WhiteBeard, Pete, FatherJohn missing you..

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   Posted 9/2/2010 9:51 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey there WhiteBeard, sure do miss you and
will keep you in my thoughts and Prayers...
Your a good moderator and if your feeling bad then I hope things
will improve...I was going to ask Dani to post this as I'm not feeling good
(running a fever) had a rhizotomy done today (it had been cancelled twice already) and I
missed seeing Dani, so...Just wanted to know we care about you WhiteBeard
as your part of our family here and Pete need a update on you too...
Miss ya both around here...and FatherJohn your views could help some here...
I won't be back for a few days to pester anyone...come on everyone
lets encourage them and send them well wishes...

Screaming Eagle
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   Posted 9/2/2010 9:55 PM (GMT -6)   
OH Lord Chartreux!....I thought I was done posting for the evening! smilewinkgrin

I'm just going to Ditto your Post! Many of our members are missing in action...and they are missed indeed! smilewinkgrin

PaLady is another member that is missed here as well...please feel free to add to the list other members missing in action.

SE wink

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   Posted 9/3/2010 5:03 AM (GMT -6)   
Whitebeard, Pete, Fatherjohn, PALady, I MISS YOU.

A lot.

I hope that you are all doing okay. Thinking of you.



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   Posted 9/3/2010 5:31 AM (GMT -6)   

Chart, since I am sitting here at the computer at 3 am on the west coast thought I would just say thanks for the thought. Life goes no. Pain level is always higher on the scale than where I would prefer it to be, but then those scales are all messed up anyway. An 8 for one person is a 4 for another and always something totally different to someone in the medical profession who never agrees with you anyway. The frowny faces also get me going. Does the picture of the frown mean how I feel inside with or without the depression or the way I show it outside. Whenever I see a post with a number from a pain scale, I take it to mean it is more than they are comfortable with but not high enough to kill them even though they might think it will. Pain is pain at any level and every level and not very much of any of it is fun.

I am still unemployed and serving proudly as a house husband. Someone told me that a house husband is the same as a house wife, just with less feelings. I politely asked the person if I could show them some feelings. They laughed and said they would reconsider. Anyway, some days are better than others but none seem to be as good as I would like. My wife did tell me the other day that I do a better job as a house husband than she did as a house wife. It is all because I got the chance to watch and learn and you know how competitive us guys can be.

Pete trips again!
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   Posted 9/3/2010 7:15 AM (GMT -6)   
Chart, SO sorry to hear your not feeling so good! I hope it doesn't last too long!!! I'm still here and do more reading on the board than writing which is sad! I'm still crazy busy working on unburrying myself from junk brought here from my other house which we finally rented. It's gonna take a while but at least no more trips down the Fla. Turnpike for a while> Yippee!!!!
FJ, great to read some of your witty words of wisdom again!! I almost was going to go fishing this morning but my ding~dan back was just too high on your subjective scale and I know I wouln't have enjoyed it! If I was out on the water I wouldn't be able to control myself and would surely overdo and then have to get the boat out onto the trailer and do all the post fishing chores that are a must after fishing in sal***er!
Maybe next week! It's really windy here anyway fropm that big cane Earl out in the Atlantic so it would have been bumpy too!
Thanks for thinking about me and the other guys! WB> I hope and pray all is well in WBworld???
Love Yuze Gize!!
When I was young & stupid I broke almost every bone in my body and I'm paying a heavy price now but I'm still here and so glad to see my two sons grow up to be fine young men, both are in the Navy. I'm so proud! My biggest health problem>> I'm a certified Luny~Tune!!

White Beard
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   Posted 9/3/2010 11:11 PM (GMT -6)   
I do hope you get to feeling better,  I have been around and I post now and then, but not like I used to, I have been under going some tests and had a third epidural in my neck a month ago, as well as a steroid injection into my right hip a week or two ago, this past thursday ( yesterday) I went to my monthly refill appointment and talked with my pain doctor, he reviewed everything and wants me to see some surgeons the the 15th I see an orthopedic surgeon for my hip I have already had the MRI on it and the arthrogram,( actually 2 arthrograms they messed up the first one and did not get the dye in the right place, so 3/4 through the MRI  with the dye they stopped and I had to come back four days later to have it redone, and they ended up having to have the head of the radiology department come in and do the injection, as the other guy just could not get the needle in the right place) anyway the results show that the hip  is really messed up! My pain  doc gave me a steroid injection into the hip but it did nothing! So now it is time for the surgeon to take a look at it! As for my neck I had seen a surgeon about my C-3 disk several months ago and he was not convinced that even though C-3 is bad, that it was causing my pain problems so he did not want to do the surgery, he wanted Physical therapy to work on me first, so I done the physical therapy and they really messed me up bad, , and they quit at 5 sessions when I was suppose to have 12, anyway after that fiasco, I convinced my pain doc to do one more epidural to give me some relief! Which he did and like before I got just a little over 3 weeks of good pain relief, and now it is back with a vengeance!  He will do No more epidurals and as my pain doc said before,  surgery as in having another ACDF at C-3,  is the only thing that will help!  So he is sending me to a different surgeon, they faxed everything over to this new neurosurgeon at this other hospital,  as he wanted to review everything before making an appointment,  as they thought I might need to have a new MRI of my cervical spine done , because the last one was in February.  But his office called late yesterday afternoon with an appointment for the first of October.  If it isn't one thing it is another!  It is a toss up as to which is worse the pain in the back of my head and upper neck or my hip!  If I have a choice I think I will have my neck fixed first, as I will not be laid up all that long. 
Now If that isn't enough my gastroenterologist has caught up with me, I was suppose to have my annual colonoscopy last March, nono ( I hate those things the prep is the worst! and I was hoping I could maybe go two years) well when I tried to get my meds refilled for my ulcertive colitis, he said I would have to make an appointment with him first and then he only renewed it till my appointment date. So I see him the 13th! I know what that means, I will have to get scheduled for a roto rooter job!,  I guess I will have to find some one to go with me when I have it done, as I will have to have a driver.  You know, so far  I have been able to get by with out one when I have my epidurals, since I do not take the xanax or anything when I get them, so I am not sleepy or loopy or anything. I must admit they are not pleasant, but not all that bad either! The epidurals at C-3 are the worst! But I have  always been able to walk out  and drive after having them!  But when they do the epidural at C-3, they put the needle in at C-6 and then thread a cath up the spinal canal  to c-3 and inject the steroid. Heck I was even able to drive after the arthrograms! But it is not pleasant having that needle stuck into your hip joint through the groin, but it is not intolerable either!  Anyway that is what I have been up to lately! And my hip is killing me from sitting here so long typing! My hands and fingers do not work very good either and it takes me along time to type!( I have been working on this post for close to 2 hours now!)  Ha I guess I am getting old!
Thank You Chart and all of you for your concern!
White Beard
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After spending nearly 22 1/2 years in the USAF, I retired in Sept, 1991. I then went back to school and became a licensed RN in 1994, and I worked on Oncology and then a Med Surg Unit, I became disabled in late 1999 and was approved SSD in early 2002!-- DDD, With herniated Disk at T-12 and L4-5. C5-C6 ACDF in Sep 2009, C6-C7 ACDF in Mar 1985, Osteoarthritis, Ulcerative colitis, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Complex Sleep Apnea, and host of other things to spice up my life!(NOT!) Medications:Oxycontin, Percocet, Baclofen, Sulfasalazine, Metoprolol, Folic Acid, Supplemental O2 at 3lpm with VPAP Adapt SV I am White Beard with a White Beard!
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