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Mrs. Dani
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   Posted 11/27/2010 11:48 AM (GMT -6)   
*Warning: this a long update*
Well friends..
     It has been a very long week. I find myself sore and tender all over. Pain in general around both of my progressive spinal deformity curves is peaking up to 7 and 8 regularly in the evenings. The morning are much less pain. about a 4 to 5 overall, so very very good. My sleep is right at about 4hrs with only 5 to 10 waking peroids *sigh of relief* thank goodness! The 3 hours, waking 10+ times was wearing me down. I am glad to be back on track with my sleep.Oddly enough, even though I know there is "Moderate degeneration" in my cervical area, it doesn't hurt as much as it is just sore, tender.
     My hips are doing rather well, all things considered. The deep ache is somewhat mild, but constant.
     My vision... well, it isn't getting any better. I will talk with the optical surgeon after the holiday. It seems the degeneration of my eyes is progressing and some of the "warning signs" that he told me to watch for have begun to happen. Flashes, watery greyness, increase in amount of dots and unable to "focus" for very long. I am don't think I have developed another cataract in my left eye (Inherited Hypoparathyroidism). I already had lense removed in the right eye due to cataracts / replaced with synthetic lens. Both eyes have needed minor lazer procedures to break up "hardened protien build-up" in both eyes. I suppose that all of these things are par for the course when you have genetic problems causing cataracts / tissue is degenerating while the cells of the lenses are stripping. 
     Thankfully the ringing in my ears hasn't been so annoying. I have to wash so many dish towels and rags and glass dishes that it seem the dishwasher and clothing washer are running non stop. Very good for my ears because the "noise" makes the "ringing" more easily tolerated.
     I have come to find that I have some very tender spots on my jaw and am a bit scared that I will need to visit the oral surgeon again. Not that he isn't a very gentle and caring soul. He is. Gifted no doubt. I just shudder at the thought of anything surgical needing to be done to my jaw *shiver*
      Just as an after thought. More like a mental note: I cannot reach the switch to the garbage disposal. I have to put down what I am doing and walk around the dish washer to reach it. Also, I have to open a cabinet door and step upto open the windows. I can no longer reach the lock mechanism either. My oldest daughter climbs up and unlocks it for me. I should probably sneak over to one of the girls rooms and measure myself on one of their "Growing Tree". I am pretty sure I am getting shorter again. Now, if my memory would just cooperate and let me remember these small things without writing them on the dry erase board, that would be fantastic!
     The candy making is going surprisingly well. I will have to up load the latest batch of pictures to my Facebook album. My little Bees love it when it is time for dipping candy canes. They race to the bathroom to put their hair up and pin it back / wash their little hands and arms. Put on their cute little aprons. Gosh, it just tickles me to no end! I lay long strips of parchment and dip the candy canes. Once I lay them on the parchment one or the other will come behind me with their little dish of sprinkles and hourdouvers spoon and sprinkle them. Goodness, my little Bumblebees just warm my heart to no end.  After today, all that will be left is 4 batches C&C Truffles. 2 more batches of fudge. One more set of 130 candy canes. I can't believe I am nearly done making candy.
     One other thing I just have to share. My daughters write a letter to Santa each year telling him "hello" and making a list of what they want for Christmas. This year their letters are too cute! I have to share them with you.
My oldest daughter wrote:
    "...The best gift I ever wanted in my whole life is wings that can make me fly with controls and colored remote just for me."
My youngest daughter wrote:
     "...I want a hoorsi sat che you."
(When I asked her what that was she told me, "Mom! It says a horsey statue. "
     I don't know what I did to be so blessed, but goodness I am enjoying every minute of it!
     One miracle I thought I should share. A few weeks ago I got a letter from the insurance company. They were disputing yet again another medical necessity. My husband had enough, our debt was too much! How could our insurance only cover 20 - 40% when we pay so much?!?!?! When we were promised November, December 2009 that "Everything would be taken care of. Do not worry.". So, he called HR. They were shocked. They said they would get back with us a.s.a.p.. Well, they did alright. It turns out there was extra payments made by his company to ensure I only paid a certain amount per year for my medical care and that I was to be allowed to continue seeing my "group of specialists" at my hospital chain due to my circumstances. I wasn't supposed to be charged any of the bills. That is 18,000+ this year still owed, credits for bills already paid and a few thousand from last year. You heard me right. I am no longer in medical debt. They were supposed to cover it all at 100% after I reach a certian amout due to an agreement from my husbands company and the insurer. The company has been paying out of their own pockets for my care all this time. All I could do was cry. I knew 2 years ago I signed many release of information to my husbands company and the insurance. All I was told at the time was "Don't worry about anything, they would take care of my needs. Realize the importance of my care continuing within the same medical group" I just never realized to what extent. SO! I need to gather all my bills. It will take quite a few days. I will hop on it first thing next week after the chocolates are made. I will try not go into hysterical laughter when/if my insurance company says they are "sorry". Also, I think I should make a large "sampler" platter of chocolates for the ladies in HR.  
    Well, it is time to get in the kitchen and cook. Today is the day we get to finally celebrate Thanksgiving   :-)  
               *warm hugg*
  * And an exhausted hugg too*

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   Posted 11/27/2010 12:04 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Dani. I'm having a flare up right now, so I can't write much, but I wanted to tell you that I love to read your updates to see how you are doing. You are an amazing inspiration to me!

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   Posted 11/27/2010 12:31 PM (GMT -6)   
Nice to read about your update. I don't mind reading them no matter how long they are!! LOL

Seems that you are hanging in there girl and that is all we can do. The best we can and one day at a time.

You are strong and courageous and you will get thru this.

Such wonderful news regarding no more debt. I can just imagine all those tears of joy. Congrats!!

