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   Posted 6/5/2010 4:00 PM (GMT -6)   
I've posted a lot on here lately, and well..., sorry...and my mom's doing better...

I've had 17 vials of bloodwork done in this past month and well I'm vitamin B12 deficient
pretty bad, as I'm under 180, and so all I know for now is that I'll be under going b12 injections
probably for the rest of my life and that those will start probably when I see my rheumatologist on the 22nd,
and then I'll get the results of all the other bloodwork, my hubby thinks that I might also have precuisious (SP?) anemia
that would explain why I'm tired all the took the doctor's long enough to find this, geezee and
I'm also thinking of getting a second opinion from a defferent neurologist, but wonder if that would be okay...
so far this year, I've had pneumonia, had an emg showing that my nerves were dying and now vita b12
deficient and have had so many blood sucking draculas taking enough blood from week I'm getting my "smart" eye plugs
put in as my other ones are gone and I have to take my daughter into downtown Houston for an eye
appointment so I'll probably be gone. Y'all look after yourselfs and no bad news...
HUGZ to everyone...I'll posts back later... I've got so many things to consider....right now
I want all my doctors to go away...

Yep I meant dracula! Linda lots of Prayers okay....
* Asthma, Allergies, Osteoarthritis, Spinal Stenosis, Degenative Disc (Lower Lumbar S1-L3 and Cervical C5,C6, C8 and T1), Fibromyalgia, Gerd,
Enlarged Pituitary Gland, Sjogren's, Ocular Migraines, mild carpel tunnel, ect.... "Would be nice if we could use the edit button in real life"...


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   Posted 6/5/2010 5:31 PM (GMT -6)   

If it's not one thing, it's another, huh? I hear you about wanting all the doctors to go away... I'm with you on that one!

I don't know about the B12 numbers, but I did do B12 injections for several years. They aren't so bad... once you get over having to give yourself a shot :) I sure hope they help you.

Re: your neurologist.... I always think 2nd opinions are good... especially w/ a neuro... That's just my opinion, though :)

Take care of yourself... and hang in there w/ everything... --Tina
Main Health Problems: Dysautonomia/POTS; CFS/Fibromyalgia; Severe Chronic Hypertension; Hypothyroidism; Hypoadrenalism; Mixed (Obstructive/Central) Sleep Apnea - on Auto BiPap; Depression/Anxiety; Severe Vitamin D Deficiency

Pain Issues: Cervical/Thoracic back pain (they called it DDD...but I don't know); migraines; carpal tunnel syndrome; widespread joint/muscle pain, nerve pain in hands/arms/feet; Future Plans: Intrathecal Pain Pump; already completed trial (Sept, 2008); awaiting my decision for implantation...

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   Posted 6/5/2010 9:56 PM (GMT -6)   

Please don't think you are posting too much. That is what we are here for and you have a lot going on. I cannot offer advice, but I can offer support.

All my best to you!
Retired Mom

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   Posted 6/6/2010 12:23 AM (GMT -6)   
Sending hugs and love Chartreux. You've got a lot going on - I'm glad you're here to share and vent in a safe and understanding venue.

Keeping you in my well.

Conditions: Fibromyalgia, Severe Myofascial Pain, Chronic Pelvic Pain (with permanent muscle damage), Femoralacetabular Impingement (CAM and Pincer), Reynauds, IBS, Surgical Adhesions, Ophthalmic Migraines, Severe Hot Flashes (both Surgical Menopause and medication related), plus physically unable to vomit due to the Nissen, and I have extremely tiny veins with a lot of scar tissue...a joy when it comes to having to give blood or get an IV started

Surgeries: Appendix, Uterus, Nissen Fundoplication for GERD, Left Ovary, Gallbladder, Right Ovary, TVT

Medications: Oxycontin, Cesamet, Tramacet, Cymbalta, Flexeril and Clonidine plus Laxaday, Vitamin D and a Multi-Vitamin daily

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   Posted 6/6/2010 1:02 AM (GMT -6)   

B12 is really important, and low B12 levels can cause a host of neuro problems,, do you have any digestive problems? Stomach Problems?, or other digestive problems? such as Ulcertive Colitis or something like that? Sometimes they can be the cause of low B12 and pernicious anemia, I am sure if they haven't already, they will be checking those things out!

Hang in the Chart I will be saying some prayers for you and send you some healing vibes!

White Beard

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   Posted 6/6/2010 3:12 AM (GMT -6)   
This is definitely not off topic and you definitely don't post too much! You're always so supportive of everyone here, it's time to get a little back for yourself.

I'm sorry about the injections and all the blood draws, and wow I sure relate to that wanting all your doctors to go away statement (don't we all, yet what would we do if they did?!), but like White Beard said low B12 and other B vitamins can cause nerve problems. So the injections may help.

I hope you start feeling better and get more energy if the anemia gets treated. Also glad your Mom's better.

