fibro question and venting I would like advice on.

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   Posted 5/27/2011 8:59 AM (GMT -6)   
I'm sorry guys this started as me wanting to ask a question but I'm really venting alot also about pain mangement doctor and his practices at the office. So dont think I'm rambling about a sinlge question I'm really more venting and along the way wanting the answer to a question. Thank you for taking the time to read this I really appreciate it, I know a lot of people wont even read long threads, But personally I would never cut someone off like that. But hey....alteast I split it up into somewhat some sort of paragraphs lol.

I had seen chutz post as a reponse to someone about people with fibro having a hard time to get pain relief from doctors when they have fibro? why is that? I had read years ago that some doctors dont even beleive that its real but I thought that had sort of passed? I've had a rheumy tell me I have fibro and my pain management dr had felt certain points on my upper back and neck and he said they were all the points for fibro but I dont necessarily have a disgnoses of it in my files except at the rheumy, I dont even mention this when I'm in ER or hospital, I just say asthma and Crohns. Why is it so hard? Do they not believe you? Do they think theres nothing they can do? I know especailly at night I'll wake up middle of the night and my upper back just aches and feels very tight. ive never had to worry about getting relief for it, because I get pain medicine for my crohns and its plenty plenty more then enough, like prbably twice more then enough actually if i really cut back. But the rheumy was giving me pain medicine when I was seeing him, it didnt last long with me seeing hi because I felt I wasnt getting better and was going to find another doctor but i started seeing my pain dr and with the pain meds im pretty well controlled nd like i said when not I just take my pain medicine for my crohns, which is pretty regularly anyway, not scheduled except controlled release but I regualry take my breakthrough medicine anyway.

I've left my pain management doctor now after a little over 3 years. I truely like him a whole lot, but recently last year or so, it seems he's overbooked his practice, every single time I'd wait hours beyond my scheduled appointment to even get in the room to see him. Sometimes like once I remember I had a 4:30 appt and didnt get out till a little after 9pm, granted he did spend about an hour with me and I was the last patient and normally it would be a 30 minute alloted time slot but I'm sure you all agree that thats ridiculous? I've been there for a 12pm appt before and he opens at 9 and already he's behind by hours like wouldnt get back till 2 or 3pm and its like if I actually had to work and not get disability I'd have to take an entire day off from work. And he was still letting people into the practice seeing new patients which I dont understand. because he would have an hour alloted to one new patient each and every single day, thats 5 new patients in a week, which means in another 4 weeks, he'd somehow have to fit all the regular patients in plus 5 more in the same week and I just dont know where he thinks the time is coming from. And I mean his office besides the office manager rarely even take lunch breaks honestly, he gets behind and really can not afford to.

But yet I notice that while My scripts are printing from the computer hell look up at the clock and say something like I was supposed to be out of here by 2pm and it'll be like 3:30 or something and he'll still have a patient or two in the waiting room, and I know he's not implying that I'm slowing him down at all, he's extremely nice and if I call and need to see him then he gets me in the same day. He has 'hold appointments' he keeps the hour of 12-1pm open and no one scheduled, and he'll eat lunch then if no one calls needing a fast appointment for pain issues, or he can schedule people in that hour, only 15 min appt, not meant to replace an appointment but for new urgent issues that pop up and ur expected to make a full 30 minute appointment to look at the problem more in depth. But I know he cant have 4 people calling in every single day for these appointments, which means he gets behind without even having people on some days between hours of 12-1pm and actually works through this hour.

But now I've decided to see my 'consulting GI', which I call him that because initially he was just sort of consulting and being a second brain in my care, because my local GI will be retiring in a year, my local GI was really taking care of me but the other would reccommend what medications to use and dose and things such as this. My consulting GI is at VCU(Virginia Commonwealth University) medical Center in Richmond Virginia, about an hour away. He's one of the only like 3 I believe that are only in the IBD Clinic and not just in the GI clinic, both are part of the Digestive Health center. But I really tend to like this GI, he seems very concerned about me and my health and after I see him a lot of times he'll ask if my mom is with me and if she is he'll walk out into the waiting room and give her a heads up with whats going on and how he thinks I'm doing and such which is really nice, itsnotlike I wouldnt tell her but its coming from the actual doctor so it makes her feel good. He always takes his time with me I'm never rushed.