So cute what the girls wrote to Santa. I remember those days.

Is there anywhere else we can view your pics as i am no longer on facebook. thanks

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration today with your family.


One day at a time!!

Screaming Eagle
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   Posted 11/27/2010 1:22 PM (GMT -6)   
I don't know how you do it, but somehow you keep churning along! It's amazing the detail and wonderfully worded post you submit here as well! wink

I wish I had half the strength and determination you show here and at home.

Those bumblebees have a wonderful mother, and I'm sure they know and appreciate it too!

Always in our prayers for you, and you're family. Enjoy your weekend.

SE wink

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   Posted 11/27/2010 5:07 PM (GMT -6)   
   Oh Dani , Your updates are never too long , I always look forward very much to hearing from you , you are always honest , straightforward , and strong . Your strong even when your weak !!! As always your updates made me happy and made me sad , but always am I glad I know you , my life is much richer for knowing you and your family . I sincerely hope  from my heart that all goes well for you guys , no one is more deserving . I know no one more real and sincere than the Henson family , bless you , every one of you . You've got a friend in NYC always !!! Mikel

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   Posted 11/27/2010 5:29 PM (GMT -6)   
It's so cute hearing what the girls want. It makes me want to send to them a pair of butterfly wings and a horse statue.
I imagine how wonderfully giddy you are over hearing the great new about the debt. It's a Wonderful Christmas present.

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   Posted 11/27/2010 9:03 PM (GMT -6)   
nice that your able to post, and I hope things continue to
work out for you, as for the eyes, jaw and other issues I'll say a
prayer for you on those.
It's so cute about your daughters letters, keep that going.
Healing Hugz and well wishes to you.
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   Posted 11/27/2010 9:12 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm so happy for you regarding the debts. Perhaps there will be a large repayment that will help you with other obligations. Money stresses can be so hard on a family.

Your children seem such a blessing. I always compliment well behaved children....especially in front of the parent so that they can see how much the world appreciates good parents and good children. I'm sorry your pain is so much worse and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers during this holiday season.

All my best!
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   Posted 11/28/2010 3:37 PM (GMT -6)   

Like others have said your posts are never too long! I so appreciate the strength and honesty that you share with us as you document your journey! Just when I am down... once again you inspire me! You are so amazing and have touched so many of us in so many ways! And your girls are so precious and very lucky to have such an amazing momma! Take care of you honey and know that you are loved by so many people here!

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Mrs. Dani
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   Posted 12/1/2010 12:56 PM (GMT -6)   


     Thank you all very much for such wonderful encouragement. I must admit there are times, like today, when I really just want to cancel all my plans and stretch out on my heating pads. I guess with an active family, I just can't do that.

     I did find out that I need to make 2 more batches of truffles. One or me smilewinkgrin one for a Christmas social get together. Not a big deal as truffles are easy.. just finicky about temperatures / heat. So, today is my last day of candy making. I still have to wrap up individual candies , lollipops and candy bars. The other stuff I wrapped as each batch finished. So!! Next week I will finally get to hang out with my Bumblebees and make goofy cookies and ginger bread town with way to much candy. I love sitting down at the table and just having fun with them.  It is like reaching the finish line of a marathon. *Yes! I made it!*

     I will hopefully have time to pull out the medical bills and collections for the last 4 weeks. I did organize and sort them when I did the Fall / Winter cleaning. There should only be a few weeks that need to be sorted. I will keep you all updated with what the out come turns out to be. I am a bit skeptical.. I am trying hard to stay positive, but with everything that has happened to me at the hands of our insurance carrier I suppose I am a bit "jaded"?  If what HR says is true, then the Insurance carrier should go back and cover all of what is owed and collections accounts. I am not sure if I will be reimbursed for what we have already paid? We will see. I should hear back from HR & Insurance carrier sometime next week or the week after.

     My pain is still holding steady at 5 - 6 in the am. No significant increases, just with physical activity and slow increases of pain to 7 - 8 as the day wears on. Sleep is still right at about 4hrs (except last night). No complaints there, but, it will have to be addressed at some point. It does wear me down. I will try to be good girl and get the X-rays done to have my measurements done.... What I am really wanting is a full scan with contrast dye of entire spine. I realize they are expensive, but I feel we could benefit from the findings. I didn't mind going solely off X rays most of this year.. but at this point with the significant progression of the last 6 - 8 months, it would nice. I would like more information than plain old x rays can provide. 

   Thanks again for all of your encouragement and support. I appreciate it a lot. I just cant thank you enough.

*warm hugg*

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood

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   Posted 12/2/2010 7:23 AM (GMT -6)   
Dani you amaze and inspire me! Through all your pain and ups and downs you still made your candy and gifts. What an awesome accomplishment!

As for your x-rays, you would be amazed at the difference a contrast study MRI or even CT scan can show in comparison to plain films. I worked as a Tech Aide in Radiology, a receptionist and scheduling the studies for years. Plus I worked for a health insurance company and a cardiology/pulmonology group as a MA for a few years in between X-ray work. The CT scan, while not quite as good as an MRI, is considerably less expensive than MRI. Also, the contrast dye is cheaper since it is iodine based. The gadolinium used for MRI can be very expensive at times. I have asked many times for CT and MRI to attempt to capture adhesions on films, but they only show the inflammation. MRI was better and showed some scarring on organs, but it is such a mess in my pelvis that all they show now are white infractions and very little useable images.

Every time I think I havent done enough I come back to posts from my friends and realize we all struggle to get things done. You remind me on a regular basis that by pacing myself and caring for my body, I too can get amazing things done.

I wish we lived closer so you could teach me candy making! I could teach you to make your own soaps, laundry soap, and fabric softener and share my many recipes.

Sending warm hugs and prayers for happy holidays with your bumblebees.

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