Sad news on Privey! Please Read!

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Screaming Eagle
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   Posted 12/30/2010 11:00 AM (GMT -6)   
Dear Chronic Pain members

I have some very sad news about one of our members.

I received a phone call from Privey's daughter yesterday, around noon, and she told me that Privey had fallen several times this last week. I guess both of her daughters spent the night with her Tuesday evening, and when they went to wake her Wednesday morning, she would not respond. She was taken to a nearby Hospital by ambulance. They ran test (CT Scan) and found that she had bleeding on the brain, so they rushed her to a Hospital in Topeka KS that was better able to deal with the surgery if needed. After some test there, they found that there was no brain activity.

They had her on a Vent, and decided to pull her off of it yesterday late afternoon. I was in contact with her family several times yesterday, and spoke with her husband this morning. He said they indeed did take her off the Vent, but she continues to breath on her own this morning, but that her breathing is much more shallow than was last night. They are doing Hospice there at the Hospital, as family continues to drive in for final goodbyes. The Dr said it could be minuets, hours, or even days, but at this point there is not much hope.

This has been a shock to all the family and my wife and I. We had a trip booked for Florida at the end of January, and were to meet several other Chronic pain members there. Privey and her husband have been to our home several times over the last two years and we have been to her home town as well on a couple of occasions as well.

For those of you that know her, she is a Great Lady, and has suffered something awful for several years. Please feel free to lift her and her family up in prayers here on the forum. If you wish to contact me, you can find my email in the membership directory. I will respond as quickly as I can.

I'm so shocked at this news, and I had just spoken to her by phone just a few days ago, and she sounded wonderful. She was so excited about the up-coming trip. Her and her husband were to fly out together with my wife and I, from my home town, Wichita KS.

I will post more, as soon as I hear word from her family. Please continue to pray for tmjpain as well. This news has crushed both her and I, as Cathy was a very close friend of ours.

Bless you all in every way, and you may read comments on the Ostomie forum as well, if you like. She spent quite a bit of time there, and had made several friends there as well.

We have heavy hearts as we await word on her.


Chutz or Dani, please feel free to edit my post here, if I miss-worded something, my head is still not working right, after this kind of news.

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   Posted 12/30/2010 11:08 AM (GMT -6)   
I'm so sorry to hear this. Please know know that she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.



Mrs. Dani
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   Posted 12/30/2010 11:23 AM (GMT -6)   


  Will keep the family in our prayers during such a hard time.

I hope you are doing okay too Michael.


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   Posted 12/30/2010 11:32 AM (GMT -6)   
    Oh my God , That is so very sad news . Thanks Michael for bringing it to the family so we can all pray for her . I'm so very , very sorry to hear this sad news , but I'll keep positive and hope and pray for the best . To the family of Privey , my deepest empathy . Please know she has many who care here , and we are thinking and praying for her always . Mikel

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   Posted 12/30/2010 11:43 AM (GMT -6)   
Life is so unexpected and so unsure.  I'm personally heartbroken this has happened as we are all family here. Thank you SE, for getting the news to us even though it is such sad news. I'll be keeping her in my prayers as well as her family! The God I serve still performs miracles. Let us all speak "Healing and Wellness" for our dear Privey. 
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   Posted 12/30/2010 12:16 PM (GMT -6)   
Praying for Privey's family and friends as they gather to say their goodbyes. I am sad to hear this news, but in some small way, also relieved that Privey will no longer be subject to chronic pain.

SE, TMJ, I am heartbroken for you both as you go through the experience of losing a dear friend. You are in my prayers as well.

God bless Privey and her family and may He take her gently in His arms and lead her the way home.

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   Posted 12/30/2010 12:28 PM (GMT -6)   
Cathy and her family are in my thoughts and prayers....Michael, you, your wife, and tmj are too, as you are all losing your close friend.

