Most amazing thing happened today.. but also really scared.

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   Posted 9/8/2010 8:57 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Everyone!
Hope you are having a good day painwise!!

Just thought i would let you know how things are going..

I went to this psychic like doctor today who litrally looks into your eyes and can tell almost everything about your health and personality! it was AMAZING i cannot get over it, the guy was a little weird but gave us some answers!!

I'll tell you what happened..

We arrived there, you can't make appointments or tell them anything about you just your first name and you get a number and wait to be seen.. you go in there and sit down, he shines a torch in your eyes and asks you questions.. he asked me hows my lower back.. i told him i have spina bifida.. and he said he knew that.
he then said hows your sleep lately? been waking up at 2am? i told him i hadn't been sleeping alot and was always wide awake at 2am.
He then said and your knees? joint pain? i told him yes and he said i have a huge amount of fluid on my knees.

After looking in my eyes a bit more he sat down and told us...

I have a serious and very aggressive bacterial infection that is in my intestines and has spread through my body and has infected my lymphnodes and my spleen has been bleeding because the infection is so aggressive.. he said that the infection has basically killed my immune and lymphatic system and thats why my body is pretty much failing to fight the slightest illness's i get aswell as all the pain, he said that he think the pain may be related to the infection turning into some syndrome that most commonly becomes cancer of the bowel.. he said the infection can be fatal and cause sudden kidney failure and the syndrome that causes cancer (i cant remember the name) but it is lucky we did something and didn't listen to the doctors saying it is in my head because it is far from being in my head and very serious and if we had left it longer he isn't sure what could have happened.

basically the plan now is..

step 1. I have to be on an incredibly strict diet of no gluten, sugar, dairy then a whole list of other foods and chemicals and grains etc to try and get rid of the infection.. they dont like to give anti biotics because it generally makes it worse.
step 2. if the infection doesn't go away soon it will start to become too serious and i will have to go into surgery to have the infected parts removed. then have to have radiation therapy to kill the rest of the bacteria.
step 3. they have to do grafts of my intestines and other biopsys of my organs and lymphnodes to see if they are infected and check for cancer cells.

I'm so so scared right now, the guy made it so so clear that this could be fatal and could fail my organs and turn into the syndrome that causes many cancers :( i'm only 15 and starting to really love school and just becoming so close with my friends and i don't wanna have to go through any more than i already am, i dont wanna lose friends because they can't deal with me being sick! i'm so scared right now but dont want to tell anyone about it :( I am praying so hard and going to do everything i can to keep fighting this and get rid of it...

i just wanna be a happy healthy teenager like my friends.. i try so hard to cover it up at school and act alright then just collapse when i get home, but its okay because i love my life even with all the obstacles and the struggle each day just to smile. I JUST WANT THIS TO GO AWAY... But i guess all i can do is hold onto hope and just do everything i can to help my body fight it.

Sorry my vent is over, i just dont wanna talk to friends about this yet, im not ready and just to scared and you are all so loving and i know your problems are alot worse but i guess i'm just scared and needed to share it.

Thankyou all so much.

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   Posted 9/8/2010 9:16 AM (GMT -6)   
Buttercup, I can see why you would be so excited - this guy told you everything you wanted to hear, including you could be cured. But stop for a moment, and look over what you've written...this guy has also told you that unless you do exactly as he tells you, you'll probably die. He is the only one who can save you from these dreaded illnesses you suffer from.

Did he tell you how much it would cost to have him cure you? What did your parents think when you told them about this? What do your doctors think? Have you investigated this guy to make sure he's really legitimate?

He sounds like a phony to me, and I would hate to see you hurt in any way Buttercup...or have your current conditions made worse by what he does. Please, please, please...don't fall for something that could potentially make you worse. Make sure your parents have checked out his background thoroughly, including criminal record, and if you do end up buying anything from him, make sure it's paid for with a credit card, so you're protected. careful. I know how tempting it is to jump for anything we think might help...but we have to make sure we're doing the RIGHT thing for our bodies before we leap.

