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   Posted 2/11/2011 9:16 AM (GMT -6)   
Super sick, no solids for six days, sinus infection, pain meds not even touching the surface; when I could stand no more I headed for the ER. Now, I loathe the ER, have had many not so great experiences and the wait, oh, the wait. I knew I was in trouble when I was tenth in line to get checked in. Long story short I waited four hours in a waiting room full of people, talking, laughing, working on their computers, kids running around, loud TV--it looked more like a community center than a ER room. I begged, begged a nurse to help me, please look at my record and was told that I would have at least another two hour wait on top of the two I already had. I held out as long as I could but just walked out because I needed to go lay down I was so weak. I've been home on the couch, up all night in extreme pain, barely holding on. A good friend is coming over at seven to take me to my pain MD, I called an advice nurse last night and she put me in for an eight a.m. appt (at least someone helped).

The most amazing aspect of this story is that I was checked in, signed a treatment form, vitals were taken (all very abnormal for me, pulse 133!, I reported tightness in chest, and more). When I left I didn't tell anyone b/c I was so sick and disgusted, I wonder if any one ever wondered where I went? They had my cell # and I was--silly me--thinking someone might call to see if I was alright, but no, that would be asking just a little too much in the middle of a health crisis. BTW I have "excellent" health care coverage considered by most.

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   Posted 2/11/2011 9:30 AM (GMT -6)   
Should've called ambulance. They get immediate treatment and admission.

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   Posted 2/11/2011 10:22 AM (GMT -6)   
No, ambulance people get triaged just like the rest of the world and I have seen them bump people back to the waiting room for abusing the system.

They do get triaged first though and usually if it warrents an ambulance ride then it is serious enough to hit the front of the line but some idiots abuse it and get bumped.

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   Posted 2/11/2011 10:33 AM (GMT -6)   
So sorry for what you had to go through! That is disgusting! Hope today's appointment helps you! Take care of you!

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   Posted 2/11/2011 10:53 AM (GMT -6)   
You are so right, another typical visit at ER. Sad but true. You can bet your insurance will be billed for taking your BP though, count on that. If they have a web site Lucy for patients to go and make comments, I would go and give them a nice negative comment. Hospitals are really hungry for patient believe it or not and its time we all start banding together and making it known thru their websites and the hospital administrator on what lousy care we are receiving. As long as we say nothing, nothing gets changed. We have to start speaking up. Where I live we get surveys mailed to our home after an hospital visit and it is a rate us for our care type of thing. If I get lousy care I tell them about it, if its good care same thing. They have a section for suggestions and I always use it, lol. Usually telling them the staff needs to be sent to charm school for awhile.

I hope you get some decent care today at the dr appt.
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   Posted 2/11/2011 11:06 AM (GMT -6)   
I hope your appointment today is better, I will avoid the ER's now because
of my ER nightmare in August 2008, I waited 10 hours to get a nebulizer treatment
for an asthma flair, it was crazy ridulious (sp? sorry) I think your best help will be your
appointment today, well wishes and prayers...Hope your feeling better soon...
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Big Lucy))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Prayers, well wishes and healing hugz
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   Posted 2/11/2011 11:42 AM (GMT -6)   
Awww Lucy I am so sorry. On top of everything else then to be brushed off at the ER like that. That really stinks! I hope you can get some answers soon (I am in the same boat right now) In the meantime, I wish you the best and also hope you can get your pain levels under control. Take care.
Gentle Hugs,

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   Posted 2/11/2011 5:50 PM (GMT -6)   

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   Posted 2/12/2011 7:23 AM (GMT -6)   
I am so sorry. I knew my hospital experience was very poor, but this is completely unexcusable. I think it is almost criminal and that you should really look in to contacting someone who has some pull in the area to complain. I'm not suggesting to sue or anything like that, but to write a congressman or legislative representative and the hospital and whoever has a web site to complain. I'd even try the BBB or the Governors office of consumer affairs. It may be absolutely the wrong direction, but I'd try it as soon as I felt better.

For now, I just want you to feel better. Please don't forget to take your meds with you in something that is not see through because they may never bring you your meds like they did with me. You never know if your Dr will direct admit you to the hospital (which is likely) and I'd hate to see you without your meds (until they get them straight....if they get them straight).

Good luck BigLucy!
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   Posted 2/13/2011 2:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks all for the empathy. Yeah, that night was a nightmare, somehow made through it. When my MD quickly figured it out he immediately got a nurse to give me a pain injection. I have an infection and I'm ordered bed rest for a week; MD wants to see me on Monday and if I'm not any better it's off to another hospital for me. I've been sleeping this whole time, protein shakes, etc to avoid yet another hospitalization.
BTW: I have a close friend who works in a ER and ambulance patients are triage just the same and the wait is just the same, the only thing that will get immediate attention is gun shot, stabbed, heart attack, stroke, rape, etc. And I have to agree as much as I suffered, those medical emergencies need care now.

And you betcha on Monday, after my MD appt, I will stop by the appropriate administrator's office and file a grievance--for me and for your future.

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   Posted 2/14/2011 5:59 AM (GMT -6)   
I'm so happy you were able to find someone to give you an injection at least!

Thank you for filing the grievance for yourself and for all of us!!!

If just the people on this board could be a little more proactive with our medical community and facilities, perhaps just a few of us could have a better experience when we have to be hospitalized or taken to the ER. Just imagine what a network we have all over several countries. I'm not normally a politically motivated gal, but it does stir the mind a little to see you taking a stand against the injustice you suffered at the hands of our paid medical treatment providers.

I hope things get better soon!
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