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Pete trips again!
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   Posted 9/14/2010 8:20 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm sitting here at my puter trying to write to Y'all but it ain't easy! I realy put a hurtin on myself today like never before! I woke up early, around 4ish and couldn't get back to sleep, you know those pains that keep you from getting comfy so I got up and made a pot of Joe> extra strong brew w/ espresso mixed in. Then I looked at the puter after feeding Hanna and taking Rose out for her morning poop. Hmmm> 10% chance of rain and a strong outgoing tide all morning??? So I made some samiches and packed up all my esenchals woke Lisa and said, I'm goin fishin! I mowed the whole compound yesterday, took me about 5 hrs off and p/u all the horse poop in the lower 40 so I owe it to myself!.
What I didn't see was wind out of the N.E. to 25mph!!! That made for a very bumpy ride in my flat bottom boat! I was already hurting from bumping around all day yesterday on my John Deere! After I was out on the water it dawned on me>>> I forgot to take my meds!!!>>> Oh Sh**!!! This is gonna hurt! But other than the wind, it was a beutimus day and there was no turnin back now! I did find some old tylonol in my tackle box and gobbled down two extra strength caps.
Now for the fish story! You know that all fishermen are liers right? Well I hit a couple great spots w/ no luck, not evan a bite! Where are all those redfish the guys on my fishing forum keep writing about??? At last I see some fish blasting bait along a long mangrove island and I throw my brand new $7.49 Rapala Skitterwalk surface lure twards them. I lost my only skitterwalk to a big snook the last time I went fishing so I sneaked a new one in at Wallyworld w/ the groceries last week! I hate loosing those expencive lures but this one is special> it works great!! I'm twitching it along the surface and BAM, it sounded like a giant toilet flushing when the fish hit it! My drag was screaming and rod was bent over double! Now I have to make my way to the front of the boat and make sure my net isn't tangled up in something then drop the anchor as I don't want to drift too far away from the school in this wind! This fish is fifghting like gangbusters on my 10lb test line! Then I se it> DAM!!! It's a jack creval! Hardest fighting fish in the gulf except for a snook but no good to eat and I thought for sure it was a red! Jeeze fighting this fish really hurt but fun as hell!
The morning turned to afternoon and nothing is biting! I evan kept the big jack> around 10lbs for bait> Sorry Jack! I'm not really a bait fisher but things were bad and nothing was biting my lures.
Now its low rtide and I need to get away from the mangrove islands before theres no water at all so I make a bead for the spoil islands out of Crystal River across open water to the N. W. of me. The wind is coming out of the N.E. so I'm quartering the 2~3' waves but am stuill getting hit in the face by spray, no more than spray, like a bucket of water hitting me in the face over every wave but I'm a H.W.C.P'er and I'm tough as naild so I venture on> at least it's cooling me off since it's 95 degrees and climbing!!!  
Finally I get to the furthest out of the spoild islands and it's wavy out there!
Now I'm thinkin, if there are big schools of redfish moving around out here someplace, they have to go around this spit of land that pokes out into the gulf they call "the spoild islands" to get north or south so I anchor out by the end where it's really rockin! The waves are close to coming over the bow  but I'm holding fast and cast out a big chunk of jack (very red bloody meat) Around 10 minutes later a bite. It's a gag grouper, very good eating but only 20" long> keeper size is 22" so back in the water he goes! I' such a tough guy evan w/ zingers and stabers in my neck w/ evey rock of the boat and my back just on fire no mater which way I stand or sit> Stupid guy forgets his meds! Then I'm thinkin this is crazy, I'm in agony and one of my lines takes off! I'm fast into a fish> a BIG FISH!!! 15 minutes later I se a huge redfish bouiling behind the boat!!!! Florida has a slot limit> Redfish under 18" or over 27" have to be let go. I net this bad boy and it's over 35", my biggest this year! Back inthe water w/o evan taking a picture becaus there may be a school of them out there! Yep, the bait no sooner hits the water and I'm on another!!! Evan bigger than the first> 38" close to 20lbs!!! Then my next cast the same thing! My hands are numb but I don't feel any pain in my backl or neck, this is insane! I've heard about schools of reds like this but never found them before! Ththe next red nears the boat it's smaller than the two previous fish! 27" on the nose!!!! Yea buddy into the cooler you go!!! I'm done! I can hardly cast my line, hell I can't hold the rod! What do I do??? I cast out again of course!  Bada Bing!! Another and it feels like the biggest one yet! I slowly reel in putting one hand into the cooler of ice water at a time hoping it will help the pain in my carpol stinking tunnel hands and wrists!! I'm holding on for dear life!! It's him or me but I'm really taking my time on this bruzer. Finally she comes to the net and I have to leave her there for a while in the water cause I can't lift her into the boat! I rest for a while looking at the biggest redfish I ever caught and she looks as tired as I do! She swallowed the hook and the best rthing to do is cut the line. She will be fine, the hook wuill rust out in less than a week in tha caustic salt water! I don't evan bring her aboard, simply cut the line as close to her mouth as poss and let her swimm away w/o evan messuring her!! Over 40" easy!!! Thats it, I'm done! Now the wind is coming out of the east and it's gonna be a long ride in!!! It's only 2:30 but I couldn't reel in another fish evan if it only weighed a pound! I leave rthe fish biting, who would have thunk such a thing?
I'm home now and in agony but it was worth it! Sleep will come easy tonight and w/ it relief from this pain! Maybe I'll dream about redfish tonight or maybe the redfish dinner we're gonna have tomorrow night????>>> Way too tired and sore to cook tonight! Hell too tired to eat!
So Fams, I'm sorry to take up your time w/ this fisherman's story! You are the first I told! I haven't evan taken a shower yet but thats where I'm headed now!! Man do I stink!!!
Good night  all! My fingers are done, hell I'm done!! 
Love Y'all!
Peter the Fisherman!    

