Talked To My Doctor About Cymbalta For Nerve Pain

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   Posted Yesterday 7:53 AM (GMT -6)   
I asked my doctor about Cymbalta for nerve pain. He said he has to wqean me of of the Prozac that I'm taking (60 MG Daily) first, since Cymbalta is also an anti-depressant. So in 3 weeks I'll be off Prozac, but then my doctor wants me to wait an additional 4 weeks before starting the Cymbalta. He says that Prozachas a long half life and stays in your system for a long time after stopping it. I was hoping to be able to start taking Cymbalta sooner, since I know that it will take a while to build up in my system and I may have to increase the dose a couple times before I get any pain relief. That is if I get any relief from Cymbalta at all. Meanwhile, my pain is horrible the last couple nights especially...Horrible sleep...Being awakened with pain, etc. At least I've started the road to something that might bring me some relief. I hope you all are suffering a little less today. Take care and hang in there.

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Did he give you anything to help you get through the weaning period?  You could ask for a mild pain med or maybe a benzo - look up what might help.  If you research you will find something.  I've read several notes suggesting meds that help with withdrawal.
I'm using tramadol for fibro, but also for my back and sciatic pain.  The regular one only lasts about 4 hours for me, but the extended release twice a day reduces my pain to where I can function.  I also take a very occasional regular release if I need a little extra.  I find it improves my mood, a nice side benefit.
You just have to be very careful with tramadol, not to get serotonin syndrome from taking too much or combining it with other meds.  When I start to get muscle twitches I know it's time to back off (1 extra pill will do it for me - sensitive!), before I get the full-blown sweating, headache, turning beet red and getting very hot.

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Dear Jimmy,

     I sure hope the weaning goes okay and is done at a somewhat comfortable place. I have heard some really good things about Cymbalta I sure hope in the end, it helps you. It is going to be a long 2 months, but hang in there and stay strong.


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I will hope the Cymbalta works for you..
Keep us posted...
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Cymbalta has been the best drug for me so far for my Fibro - my doctor has combined it with Cesament and I get good, steady relief (unless I do something crazy like, you know...go for a long walk, or garden longer than 15 minutes, or...well, you get the picture).

The first few days I was on it were horrible. I had crushing nausea, where even the slightest movement made me feel ill. It lasted for about three days - and right at the point I was going to call it quits, I woke up, and all the nausea was gone and I felt fine.

I agree with the thought of asking your doctor for something to take during this transition from one drug to another. And yes, do watch out for the Seratonin Syndrome. I suffer with it with horrid hot sweats throughout the day and night...and the muscle twitching and jerking of limbs. There is a really balancing game of getting the benefits without the side effects, but once you do, it usually turns out to be a good medicine.

Good luck to you!
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Dear Eric,

I take Cymbalta plus Lyrica for my fibro and they are very effective in combination for me. My rheumatologist weaned me off Effexor and then started me on the Cymbalta, and I haven't had as many bad pain flares as before.

I hope it works for you too!

Take care,
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hey drjimmy, Cymbalta is great for neuropathy of any type, but it is a high side effect profiled drug. it is straining on the liver especially if you use any meds with acetomminaphen or if you are a social drinker. i just tried cymbalta for nerve pain in my right foot and i was on it 2 or 3 years ago but this time i developed a rash within the first 6 days at 30mg getting ready to move to 60mg after the first 7 days. considering that you have to wean off the fluoxitine and then wait until the duloxitine starts working [2-4 weeks] why not try the lyrica or neurontin to bypass all the weaning time. lyrica and neurontin mihgt work better for you anyway. best wishes to you
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