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   Posted 12/30/2010 12:39 PM (GMT -6)   
I am still in shock and can't stop crying at the thought of losing my dear friend Cathy.
I'd like to tell you just some of our history and how we are so connected.
This past winter when I was so sick with having the ketamine infusions over three months,
it was Cathy and Michael that called me every day to make sure I was hanging in there.
We cried together, chatted, prayed laughed, etc. They were there for me in every way possible.
The three of us have kept a very close connection, as much as possible as we are a long distance from each other.
And with that close connection, we began wanting to meet each other, face to face.
So the trip was in place. The three of us were going to vacation together for a week in Florida
in a rented house on the beach. And we were going to meet Petey and Lindaloo as well.
A trip of a life time. Only a month to go.I just can't believe this has happened to our dear Cathy. Gosh we are going to miss our sweet Cathy on our vacation.
Yes we will cry but we know that Cathy will be there in spirit, with us. And we will laugh as well.
So that is how tight the three of us. Michael and I talk every day and we also skype so we can see each other.
Cathy and I talked on the phone.
I am praying for you my sweet Cathy and your family. It is a tough time for everyone.
And as other members have said, you will no longer suffer.( I know those last breaths are the most difficult as I have experienced this same scenerio with another dear friend just one and half years ago.)
May God wrap you tightly in his arms forever Cathy.

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   Posted 12/30/2010 12:58 PM (GMT -6)   
Oh, I am so sorry. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


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   Posted 12/30/2010 1:27 PM (GMT -6)   
Dear Privey and family, Michael and Suzane, I wish I had some intelligent or comforting words to say but they totally escape me at this moment. It is terrible and no words can make it not that way. I am sorry that all of you have to go through this. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Lee
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   Posted 12/30/2010 2:55 PM (GMT -6)   
It saddens me to hear of the loss of your friend. My thoughts are with you.

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   Posted 12/30/2010 4:09 PM (GMT -6)   
Privey and her family will be in all of our thoughts and prayers, what terrible news. Thank you SE for posting this.
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   Posted 12/30/2010 6:28 PM (GMT -6)   
My prayers are with all who lost such a loving and giving friend. She will be our guardian angel now and can fly with angels without pain.

God bless this family.
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   Posted 12/30/2010 8:24 PM (GMT -6)   
Blessed be Cathy!
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   Posted 12/30/2010 9:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Michael,

Thank you for posting this & letting us know what is going on. I am so sorry to hear such sad news. Cathy and her family will both be in my thoughts and prayers, as will you, Suzane, and everyone else who knew and loved her.


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   Posted 12/30/2010 9:32 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks SE for the post and letting us know about Privey, life is so fragile, I will keep Privey and her family in my prayers.
May Gods Peace be with them!
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   Posted 12/31/2010 8:45 AM (GMT -6)   
Mike, I just don't have the words to tell you how sorry I feel for the family and friends of our dear Cathy. I'm not very good at this type of stuff but to anyone who knew her if was easy to see she was an angel! I was so looking forwad to meeting her on the upcoming trip Y'all had to Fla. Like Suzane said, she will be with us in spirit and will be laughing at our antics the whole time! She surely would have wanted it that way!
She will be dearly missed by all that knew her but never forgotten.

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   Posted 12/31/2010 12:40 PM (GMT -6)   
Keeping Privey and her family and her friends in my prayers during this very difficult time.

Monty's Mom
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   Posted 12/31/2010 1:49 PM (GMT -6)   
I am so sorry for your loss tmjpain and SE, including Privey's family and friends. There are no words of comfort. I will pray for her family, and know she is happy now and without pain.

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   Posted 1/2/2011 8:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Screaming....any more news?

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   Posted 1/3/2011 12:27 AM (GMT -6)   
 I am so very sorry to read this. All praying for Privey.  Keep us posted, please.

Screaming Eagle
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   Posted 1/3/2011 12:43 AM (GMT -6)   
I received a text from her daughter this morning, and she said that she is in a Hospice House. She is still breathing on her own, but the family says there is no hope without any brainwave activity. All life-support efforts have been removed, and funeral plans are taking place at this time.

I believe that most of the family has taken the opportunity to say their goodbyes. I had not planned any further updates, but posted one here for those who have been asking.

Chutz or Dani will announce the passing when it happens.

I miss her badly, and know that many that knew her do as well.


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   Posted 1/3/2011 7:27 PM (GMT -6)   

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   Posted 1/4/2011 1:04 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm sooo sorry to hear this.. her family and the HW family are in my prayers....
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