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   Posted 9/14/2010 11:27 PM (GMT -6)   
You da man, da fisherMan. Great story of perseverence, dedication, diligence, commitment, and did you really forget the pain meds? Ouch. It does not sound like the fish had much compassion for you either. Take it easy as you get up for a fresh day. You deserve a break.

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   Posted 9/15/2010 2:10 AM (GMT -6)   
It's good to see that you had a happy and successful day out.I live near lots of dandy fishing lakes but don't go out on a boat anymore because the ride is too hard on me.For me, a quick car ride to my nearby target range to punch some paper with a friend is my favorite low pain day outing.The recoil from large caliber rifles is starting to be a bit much for me but I can still have fun with .22 cals without having to pay too badly the next day.Here's hoping for more low pain days for you Pete.Take care.......Rod

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   Posted 9/15/2010 8:37 AM (GMT -6)   


   Whew!....Lordy! Holy..sha moly!

   Pete!....I took one look, and thought, this will make a nice evening read wink

      I will try to digest it tonight, and reply then wink


  SE wink

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   Posted 9/15/2010 10:30 AM (GMT -6)   
Fisherman Supremo !!!! I salute you mon Capitian !!!! But take good care of yourself bro , your always pushing yourself and I admire your guts for sure , but there's nothing wrong with just chillin' sometimes too !!! Awesome story , I can see why your so into fishing Buddy !!!! Talk to ya soon , get some rest bro !!! Mikel P.S. You Da Man , Bro !!!
HIV+. meds - epzicom, Kaletra . oxycontin as needed , indothemiacin . hip replacement surgery done !!! Staples out , a little redness , adjusting and hoping for the best .

Pete trips again!
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   Posted 9/15/2010 12:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Oh dam, I just wrote a long reply to Y'all but w/ my claw like hands, I hit a key w/ delieted the whole enchalota! I just can't write it over now! Thanks to all for your compliments! I had a great day fishing and now I'm paying the price! I had a dr. apt. this a.m. which was what I was writing about befiore I zapped it> Dam! Anyway, I'll fill you in later> Blood presure 90 over 60> what the hell??? I'll explain later!
Hugs> Love Yuze Gize!
When I was young & stupid I broke almost every bone in my body and I'm paying a heavy price now but I'm still here and so glad to see my two sons grow up to be fine young men, both are in the Navy. I'm so proud! My biggest health problem>> I'm a certified Luny~Tune!!

Mrs. Dani
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   Posted 9/15/2010 12:12 PM (GMT -6)   



Dear Pete!

     David and I just finished reading your post. It sounds like it was a blast but painful to say the least. I wish you had gotten a quick snap shot of that 38 incher! But I have a feeling the wind was so hard you wouldn't have been able to get a clear picture even if you wanted to!

     Man are those lures expensive! I can see why you were bummed out about loosing the last one. Is that a type of lure you know how to make? Were you able to get your lure making supplies out of the old house? I keep thinking I remembered you saying something about making lures but that it was hard to do but that you really enjoyed making them.

