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Mrs. Dani
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   Posted 8/15/2010 11:17 AM (GMT -6)   
   mad mad mad
  Dear Family,
    Who better to vent to than those who know you best? This thread is for getting it all out. For venting. 
     Most of us are quiet, and emotionally much stronger than those around us. It is one of the side effects of long term chronic pain. It isnt that it DOESNT bother us. On the contrary, it does hurt. Hurts ALOT! But, often times, we keep it all inside.
     This is where you can let it out. Once you let it go.. forgive and forget. As best you can. Get it out and take a deep breath. We wont take offense, we understand. So share it with us.

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   Posted 8/15/2010 2:26 PM (GMT -6)   
Venting? I'm gonna only let myself do 2. I could sit on here all This is good though Dani ...helps to get things out and write/type them down.
Here goes and I'll just say sorry now incase my language gets colorful.
I feel I am the"Go To" for family. A bit of a Savior thingy.  I am the one people can always count on to be there.  The one that trys to listen to ALL sides before making a choice. The one who will notice if somebody needs help without them asking and take time out of my life to be available....I end up asking my self WHY? why do I place myself in this position? Is it learned? Is it because of attention? Is it because I don't feel love for myself.....idk!!!
It doesn't matter where, who, why or family takes advantage of me. I try to put everyone else first. Because this is what I was taught to do. But, in todays world your sapossed to put yourself first's so confusing.
I just really wish I could have a "whatever" attitude most of the time. My Mom was alot like this...she passed away about 10 years ago and when she died I thought, she didn't do anything for herself. Now here I am....doing the same thing. When all is said and done in this world you make you own path most of the time....I need a new path.
I just want 1 Doctor and only 1...
I have 6.  Can't seem to get them on the same page. It's all so Da_n Much when your feeling so F'in sick to try and contact all the right people for the right dx. It's a full-time job to be sick!
It's really a wonder our healthcare system works at all. I see why people just go to the ER for random things because getting to know the ropes is all too much....I still crack up when my husband says things like....If you take one kid in just have the Dr. look at the other kid...(he's still living in the dark ages)..haha
O.k....i'm done!:)thanx
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   Posted 8/15/2010 6:27 PM (GMT -6)   
Ok Dani I'll vent,
Things suck in general. Life is so unfair. I hate that my mom has to go through all of this. My father is the one that had at least 20 open affairs on my mom. He blamed her for getting injured, put us in the poorhouse spending money on his girlfriends, didn't ever even buy us a birthday present. We had to get various jobs at 11 and 12 years old just to buy school clothes because he spent all the money. He never calls me or my sisters or even his grandkids. Nope he just retired with his secretary. She takes trips 5-6 x's a year to see her kids or whatever cuz he doesn't make her pay rent or bills. Nope he wants to take care of her. He signed all the land my grandfather left to him and us girls over to her. Got a credit card in my name...and on and on. It's just not fair. I wish cancer on no-one but common, why her and not him if it had to be one of them.(that is so awfull even just to write) He skates by everything. Doing as he pleases, ughhhhh.
Why do I have to be sick? Why can't I just be mom, wife and worker bee and live a happy little life bothering no-one? Why do i have to limp everywhere, and drop things? Why can't I open a jar of mayonaise by myself? Why can't I watch a movie without my body stiffining up and hurting so I end up in tears not laughing from the movie? Why do I have to rest every 20 minutes of work just so I can keep going?
Ok pity party over. I know there is a reason for everything. It's part of God's plan and you need to take time to learn from every situation.
My dad. If I hadn't had grown up with him I wouldn't have known what kind of husband and father I didn't want. Thanks dad! If anything that's the one thing he gave me.
My mom. We have had to go through major struggles to become as close as we are, So that we don't take each other for granted.
My pain. I haven't came to a conclusion except that maybe it is a challenge in my life. So I can realize how strong I can be, and what great people come into your life when you feel like everything is crashing in around you.
That's it. Feeling better already,Heather
Big Hugs, Mama6

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Mother to 5 wonderfull kids. Oldest is 18 and just left the nest for animation school. Youngest just started 2nd grade. So I am crazy, and feeling my age plus some.

Mrs. Dani
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   Posted 8/15/2010 11:02 PM (GMT -6)   
    1. I hate that I am just "expected" to do things for the people in my life. Would it hurt to ask? Would it be so painful to acknowladge me? ...being ignored and treated like I were nothing more than an annoyance.....  All while doing favors? *shiver* Remind me to never take advantage of people and to never, ever treat anyone with such callus disreguard! cry
    2.  I am sick and tired of trying to explain to new doctors why I don't have family. Why can't they leave it at that? Instead of asking question after question about my life? They see the notes. They have the report from the psychologist. WHY keep asking me??? I don't know those people! I cannot give the answers to my family history. No one is more sorry than I, that I don't have family. I am sorry it is like testing in the dark. Gosh! Noone is more sorry than I am that they cannot pin point the cause of my spinal problems. I am sorry the genetic testing is so expensive! What am I supposed to do? Put myself and my family in jepordy just to see if there is some less costly genetic answer to my problems?  smhair  
    ..that feels a little better. Time to forgive and move forward.
TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
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