Can pain cause a constant sense of nausea + many other questions

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I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO READ THE ENTIRE THING, I just know for some its easier to articulate a response when given a vast amount of information; when at extremes such these I tend not to cover anything that may be seen as beneficial. I have already seen the effects of "covering up" symptoms I had just because it showed signs of weakness. If you wish to read the entire thing I think it may help understand more (obviously) but I am not asking you to. Feel free to skip to the bottom where I reiterated the questions in a smaller more condensed form which require less than a minute to read. Thank you for your time and hope you will find the same relief and healing we all desperately crave.

I have been gone for awhile as I tried to separate myself from any online pain support forums as a test for myself. My parents think all my symptoms are in my head and my mom (whom I still believe is bipolar) even went as far to swear I was a hypochondriac. She called my doctor and told her she'd stop payments if she was not allowed in one of my appointments. I recently turned 18 past August so legally I don't need her in the room as before; I continue to keep her informed on whats going on but if you cant tell shes not one to believe what I am saying. Bla bla bla bla she meet the doctor, I have never seen a doctor be so disrespectful to another adult and even told her in the nicest way possible that she strongly urges that she (my mother) never go to an appointment with me again. My dad (who is actually paying for this) fully believes me and just tries to deal with my psychotic mother. I will say my mother has made my condition much worse and even go as far to say she the point source of it but I continue to tell myself otherwise. I ask not to try to persuade me because I am leaving out some very key personal details of some abuse issues from when I was an infant which correlate to some permanent brain damage I still sufferer from but was told at a young age I should never worry about it. But I am back for now! I just wanted to take a lapse to see if I really was a hypochondriac and if reading about others in pain just made things worse.

My question for today is when you are in intense pain does nausea often come with it? I know many of you take narcotics for break through pain and the nausea can be an unwanted side effect of the medication and I am not talking about that. I am currently medication free minus my nighttime cocktail. I stopped the medications I was on with my doctors approval as I received little to no relief and I have spent nearly $3500 in this year alone on doctor visits and medication. I know there is no magical pill which will fix everything and thats why I cut the medication out and resort my spending to treatments and doctor visits. Its not my family cannot afford the medication we have (according to our pharmacists and doctors) very impressive health coverage and my father has recently received much needed financial success. I just have a sudden sense of urgency to figure this prolonged problem out and feel bad wasting my dad's hard earned money on something he hates and that doesnt work in the first place. I only take medications that my doctor pleads me to take one being Zanaflex however today is probably my last day on it. I only take it at night and have taken it during the day as requested by my doctor however like many medications I feel like its just a sugar pill after 5-6 days. I don't receive any relief from it however when coupled with my new portable tinge unit, yoga, physical therapy, heat pads, and self hypnosis, I and my therapist have noticed some muscle tension relief. I can't see how much the relief is but I can feel is when I massage my shoulders. According to my physical therapist, the first day I came in she had never seen such muscle tension and stiffness in a patient this young since Med School and actually erased my personal rating of muscle tension from an 8 to 10. She has now separated the muscle tension into separate portions of my back and 3 weeks of 3-5 daily use of Zanaflex along with seeing her 3x a week has lowered my back tension in the shoulders from a 10 to a 9! This is the first sign of any improvement and you don't understand how happy this made me! Days like today she teared up when she had to write down a 10 for my shoulders as I have worsened for no apparent reason. Tomorrow I am receiving my 4th treatment of Pinpoint injections to relieve this muscle tension and she wants to try Cortisone instead Lidocaine (what i used with my 3 previous treatments). So far we havn't noticed any improvements and infact days like today make it seems like its getting worse.

SKIP HERE IF YOU WANT TO JUMP STRAIGHT TO THE QUESTIONS (accidentally got off-topic and here are the root questions)

Sorry for going so offtopic I just have alot on my mind and have only slept 2-3 hours over the past few days so I'm a little out of it. This brings me back to my original question. On days where the pain is so bad you don't know how youll manage to walk from one room to another, do you ever feel nauseous? The past few days my pain has flared up again and without medication to numb it I just try to suffer through it and ignore it. I know the power of the mind and have seen it but I have had constant nausea for days. Its not a stomach bug as I have no loss for apetite infact feel better when I eat. If I am sitting up or moving around my head and body singe with pain and I feel like I am going to vomit. I have had this for months however usually its a dry heave (is that how you spell it) and I can prevent myself from physically vomiting. However recently the dry heaves come every 5-30 minutes and one small movement in a way my body doesnt approve Ill straight up vomit. Dont mean to get into gruesome detail but last night I was walking to my room and my foot was caught around a wire which I didn't see because the lights were off. It wasn't a terrible jerk but it moved my foot about 40 degrees laterally (which causes it to crack). It felt like a rocket with the pain shooting up and out and you can imagine what my stomach did. I was more pissed that now my medication was out of my system than the vomit everywhere as I didnt want to redose for another few hours and thus...I had 45 minutes of sleep if even that night.