My point for all of this long and mostly un-needed rambling is because I stopped seeing that pain dr and my GI at VCU when I was telling them about pain dr and waits and asking if they could reccomend a pain dr, the GI actually offered up that they could actually prescribe my medication and asked what I take (90mg oxycontin 3 times a day, and up to 8-30mg oxycodone) and he said they could do it if I at all wanted that. and I thanked him and the NP tremendoushly because my other GI I've had this entire time hates pain meds and I never even knew you coudl take them for this pain until I had surgeries. So I would never bring myself to ever ask a GI for pain meds, and I told them that and they said thats non-sense he understands perfectly well that I need someting.

So now since I've stopped seeing that pain doctor and am getting my pain medication from GI, do I need to start seeing a rheumy about my fibro again? I have a feeling everyone will say yes... the thing is I've tried things like lyrica and didnt notice a difference so doctors would just take me off. I dont even have a primary care so I cant just say well I'll have him deal with the fibro so that will be another doctor I need to add to the long long list. Some specialties like GI and colon-rectal surgery I have 2 doctors, one locally and one in Richmond at a university.

I know this is very long and started as me wanting to know a question more or less but its came into its own as sot of venting. I can see and completely do not mind if a moderator comes in here and edits this thread with a hacksaw instead of a scalpel lol.

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   Posted 5/27/2011 9:36 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi CrohnsPatient,

You should come over to the fibromyalgia thread and read the first or second thread there titled fibro101, lots of info there. I have FM and my pain doctor works with my fam doc. Where I'm from we only have 2 Drs that specialize in FM and it could take years to be seen and I am happy seeing Drs I trust in the meantime.

Take care
Take care

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   Posted 5/27/2011 9:37 AM (GMT -6)   
thanks for taking time to actually read my post, I didnt realize how long it was until just looking at your reply.

Again I tell all mods I wont be affended by editing my post, in fact it would be welcomed as i'm sure more people would reply and make it easier to read. I was just venting sort of.

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   Posted 5/27/2011 10:21 AM (GMT -6)   
   Yep!'re right!....I had my hacksaw in hand smilewinkgrin JK!
....but then thought....we all have those day, that we need to ramble and vent a little. wink   Members can always pick out what they want from a lengthy post, and offer some advice.
     I really dont have anything to add or offer, but that we do sympathize with you on waiting forever in a room...with an over booked Dr shakehead
       Take care, and have a great weekend!
   SE wink
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   Posted 5/27/2011 1:04 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi CP...
I've written really lengthy posts, too - so no worries :)  I know you were just venting but I had a couple of thoughts after reading...
Re: the fibro diagnosis - yeah, I don't know why it's viewed the way it is..... and I know exactly what you are saying.  I DO have fibro and I have other pain issues (DDD, migraines, carpal tunnel, tendonitis and on the list goes).  Whenever I see a "non-regular" doctor - I hate when they say "Oh, you have fibro" - I feel like that it consistently gets "downplayed" - or that I have to say the 100 "other" things I have (as if having fibro is not enough).
Re: your doctor situation - yes, I definitely think you need to be seeing another doctor for your fibro/medication needs.  It's hard to convey tone here on the computer - but did I read that right - that you are on 270mg of oxycontin a day plus another 240mg as needed?  That's a pretty high dose. (I say this with no judgment at all.... I've been on the equivalent of that dose....that's what I meant about "tone").  But I am surprised a GI would prescribe that high of a dose.  As my meds got higher and higher, nobody would touch me at all except my PM doc - and I've got some pretty liberal doctors.
Having a PM doctor who handles all my issues is important for me.  I've got a ton of other medical problems that involve a cardiologist, endocrinologist, pulmonologist, psych and so forth - but all my pain needs are handled through my PM.  This way - he knows my history; what's worked/hasn't worked/etc. 
Is there another PM doc in your area?  I agree, having to spend that much time at a doctor's office is ridiculous.  I get uptight if I'm in mine more than an hour!!  So I can't imagine.
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