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   Posted 9/8/2010 9:25 AM (GMT -6)   
Thankyou so much for your reply and i understand everything you are saying..

But this guy was actually reccomended by one of my physicians and said he is a qualified doctor and he has actually helped solve a mystery that a family friends friend had. Of course we aren't gonna take any pills he gives us or do anything that could harm me without taking it first to my other doctors and checking up on everything.

He does sound a bit suss but it all seems to make sense..

We are going to go to the doctor next week and ask if this is all true and ask to have to tests for the infection and everything else he suggested before doing anything, we aren't gonna use this guy as a doctor but just using his suggestions to take this to my other doctors..

We won't do anything that is recommended by my trusted doctors or doesn't seem right :)

Thanks for you reply xx
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   Posted 9/8/2010 10:43 AM (GMT -6)   

Like Pam said, be very careful with doctors like this. there was a guy in my church a while back that did this "all natural" treatment, and he literally would have people close their eyes and put a bunch of vitamins and herbs in front of them, and whatever they pointed at is what they needed. And their was another guy from our church that believed him, and he tried the vitamins/herbs and come to find out he had colon cancer and died cause this "doctor" told him that all he needed was whatever he pointed at. Also another woman I know almost died from cancer seeing this guy too, but luckly she got to a real doctor in time and had to be aggressivly treated, and she's been fighting this cancer for years, but if she hadn't been caught by a real doctor, she would of been dead a long time ago. This vitamin doctor ended up losing his lisence, he caused alot of people to get very ill and the deaths of a few people cause he convinced them that blindly pointing at vitamins/herbs was all they needed for ANY problem. The church tried to send me to him a long time ago when I was having severe depression problems from severe pain, and I told them no way!! And I'm glad I did or I probably could of turned for the worse.

Just be extremly careful, I would hate for you to get treated for something you don't have and end up with something terrible from the treatments. Always get a 2nd and 3rd opinions if someone tells you have something as severe as this doctor is telling you. Do background checks on this guy, find other patients that are not "good buddies" with this doctor and see what they have to say. Do your research, like anyone going to a new doctor should. and don't just do a local search on this doctor, do a nation wide search, he could of hurt people in other states or countries and just set up bussiness somewhere else where the court system hasnt caught up to them yet, you'll be surprised how many sketchy doctors do this....

But either way, good luck and if this doctor suggests or do anything that doesnt seem or feel right, follow your instincts cause more then likely something isnt right.

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   Posted 9/8/2010 2:47 PM (GMT -6)   

I can "hear" the hope in your voice when I read your post. I want to wish you good luck. There are some very mysterious things in this life that are not always completely understood. Just please be careful! Faith can be the strongest healer. Follow your instincts, the ones that are programmed into your body, and the still small voice inside you that tells you when something is wrong.

I will pray for you, that you find the healing that you seek!

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   Posted 9/8/2010 4:28 PM (GMT -6)   

The people here that have given you sage advice do so because they care about you. What you are describing is a typical scenario of two people who think that they can make money off of you and totally control you. Look at and think about what you wrote. Much of it makes no sense at all. If you have a bacterial infection then kill the bacteria first! It's called antibiotics. They are cheap and mostly harmless...they give them to newborns even.

The rest of it is pure snake oil. No one can diagnose those things without thorough medical tests. Please do not let yourself be taken in by these two people. Your own doctor is the one who likely set you up and knows about this 'miracle' person you talk about. Call your local hospital and ask for a recommendation to a licensed and trusted doctor, one who is allowed to practice at their hospital, and please don't go back to this man. I'm guessing if you would do some research on both of them that you would find some very disturbing information.

I'm going to lock this thread because it isn't serving any purpose in the forum, which is to support others. If you care to ask for help and or support others then please start a new topic. But I've discussed this with other moderators and this isn't appropriate.

Thanks for understanding,
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