Another question involving medication. Does anyone seem to have an abnormal tolerance to just about any and all medication. I have battled with this issue even from an infant and this always bothered doctors as they didn't want to increase my dose at such an age. I tend not to react to any chemical until I reach levels of that of a chronic user. This goes for caffeine, cymbalta, lyrica, zanaflex, prozac, seroquel, ambien, lunesta, prednisone, lidocaine, zyretc, name it. I was up to 120mg of cymbalta daily in just 5 weeks alone as I noticed minimal side effects. I reached the optimum dose of lyrica, zanaflex, prozac, seroquel, ambien, and lunesta and didnt receive its benefits until either the first week of use for medications such as ambien and lunesta, or until the optimum dose was reached in cases such as lyrica and cymbalta. My doctor in fact tells me to take certain medications especially sleep aids sublingually to bipass my liver and kidneys. I personally think my pain, insomnia, and anxiety just mask the effects of the medication but its strange as I have had this problem my entire life. As a child I had to go to high doses of antihistamines to even notice minimal improvements, same is to be said for when I had to be sedated as a child for other treatments. The doses which would normally have a child blacked out like a young girls first experience with everclear instead had me running my mouth and just very tired.

Last question is a quick one. Does anyone know someone/a website/ support group where I can get semi professional advice and possible diagnosis. I need to figure out whats wrong with me fast as I am running out of time and if you can't tell by this long post I can keep talking and talking and talking. Not that I don't receive support from yall, its just I have alot I need to talk about and to see where I can go from and I have not found a doctor who will just not go there course of treatment and then send me to somewhere else. I know they are specialized its just having to reestablish oneself over and over with new doctors just makes it like they look at my file for what I am experiencing then and dont connect the past 17 months of chronic suffering.


1. Does nausea come with pain?
2. What else can I do to manage pain (see * at bottom for current practice)
3. Are some people more tolerant to all chemicals and medications?
4. Is there somewhere I can have a long professional conversation with so I can tell my entire story and see what I should discuss with my doctor? I need a condensed more course of action approach then this current one which has gone on for way too long.
5. Is it really even safe to say I suffer from Fibromyalgia with no family history and being a very young male?

*Current pain management: yoga, stretching, tinge unit (electric shock therapy), zanaflex, pinpoint injections, acupuncture, 3x a week physical therapy treatment mangesium, omega FAs, self hypnosis, multivitminin and mineral, along with almost too healthy of a diet.
Previous treatments: every sort of exercise you could imagine, cymbalta, prozac, lyrica, zanaflex (on 2nd attempt currently), seroquel, NSAIDs, Etodolac, psychiatric therapy, phsyical therapy, chiropractic treatments, hypnosis, much more but just off the top of my head.

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I think the best advice I could offer would be to see a pain psychologist. That is the person who could listen to your entire story, at length, and try to help you put together any salient details for a doctor. In addition, a pain psychologist can teach behaviors that will lesson pain & it's related effects. For example, I learned a breathing technique that, except in the case of food poisoning will always prevent vomiting -- you'll still feel nauseous, but at least you won't get dehydrated.

Also, the pain psychologist could maybe help you find a counselor/therapist to help you manage the stress from your parents -- and possibly develop a plan to move out sooner rather than later.

Fibromyalgia can be diagnosed by a neurologist. It's very uncommon for men to have it, but not totally unheard of. If you're trying to save money, I'd go to the pain psychologist first.

One other thing I will point out is to make sure you bring with you a list of all prescribed & OTC meds/substances you take to all doctor appointments. I am NOT a medical professional, but based on my experience, some of those meds could be basically counteracting each other. I'm not at all suggesting you stop taking any meds. Just pointing out that that may be the reason why you needed a higher initial dose of some of all of the meds. Even supplements and "boosts" can impact how meds work.


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1. Yes pain can cause nausea. It doesn't always but it most certainly can.
2. No answer for you there.
3. Every reacts differently to medications. I know people who can feel high off a single Tamadol and others who don't feel much of anything from 10 units of IV morphine.
4. A pain psychologist would be a good place for this. A certified pain nurse would be another option.
5. To the best of my knowledge, which is limited when it comes to Fibro, is that unlike other conditions this is not something that is necessarily hereditary. Also they have begun diagnosing Fibro in children so age does not seem to be a factor.
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So sorry to see someone at your age having so much pain and issues to deal with and not alot it seems from your post support from family.

