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   Posted 7/23/2010 8:44 PM (GMT -6)   
I made it to my appointment with the pain nurse on Tuesday and got my script for my pain meds. By Weds I was feeling pretty good so I went outside and caught up on all the weed eating which was only about 6 or 7 week overdue. What normally takes about 20 minutes every few weeks took me over an hour to complete and when I got done with that I dug out the weed killer and spent the next 20 minutes walking around spraying all the weeds and grass that were growing up in the cracks in the drive, side walk, etc.

All of this with a heat index of 102 degrees.

I was hurting when I got done but an hour later I was feeling pretty decent again so I went and did 4 loads of laundry and other house work.

Can we say over did it big time.

I woke up Thursday morning stiff, sore, and in a lot of pain. My back has been killing me ever since. My back muscles have tightened up so bad it is causing my bad discs to compress.

Whats ironic is I used to get on to my grandmother for much the same thing the last few years she was alive. She would have a good day and go like a bat out of hell all day and then feel like crap for the next week or so, then "normal" for a couple of weeks and then have another day she would feel wonderful and start it all over again. I am sure she is sitting up in Heaven right now laughing her halo off at me for doing the exact same thing.
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   Posted 7/23/2010 9:44 PM (GMT -6)   
Wow, I can so relate to you. I have told my mom for years not to overdo on her good days..she I do. Sounds like you accomplished a lot, though. If you are anything like me you get so frustrated when all of the stuff goes by the wayside so when you have half a pain free moment you feel the need to take advantage of it. We all know, in the back of our minds, what will happen..but we do it anyways and pay later. Don't be to hard on yourself, keep your strength up, I'll need you to kick me in a couple of days when I turn around and do the same thing. Feel beter, Heather

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   Posted 7/24/2010 1:44 AM (GMT -6)   
I wonder if we really have a lot of choice. If we're feeling even a little "good" that's about the only time we're - or I shouls say "I'm" and just speak for myself - feeling motivated to do some of the activities or tasks others do on most any day. I think it may be how we have to cope. If we did nothing even on a "good" day, then we're really in a bad place, if you understand what I mean.

I did a whole bunch of stuff yesterday because I knew today and tomorrow were going to be hot as the devil and I have no A/C. So last night I was doing washes, running the dishwasher, making a batch of potato salad, paying bills, etc, etc, etc. Today I did next to nothing except go to the grocery store tonight. Tomorrow I don't plan to do anything but attempt to stay a little cool until this heat wave breaks. But at least we got something done this week, right? :-)


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   Posted 7/24/2010 4:39 AM (GMT -6)   
Awww. Jim. Sorry you overdid it. PALady, I like your way of looking at it. That's interesting. I overdo it a lot. Whenever my pain levels go down a bit, I clean or do something else that I enjoy.

In my mind, I try to remind myself that I'll feel it pain-wise, but I do it anyway.

I hope your pain levels go down.


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   Posted 7/24/2010 7:30 AM (GMT -6)   
Oh Jim, I'm sorry things are up in the pain level, but happy you were able to get so much done.
Like most of the others have already said....I do the same thing.  I have so many bad days that a good day is the one when I can get my house really clean, cook a meal for my family, and do the basic things others take for granted.  We (or shall I say I not to offend...good point PALady) do that to keep up and get on with life. 
I hope today is a better day and that the meds kick in quick, the pain comes down, the sun shines brightly, and the wind blows a cool breeze on those who don't have air conditioning where they are.  For those of us who have no choice but to have air....I hope you unit runs smooth and you can stay in the house it's HOT! wink
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   Posted 7/24/2010 1:44 PM (GMT -6)   
And on your next day of feeling decent you will be right back at it again, that is how this cycle goes. I honestly had to laugh when I read your post because that is exactly how I think most of us get things done. We wait for that decent day then we let it rip, knowing we will pay for it either that night or the next day. That has become our way of life on getting matters taken care of I think. Sure does feel good when we do get something accomplished.

Baby yourself a little till you are feeling better and take care. Oh, forget the yard work in the 102 weather-do I hear a sun stroke on the rising???

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   Posted 7/24/2010 3:45 PM (GMT -6)   
straydog said...
And on your next day of feeling decent you will be right back at it again, that is how this cycle goes. I honestly had to laugh when I read your post because that is exactly how I think most of us get things done. We wait for that decent day then we let it rip, knowing we will pay for it either that night or the next day. That has become our way of life on getting matters taken care of I think. Sure does feel good when we do get something accomplished.

Straydog and PALady have it right! That's the only way I can ever get anything done....I have to take advantage of the low-pain days and pay for it later.

It's becoming difficult to get enough done during the brief periods of low or no pain though. I work part-time from home but don't know how much longer I will be able to do it. I have viaion problems too, which make it doubly hard to work.

Jim, I do understand why you pushed yourself so hard while you were feeling good! I'm sorry for the pain you're feeling now, and wish you a speedy recovery, but I won't tell you "Don't do it again!". We have to do this sometimes. :(

Take care,
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   Posted 7/27/2010 12:18 AM (GMT -6)   


   Dear Jim,

     I shouldnt be laffing. I just cant help it. You know, youve had so many high pain days for weeks on end, that noone can blame you for wanting to knock out the larger tasks. However *tisk tisk* Wait til very early morning for yard next time and pace yourself. I imagine that the combination of high heat & inflammation did quite a number to your back. I am glad to hear your were able to get all of it done before you ran out of steam, so to speak. On less thing to do for the next few weeks. Hopefully, your resting up and feeling a bit better by now.


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   Posted 7/27/2010 1:20 PM (GMT -6)   
I think we can all relate brother Jim , when you feel good its hard to control not wanting to do as much as you can , yes I beleive we've all done it too . I think its very human for sure , so don't beat yourself up about it , just remember how good it felt and how much you enjoyed it . Maybe next time you can control yourself a little better , but I never have been able to yet , it just feels so darn good !!! I know how you feel bro , just do your best , thats all anyone can ask of themselves . Mikel

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   Posted 7/31/2010 8:42 PM (GMT -6)   
All of us pray for a low pain day all the time! At least I do. But everyone is right it is human nature to over do it when those days bless us.

Then we SUFFER all over

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Hopefully NO MORE........
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