     I have to say that I can't blame you one bit for needing a break. You have been going 15 - 20hrs per day for 2 months solid trying to get everything done! Between fixing up the old house, moving furniture, keeping up the land and doctors appointments you've earned a day (and more) to get in some good fishing time! Hopefully today you don't have much planned and can rest up. How are your pain levels doing today? Is your meds helping somewhat?

     How is your wife doing? Did her tonsil surgery go okay? Last time I heard from you know you were VERY worried to say the least. I really hope she recovers from her surgery quickly.  Where you able to find those old x rays for the doctor to compare?

    I have to get going and try to be productive. I hate to say it but I have a terrible case of laziness today. I just can't seem to get my body to go! hehe. Hope you are able to rest up today!

 Lots of Love
*warm hugg*
 David and Dani

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   Posted 9/15/2010 8:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Oh Pete....I loved loved loved the story!!! Just wish you had your meds! My hubby, another fisherman, loved it too! Take care of you and enjoy.....when you can!!!

Spinal Stenosis L3/L4, L4/L5 & L5/S1 with Nerve Impingement, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, GERD, Severe Depression, VERY Large Cyst Right Ovary causing mild twisting, Small Cysts Left Ovary & 3 Large Cysts Uterus and Possible RA

Medications - MS-Contin, Cymbalta, Famotidine and currently Prednisone

Pete trips again!
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   Posted 9/16/2010 6:43 AM (GMT -6)   
Ever see Midnight Coyboy? Remember the charicter Dustin Hoffman plays> Ratso Risso when he says> I'm Dyin ova heea (here)!!!! Well thats how I feel today! I was a lazybones yesterday and couldn't get ant work done till 5pm!!! I couldn't move andf was really hurting bad evan w/ the meds! I know I deserved it! I shouldn't have been out in that bumpy sea fishin and knew every time the boat smashed down over a wave that I was gonna pay for my sins! It hurt like hell then but evan worse now. I really need to be more carefull out there! The fishing was incrfeadable but there were things I could have done to make the tripess painfull for sure! I'm just a big dummy sometimes!
FJ, no the fish didn't take it easy on me! I think I am hurting more than them, the ones I let go! The one I kept didn't feel any pain either, I bopped him on the head w/ a club after messuring him! I hate to see them suffer!
Rod, shooting sounds like a great outlet for you! Too bad you can't fish, is there any shore access where you can fish? It's good you still get out and do what you can though! Thats what it's all about! Hang tough!!
Mike, I was Da Man> Da Fisherman and now I'm just a guy at home suffering. At least I have a good memory of an awsome day fishin right? I sure hope your well enough to fish w/ me next month! Fishing is unreal at my Mom's lake in Oct!! The fish are not giants like the ones here but we match the tackle to the fish! I think I still love fishing there more than here! It's where I learned to fish as a kid, there's something really special about that!
Sweet Dani, Lisa is having her tonsils out on the 29th! I think they will biopsi her lung at that time but not sure! Her breast exam came back good and we were worried about that one cause she had problems before w/ that! Now if we can get passed this lung thing and the surgery (out patiant) we'll be fine! Can't believe a toncilectomy is out patiant! I think I was in like 2 or 3 days way back when I had mine out! Guess it's like that w/ everything these days! Thanks so much for thinking about us!!
Paula, you need to get out there and go fishin! It does wonderful things for the soal! I hope you do make time for it! If we lived closer, I'd take you out for sure! I have to go back to the doc tomorrow to get my b/p rechecked! I take two meds for high b/p so that was really unusual for me! If it's still low, he will probably adjust my meds. I lost 12lbs since my last apt. w/ him 3 months ago but I don't know if that could be the reason?? Thanks so much for asking!!!
Beckey, So glad you and Hubby like tghe fish story! I guess if I never went fishing again, at least I'd have lots of fish stories, right?? I hope that time is a long way off but I do pay for my adventures! Is it time for my a.m. meds yet??? Ouch!! Thanks for posting!
S.E.> Yes, I was the big Shmoly fo sho! Now it's groan & moan! Glad you liked my story, wish you were there w/ me!
Later Gang! Big Hugs to all if I can lift my arms!! Time to go take a pill or ten!!
Love Y'all!
When I was young & stupid I broke almost every bone in my body and I'm paying a heavy price now but I'm still here and so glad to see my two sons grow up to be fine young men, both are in the Navy. I'm so proud! My biggest health problem>> I'm a certified Luny~Tune!!
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