You have been given some great advice and I only wanted to touch on something here,with the amount of nausea have you had any kind og digestive work-up? Any kind of endocrine studies done?

Im asking here because of your tolerance or fact that your not getting meds that do any good and look like were talking a wide range of differing meds from your list and Im thinking there may be a reason for none of them working such as absorption issues,the inability to breakdown and make use of those meds by some malabsorption problems or lack of a certain or particular enzyme.

I am NOT a Doc only a lowly nurse but better then that like everyone else here a longtime CPer.

You certainly have tried many things drug wise and hollistically speaking as well and if your not getting any reaction from meds or adverse ones only I would suggest looking for the whys there.

You also mentioned some brain injury thing? I think I read that sorry have some stm loss here and if you did then I want to add that folks with TBI also have been known to have problems with their brains processing the pain correctly and using medications to their potential.

Good luck to you in your search for answers and I dont think anyone here will be offended for your seeking forums that have more ability to answer technical questions. We may have been medical persons in our previous life but we dont give medical advice here just experience unfortuanately and I say that because I wish none of us had to have any experience with pain to share. LOl

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Dear Zabu,

     Good morning. :-)   It is good to hear from you. I hope this morning you are feeling a little more rested. I have been on the 2 to 3 hours sleep cycle for many years. Only recently am I enjoying 4 hours of sleep with only 4-ish waking periods per night. You need a sleep study done. No two ways about it. You have got to get to the source of the problem right away. You have tried many medications at a very high dosage. So that has already proven ineffective. Time to take a deep breath and get a referral to get a sleep study done. Chances are there is another factor as to why you are not sleeping.

     Yepp! Nausea is my #1 symptom when my main is uncontrolled. My doctors told me many times that it was normal, but I had only met a handful of people who get nausea from severe pain. I get very tired, swollen, nauseous, I cant seem to communicate very well and the day gets away from me. I usually end up sleeping 30mins after every hour or so of being away. Those days are long. I call them the "Extreme Express". Really, when you are on the express, all you can do is hold on for dear life while it races down the track. Absolute craziness. 

You know... your doctor is right. She already adversely effects your health. Cannot allow her to make things even worse. To the family as a whole, to you in particular, to your treatment plan and your relationship with your physician. Try to find alternative means of transportation. If not make sure she stays in the waiting room. Really, try to ask another family member or your father. It will mean of course that you will have to schedule your appointments on days that your father or other family member can do it.. but really the wait would be worth the trouble at this point.

     You know, I think secretly, if we were all honest, there isn't a single one of us who hasn't wanted to toss our meds out and be done with it! But as you have already noticed it does more damage than good. Just because you do not "fell" the medications working, does not mean they are not doing their job. I have many medications that I take that I don't "feel" but I know that each one has its purpose and function within my body. You also have to keep searching for a balance. A balance that works for you and your life style. Even if something is only helping 1% of your pain. If you have done just 2 things that help 1% of your pain, then together that is 2% of a pain reduction and well worth it. Hope that made sense.

You asked some specific questions so I will answer them....


1. Does nausea come with pain?
Yep, for me it does.

2. What else can I do to manage pain (see * at bottom for current practice)
Exactly what you are doing. Just have to build on them. Remeber even 15 reduction is better than nothing.

3. Are some people more tolerant to all chemicals and medications?
Yes, very much so. Also, just because you don't "feel" different while taking them at the time.. does not mean that they are ineffective. Many times something needs to be built up in your system for a month. Other times, a doctor will want you to exhaust ALL mild / moderate treatment before switching to more aggressive treatments.

4. Is there somewhere I can have a long professional conversation with so I can tell my entire story and see what I should discuss with my doctor? I need a condensed more course of action approach then this current one which has gone on for way too long.
University Hospital or Mayo Clinic.  You really do need to check it out. Here..
University Hospitals 
Mayo Clinic 

5. Is it really even safe to say I suffer from Fibromyalgia with no family history and being a very young male?
Fibromyalgia diagnosis is a process of  ruling out many other things. Often times fibromyalgia patients go through a year of excluding other possible causes before getting a proper diagnosis. Here, check this out..


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Hi, iam so sorry you are having so much pain and can't find any relic I my self had a kidney removed last yr cuz of cronic pain and now my left kidney is starting to fail and the pain is horrible and I
get no sleep and have nausea and vomiting..
as for finding any relif to my pain the drs have not been able to help me I
have found that home remixes have helped me... hope to hear from you

This is an old thread... the original poster hasn't been on in a very long time.... Thanks, Tina

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