Take care of yourself!



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   Posted 6/6/2010 5:50 AM (GMT -6)   
Hey Chartreux , I'm most definetly with the other brothers and sisters , you don't post too much , and we want to hear anything you need to say .Venting is one of the great things we all get to do here , whenever any of us has had that need you have always been supportive caring and wonderful . So please don't ever think your taking any kind of liberty by coming to your friends and talking with us , your a special person and I truly hope you feel better very soon .Mikel

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   Posted 6/7/2010 11:07 AM (GMT -6)   
Was nice to hear from all of you, momto6boys (Tina), RetiredMom, MsBunky (Pam), WhiteBeard, PALady and Mikel,
Thank you, you all cheered me up and I can feel your support, Thank you so very much...
Everyone here is so very special and y'all remember that, okay...yur all very good friends and
I consider myself lucky to know y'all, Thank You...
Depression kinda has a hold on me again...but my daughter is home and helping...
(((((((((((((((((Hugz to all)))))))))))))

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   Posted 6/7/2010 12:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Post all you want my friend. That's why we are here, to help each other.

Sending you tons of good healing vibes and hugs.

Take it easy and rest your weary body Chart!! Don't be hard on yourself. We need to be gentle to our bodies.

 Chronic, severe and continuous bilateral temporal headaches since April 2000.
 Poor prognosis, seen thousands of doctors, been on dozens of meds and tried all forms of treatment with no success.
   May 2010 to present taking DM, dextromethorphan, 4x/day, to continue to reset the receptors, weaning off of oxycodone as it did not help with my pain, pain continues to be terrible every minute of every day!
  Feb to end of April 2010:3 cycles of IV Ketamine infusion via a PICC line and pump at home, this was to try to break the pain cycle by resetting the receptors
 Meds: oxycodone for breakthrough, cymbalta, vitamin D, B12, magnesium, omega 3, melatonin
 Profession: Part time registered nurse on Long term disability and applying for permanent disability thru CPP
 52 yrs old, female, married, two boys 19 & 21, live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Pete trips again!
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   Posted 6/7/2010 3:29 PM (GMT -6)   
Chart, So sorry I haven't replied to you till now! It sounds like you are feeling like a pin cushion from all those vampires! I don't know if this applies but are you of Mediteranian descent? I mean are any of your ancestors from somewhere around the Med. sea? The reason I ask is that alot of (espesially women) people from that area get this certain kind of anemia, all my Itallian cousins (ther girls) have it and my youngest son too! It's probably just a wild guess but I tought I'd throw it out there since your hubby thinks you have it..
I sure hope things start easing up for you!! After what you've been through, geese> You deserve a break! Especially from all the Dr's!! I'll stick you on my prayed list, actually you were still on it!!!
Big Hugs comin acha!
Your buddy,
When I was young & stupid I broke almost every bone in my body and I'm paying a heavy price now but I'm still here and so glad to see my two sons grow up to be fine young men, both are in the Navy. I'm so proud! 

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   Posted 6/7/2010 4:00 PM (GMT -6)   
(((((((((((Char)))))))))))). I know the feeling of being so incredibly overwhelmed. You've certainly got a lot going on. Just remember to try & take a breather every once in a while. Set aside some time every day and do something for yourself -- even if it is just sitting quietly for 15 min -- it might help you relax a little.

many hugs,

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   Posted 6/7/2010 6:21 PM (GMT -6)   
Chart, take care of your self sweetie ,your in my prayers!!!


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   Posted 6/8/2010 2:38 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank You, tmj (Suzane), Pete, Skeye and Kay...

On a bright spot my container tomato finally gave me a ripe cherry tomato and it tasted good..

but then today my eye doctor put in some new plugs and called the eye pharmacy to check and see
if I could use the restasis 3 times a day, and I got cleared to do that, my eye's are so dry he's
worried about me getting an eye infection, we can't figure out why my eyes are so very very dry..
I'm his most puzzleing patient, and I really really do "not "want this....I'm averaging only 5 months on the smart
eye plugs and they usually last for a year or longer...

Pete, my Dad's family is from Germany, they came thru Ellis Island, I kinda get a little hot
tempered from that part of me...My Grandmother was adopted and the orphange burned down so
we can't trace her...
Hugz to all
* Asthma, Allergies, Osteoarthritis, Spinal Stenosis, Degenative Disc (Lower Lumbar S1-L3 and Cervical C5,C6, C8 and T1), Fibromyalgia, Gerd,
Enlarged Pituitary Gland, Sjogren's, Ocular Migraines, mild carpel tunnel, ect.... "Would be nice if we could use the edit button in real life"...


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   Posted 6/8/2010 7:11 PM (GMT -6)   
Char I just wanted to send you a big hug. Like so many others here I love reading your posts and reading your advice, you're very much there for so many of us. I'm so sorry you're feeling depressed right now, we all go there with our CP and it is so disabling in its own right.

