are doing. This will be a first.

The way things are going right now I am going to be exhausted though with all of the medical appointments I have in the next month or so between me and my 4 year old.

On Tuesday I get to make an hour drive to take my son to his dentist (closest one that accepts Medicaid). Then on Thursday I have an appointment with the diabetes nurse followed immediately with the dietitian and then I get to go to physical therapy. Then the following week I go see an endocrinologist and will probably have another round of appointments for PT, the dietitian and diabetes nurse. I also already know I will have more trips to the dentist for my son in the next few weeks though the appointments haven't been made yet.

Just thinking about it is making me tired.
2 confirmed herniated lumbar discs. Spinal Arthritis. Spinal Stenosis, diabetic peripheral nueropathy.

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   Posted 5/21/2010 2:06 PM (GMT -7)   

Your doctor sounds like most of the Neurologist I have seen! She obviously doesn't know anything about pain meds and the way they work and interact with your body! I can relate to having lots of appointments and having to travel some distance to get to them. It is 35 to 40 miles one way each time I need to see any of my Docs or Dentist. Lately ( last couple of weeks)I have been having at least 2 or 3 appointments a week and can't get any of them on the same day! I am glad you are getting some relief from your pain, if your not already doing it, try keeping a log, and then bring it with you, maybe she will increase your dosage or better yet get you on something that will last longer and give you better pain control. Hang in there and take care of yourself!

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   Posted 5/21/2010 8:37 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Jim,

I'm glad to hear that you are getting some relief from the dilaudid. I take dilaudid at night, although at a much higher dose than you. I used to take it all throughout the day, but I wasn't getting enought relief for the amount of side effects that I had, so my doctor & I agreed that it was better to stop taking it during the day. For me the dilaudid only works for 3 - 4 hrs. I believe my doctor had me taking it every 6 hrs when I was taking it 24/7, but that was more than a year ago & I've been on so many meds that the details all kind of blend together.

My doctor has mentioned to me several times that there is a long-acting med out there that is very similar to dilaudid. Currently there is no ER dilaudid in the USA (although I believe they are working on one which is going to be released sometime within the next couple years), but according to my doc, oxymorphone (an ER med) is very similar. If my stimulator trial doesn't work then I think we are going to look into this med for me to take at least at night. You might want to do some research on this med yourself. You might also consider talking with your doctor about increasing the frequency at which you take your medication.

Anyways, it's great to hear that the change of meds is helping, despite it not being what you were initially hoping it would be.


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   Posted 5/23/2010 7:45 AM (GMT -7)   
They Oxymorphone is Opana XR. I don't me to be a kill joy, but it does not work the same for me at all. I tried it wit awful results. It seems the release of the meds worked perfectly for about six hours (it was great) then the rest "dumped" into my system. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Never again for me. I took it back to the DR and gave it to them. I'm back on the Dilaudid now and glad to have it.

Opana works great for many, but just not for me.

All my best to you.
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