Friend granted SSD on first attempt

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   Posted 7/20/2010 3:10 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello Guys,
Many of you may recall that I was recently denied my own SSD for the second time and that I am having to go see the attorney on Friday.  I was completely shocked today when a very close friend called me to tell me she had been granted on the first attempt.  I am really happy for her because she does need it badly, but honestly a little upset at they system because she is no where in the same ball park with the medical conditions.  Please don't get me wrong...I'm happy for her, just a little depressed that people like many of us have to keep on in the SSD system for so long when we have verifiable medical conditions that prevent us from working.  If I could go back to work and do a reasonably good job at anything, it would be different...but I can't!  Simple outings are almost more than I can handle now and she is the one who usually helps me.  She actually helps me very often and is a really good friend! 
I just wish we (those of us still waiting) could have been as lucky!
Retired Mom

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   Posted 7/20/2010 4:10 PM (GMT -6)   
Wow Mom , that is really so unfair , bravo to you for supporting your friend . but I feel for you not getting what you deserve as well . Your a good friend , keep the faith stay determined my friend . I'm sure your time will come soon to get yours . Mikel

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   Posted 7/20/2010 4:26 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks Mikel!

The more I think about it the happier I am for her. She has had a really hard time making it lately and I'm glad to see that she is getting the financial assistance she needs. Things will work out as they are meant to. I honestly do have faith in that and believe in a Greater Power. I only have to look back at my own life a little bit to see why things happened the way they did. I never understood the reason things happened at the times they did, but I can look back and see them now. I lost so many babies.....but in retrospect they would have all had really serious cognitive damage and my daughter is so perfect to me. My father passed away suddenly.....but my mother later married her high-school sweeheart and is happy. She would have grieved herselft to death without him. His son (now my step-brother) and his wife had lost many babies and now have three wonderful children because they met us and went to see the Dr we used (who found out what was really wrong). I went back to school to get out of a horrible work situation and herniated my back in class....but I was medically retired and my earnings are really close to what they were before I am out of the horrible job and able to stay home with my daughter. Of course I haven't figured out why I have horrible chronic pain yet, but I know there is a reason and I will try to wait patiently until the reason is revealed.

I know this is a little deep for a thread response, but it was in my heart and needed to be said outloud....if just on an internet thread.

Blessings to you Mikel in your struggles! I wish you all the best!
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   Posted 7/20/2010 5:46 PM (GMT -6)   
Mom, I know exactly how you feel. It took me 3 1/2 years to get my disability. It seems the SSD has no rhyme or reason who gets it or why the first time. It's very frustrating. I completely understand how your feeling. Just hang in there and just think you will get a really big check when they do finally approve you. Just be patient.

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   Posted 7/20/2010 6:20 PM (GMT -6)   
Mom, I am from the Lupus forum, but I couldn't help but wonder why you were denied so many times. Do you have a doctor following your case or did you apply on your own? I just applied in May but haven't heard anything yet.
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   Posted 7/20/2010 7:28 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Nurse,
I did file on my own, but I have a great deal of medical support.  I definitely fall into the "list" they have online for automatic approval, however, the paperwork from my denial indicates my age and education allow me to do some work.  I'm in my early 40's and have a Masters.  I honestly believe that is the major reason....I'll know more after I hire my attorney on Friday and they get the records from SS.  My friend is in her late 50's with a HS education (even though her educational level is not an accurate descripition of her abilities).  She is excellent on the computer, has great writing and grammar skills, and can do almost anything artistic. 
Good luck on your submission!
Thank you everyone for your support.
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   Posted 7/20/2010 9:09 PM (GMT -6)   

Here are some extra hugs for you! (((((((Retiredmom))))))).


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   Posted 7/21/2010 3:32 AM (GMT -6)   
RetiredMom you are correct in assuming why your claim was denied. Your age and education two key elements even with disability. I don't know if you have read WhiteBeard's story on here previously or not about his SSD claim. He actually had to file a second claim because he was denied at his hearing, it all came back to his age and education. Granted everyone's medical conditions are different but those are two very crucial elements they look at. His atty had him file a second claim and he was awarded benefits finally at the second hearing. There are horror stories out there on things that have happened to people trying to get approved.

Your friend was very lucky to get her benefits without having to go through the entire process. But you know there are many factors taken into consideration on each claim. I was awarded benefits without any problem too, however, my claim is due to my crohns disease. Had it been CP, I would still be battling it out with them I am quite sure. I know of an individual that had terminal cancer and died before she could get approved for benefits because she was denied in the early stages, pretty pathetic.

I know you mentioned being medically retired and that is much better than being put out on long term disability. When a person goes on LTD they are required to file for SSD and usually have to wait on a hearing. LTD ends when a person turns 65 regardless because they are eligible for SS. At least with an actual retirement from an employer you can get that check monthly and receive SSD at the same time and end up with two checks a month. I have had two friends in the past 10 years that really should have been medically retired and it did not go that way so they lost out on quite a bit of income because they were put out on LTD and he month they turned 65 LTD ended and they were stuck with SS only. Just some food for thought.

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