Please take it easy, dry eyes must be so uncomfortable, my heart is with you, golitho

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   Posted 6/9/2010 1:33 AM (GMT -6)   
Oh Char   You're in my prayers also.  I hope your eyes feel better really soon.  It must be so irritating for your eyes to be so dry.  Take care of yourself. 
love and hugs
Dx:  ddd, spinal stenosis, bone spurs, hypothyroidism, typeII diabetes, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, polycystic ovary syndrome, PTSD, depression, anxiety

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   Posted 6/9/2010 6:24 AM (GMT -6)   
Chart, have you been checked for Sjorgren's syndrome.  I think this disease causes dry eyes.  Just a thought.  Hope you can find something out when the test results come back!!!!

DDD, osteoarthritis, facet syndrome, fusion surgeries C-5/7 & L-4/5 both in 2006, torn meniscus surgeries left knee 2000 & 2002, buldging disc L-2/3, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia rheumatica

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   Posted 6/9/2010 4:14 PM (GMT -6)   
Jag, Yep even had the lip biopsies done and it wasn't inflammed enough and that kinda shocked my ent
that took it...Not inflammed enough...and my rheumy tried me on a sjogrens medicine that literally tore up
my stomach, I'm supposed to try a different med for sjogrens but it's not one that will help my eye's,
so I'm thinking I might have to have a medicine pump put in just so the doctors can medicine me
up with out me getting all the nasty side effects, if they could bypass my stomach for all these meds...
I'm just this point...ya know, I've been mostly good thru this life and to end up with all this stuff it's
unreal, why do good people get this, y'all should all be okay too...FatherJohn's input here would be nice...and
anyone here have a medicine pump for meds other than cp meds? just wondering???

Thank you golitho, Loretta and jag...

* Asthma, Allergies, Osteoarthritis, Spinal Stenosis, Degenative Disc (Lower Lumbar S1-L3 and Cervical C5,C6, C8 and T1), Fibromyalgia, Gerd,
Enlarged Pituitary Gland, Sjogren's, Ocular Migraines, mild carpel tunnel, ect.... "Would be nice if we could use the edit button in real life"...


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   Posted 6/9/2010 5:06 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Chartreux, so sorry to hear about all you are going through! I know that sometimes it feels like they are taking more blood then you could possibly replace...and then they wonder why we become anemic! I am sending you my best wishes! I just wanted to tell you about one concern I have... I used to work at home, the one job I could do with my pain until they canceled the Home Agent Program, but that is beside the of the clients I answered for was Restasis. During my training we learned that it was given to patients with Sjogrens but the one thing that concerns me, is you mentioned eye plugs. Are these tear duct plugs? We had a huge script when we answered this call....because it was a medical product....and part of it was "RESTASIS® Ophthalmic Emulsion helps increase your eyes’ natural ability to produce tears, which may be reduced by inflammation due to Chronic Dry Eye. RESTASIS® did not increase tear production in patients using topical steroid drops or tear duct plugs." The other thing I remember is customers saying how terribly expensive it was. If you have decent insurance that isn't making you pay ridiculously for this medicine, then I would certainly try it and hope it helps. Just don't want you to pay a lot of money for something that they say does not work for people with tear duct plugs!! However, if it does work go to their website and you can get a $20.00 rebate and sign up for my tears, my rewards which lets you get a free tray of vials after every 7 trays you buy! Anyway, just wanted to mention this! Wishing you the best and praying for you! Take care of you!


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   Posted 6/9/2010 7:05 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey there Beckey,
Yes, they are called "Smart Plugs" they go into my tear duct and the Restasis eye drops for 3X a day, My eye's were so dry that they get inflamed
and are very painful, and I can tell you exactly when my plugs are gone cause of the eye pain, for me I use the restasis to help keep the imflamation down
and I have a topic steroid cream for when things get bad, I will be prone to infection without all these measures and last year I had to use a steroid eye drop which
gave me a huge relief but made me a little witchy...and even with insurance they are expensive and I'm on the rebate, thank you, I can feel the relief with the restasis.
Thank You for helping, it's nice...
this all started with an infection in 2006 in my right eye followed by 3X surgeries, to be left with a small
painful bump on my eye at this point he's trying to hit me with everything to keep my bump
from getting infected, as now an infection could get into the brain...short story...I appreciate your help, thank you...means a lot to me...
* Asthma, Allergies, Osteoarthritis, Spinal Stenosis, Degenative Disc (Lower Lumbar S1-L3 and Cervical C5,C6, C8 and T1), Fibromyalgia, Gerd,
Enlarged Pituitary Gland, Sjogren's, Ocular Migraines, mild carpel tunnel, ect.... "Would be nice if we could use the edit button in real life"...


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