Friday Koffee Klatch Time~

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   Posted 8/20/2010 1:46 AM (GMT -6)   
Happy Friday to all! I hope you will have a peaceful and less pain weekend ahead. The weekends are thought of a time to rejuvenate and rest up from the work week but I found when I had to stop working that I am more busy than before. rolleyes tongue

For today I chose a two-part, thought provoking question... What in life, is beautiful to you? Where do you find inspiration?

I see beauty in two places and it's in these two places I find inspiration...with one exception. The first is outside. Not just anywhere but outside where there are trees, water and wildlife to photograph. Give me my camera, a pack of batteries and I'm set. OK, having a computer handy to download and play with the pictures is nice also.

And the other beautiful item that truly inspires me are faces. I love both ends of the spectrum...elderly and very young. The child has such innocence in their gaze and to photograph it bring such joy. And the elderly shed such wisdom in their soft eyes that their expressions are timeless.

OK, what in life is beautiful to YOU? And where to you find inspiration??

Have fun!
Chutz scool

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   Posted 8/20/2010 8:42 AM (GMT -6)   
 Dear Chutz,
~~> OK, what in life is beautiful to YOU?
     My daughters and my husband are so precious. They make me feel so full and complete. I don't know what I did to deserve such beautiful souls to be in my life. It feels so good to love and care for them. Sometimes I worry when I realize how much time has gone by... It is hard to grasp that so many years have passed. No matter how much pain or how many struggles in life.. there is always a hug, a smile, a kiss. It is a part of my life that is beautiful to me.
~~>  And where to you find inspiration??
     ..Now when you say "inspiration" I think of jewelry. I have small sketch pad I take everywhere. Sometimes I meet someone or online, and I cannot help but think about what kind of jewelry would look just right. Sometimes I am just walking around or shopping and a color combination catches my eye. Other times I will be watching television movie or news and think what would look just right.
     Later when I am done with whatever project I am working on... I flip the next page in my sketch book. Then see what components I have that will work, buy whatever components I dont have. Away I go! Currently I am caught up on my sketch book. I only have 3 sketches and one color combination I saw on a cake at the grocers store. So, I have been busy busy to say the least! Inspiration is every where!
*warm hugg*

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   Posted 8/20/2010 10:11 AM (GMT -6)   
Trees fascinate and intrigue, and inspire me! To walk among them and look closely and feel the bark on an older tree, some smoth, some peeling like paper, and some deeply groove and aged like a the wrinkles on a very old and knowledgeable senior citizen. Some of the bark is light, on other trees it is dark, all in various hues of browns, and greys and blacks. The towering strength of the trunk of the tree, defying gravity and shooting straight up out of the ground like an ancient Egyptian monolith. Then the powerful  spreading limbs forming a the bones of a majestic canopy, the weight and distance that these bones of strength grow out from the center of the tree absolutely astounds me!  The leaves that sprout from the tiny  buds on these limbs, and rapidly grow into fully formed leaves that are often bigger than the largest mans hand, in seemingly a blink of an eye, the  transform the bare skelton of a tree, to a fully formed canopy of green that sometimes is so dense that it can block out the most intense sun light from ever hitting the ground! It is a wonder on nature that never ceases to amaze me!  And just as quickly as they have formed they soon, start to change color, and paint the forest a dazzling array of colors, that even the most accomplished artist can not duplicate. A sight that inspires me, and fills me with emotions, that range from wonder and awe, to a melancholy sadness,  feelings that are hard to describe. I have photographed trees from every imaginable angle and in every season, and I have yet been able to capture their true magnificence!
The Hand, I have made sculptures and photographs and drawings of the hand since I took my first art class in high school!  It is an engineering marvel! Capable of doing the most delicate of task, surgery, making very small time pieces, and yet also digging and scraping the ground and transforming the earth its self! Capable of turning into a weapon of unimaginable strength and power, and causing unspeakable pain and destruction. Yet these same hands can be so gentle and soothing an give such  comfort and pleasure. Everyones hand is different, and of all the parts of the body, look at the changes that occur in a persons hands from the tiny hand of a new born baby, touching its mothers fingers for the very first time, to the transformation of hands that are powerful yet so delicate, and can create or destroy, to the  gnarled and fragile skin covering the hand of frail and and dying person of extreme age. I found in nursing that of all the things that can sooth a patient, holding a persons hand is often the most comforting! I remember well when I first had my first disk fusion in my neck, I was alone, my wife and family was 450 miles away up in Fairbanks, stuck in a snow storm and I was in a hospital in Anchorage, and as they wheeled me into the OR a nurse took my hand and said everything would be alright, I was shaking and scared, and I would not let her hand go!  It was a reassuring comfort, for a lonely scared GI away from his family! What can be more inspiring than that!
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   Posted 8/20/2010 11:19 AM (GMT -6)   
WB, that is absolutely beautiful! You should write more and preserve it....seriously.

I know what you mean about hands, especially elderly hands that show the ravages of work and time. Hands with deem wrinkles, with fingers that are no longer as straight as the pencil they held as a child. Joints might be more noticeable and the skin is soft and thin. Many shades of tan, bisque and brick give them a mottled look of pride in a job well done. When I "people" watch this is what I look for too....elderly people and mostly the hands.

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