Trust issues with my doctor?

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   Posted 6/18/2011 6:32 PM (GMT -6)   
I have been on oxycontin 80mg 4x daily.  And have been for about 4 months now.  I have numorus bad discs in my back as well DDD.  I have been having pain issues in the early morning hours so I thought it would be a good idea to go the Fentaynl patch.  So I went and saw my Doc. last week friday and explained this to her and she put me back on the patch.  That entire weekend I was in terrible pain and having slight withdrawls because I cant get the patch to stay on.  I contacted my pharmacist over the weekend and she gave me overlays that go over the patch to keep them on.  Which lasted a little longer than the patch did but still was not effective.  So basically I am sweatting the patch off.  I called my doc the following monday and left a message for her to call me back.  No call back, I have tried all week and still no call back, nothing.  I feel like maybe she isnt calling me back for a reason.  When I asked to go on the patch I wasnt due for a refill on the oxycontin yet, and I think she had hard time believing I flushed a half months worth of oxycontin.  I flushed it to keep temptation away.  My wife witnessed me flush it and I told my doc. that.  It has been over a week pain and being stuck on the couch.  I have a famlily to attend to, and just my life in general.  I dont know what to do?  Do I try to schedule an appt. with my doc. or just say the heck with her and go to a pain management clinic?  Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated!

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   Posted 6/18/2011 7:13 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Farbey...I am sorry to hear about your pain issues and your situation...

Welcome to's a great group of people here...

I do have a few questions if you don't mind..

What type of Dr. has been prescribing the pain medicine to you?

You say that you are 'back' on the had you tried this before with this Dr.? and you all decided to go to Oxycontin...did you have this trouble before?

I realize that we are all different...and we can't compare pain or medicine....but for PM's are on a pretty hefty amount of Oxycontin...320mg....

I am also confused about the 4 times a day dosage...the most I have ever seen is every 8 hours instead of the standard one every 12...

So I just wanted to say that with DEA regulations getting more strict...Dr.s now need to be very careful with all their patients and monitoring the type of medicine, the amount, and the reasons to keep them on the in they have to show that you have gone to other Dr. to actually try to 'fix' the pain generator...and have tried all other options that have failed...and now seeking chronic pain management...

Another thing in your post that concerns the comment about why you flushed your say so you 'won't be tempted'....could you please explain this? Do you have previous addiction issues? Not that addicts can't have true pain...but it needs to be treated by someone who is knowledgeable in this....

As well as for the future and others is never recommended to flush any medication...this gets into the water treatment system and is known to seep out and get back into people's drinking water...So asking you Dr. what is the best way where you live to dispose of medicine...

I'm not sure why your Dr. would have trust issues with you unless you have had trouble with her before and your medicine?...

I would certainly try and contact your Dr. on Monday am...speak with anyone in the office that can get ahold of her for an emergency..

It would not be a good idea in my opinion to just stop going to her and see another Dr. right now....jumping from Dr. when on that high level of pain medicine will put a large red flag in your file...

There is always an 'on call' emergency number that most Dr.s have when you call the number if you need to today or tomorrow to advise you what to do until you can get in to see her...

Since you have been on the patch for about a week now?...Is it just an issue of it having trouble with sticking on? As the Pharmacist mentioned and gave you...there are the overlays to use...

I'm not quite sure I understand your reason for going back on the patch in the first place...If you were just having some morning pain that was a bit higher....then it seems you would work with your Dr. on the timing of when you are taking your Oxycontin...or possibly add a short acting med..

The normal way it is prescribed is every 12 hours.....that is how the medicine works....For example...if you are taking an 80mg at would release 40 mg within the first 45minutes....and last for the next 6 hours....then at around release the next last for 6 hours...(it's meant for 12 hour relief...but as mentioned...sometimes a Dr.will have a patient use it every 8 hours)

So it should be covering you overnight and then you would start with your next morning dose..

So this is very unusual for her to prescribe this every 4 hours...and at the high dosage of 320mg a day...

Also...when people are on a long acting medicine like you are...some Dr.s will prescribe a 'break through' take as needed at a time where there is a pain spike....that is what I would have thought your Dr. would do...but you all chose to go 'back' to the patch...which is really the same as the Oxycontin being a long acting medicine in it's delivery system...but the patch lasts for 48-72 hours...but still a constant....

Have you had any surgery or have done other treatments for your disc issues?

Usually narcotics are just one small piece of the puzzle to help with chronic pain...there are many other non opiate things to be adding in and doing daily/monthly like exercise, yoga/stretching, injections, acupunture, aqua therapy, tens unit, massage, eating healthy, a muscle relaxer, an antidepressant, a nerve pain medicine...

Are you on a nerve pain medicine as well to help? Or a muscle relaxer?

As well as are you being seen/treated by a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon or Neurosurgeon to look at surgical and non surgical options to help...

Sorry for all the will help us help give you a few suggestions to talk with your Dr....we are pain patients just like you....

Again...sorry for your pain...many of us can empathize with this...we are all here for different reasons but share this in common...
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   Posted 6/18/2011 8:26 PM (GMT -6)   
Just to play devil's advocate here a little bit, are you sure your doctor is even getting the messages?

While it is somewhat uncommon it is not unheard of for receptionists and/or nurses to "play doctor" themselves and not pass on messages to the doctor for one reason or another. Not saying this is what happened but you never know. Of course your doctor can be like mine is and simply puts off returning calls, filling out scripts, etc until she "has a minute".

What I suggest doing is making an actual appointment with your doctor and going in and then discuss not only your problems with the patch, etc but also find out why you have not been called back in over a week. This way you can get to the reason behind it and if by some chance the doctor was not getting the messages it will let her know there is a problem.
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   Posted 6/18/2011 9:16 PM (GMT -6)   
I agree with what Jim said in his post make an appointment with your Chronic pain doctor.

Hope things get better for you soon, well wishes...
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   Posted 6/19/2011 11:14 PM (GMT -6)   
My doctor is our family physician. I flushed my pills because that is someting that if dont have to have in my house, I dont. There are plenty of nights were my pain meds dont do the trick, and thats when I would be temted to take another, and that is just plain not healthy. I also take 800mg ibu. 1 or 2 a day, 1 to 2 somas, usually at nite, tramadol as needed, and zoloft. I was on the patch about 5 months and stopped after a month because I didnt like being medicated 24rs a day, basically waking up feeling the affects of the drug. So I figured that the patch is what would be best for me right now. I have had injections in my back which just made the pain worse an added new sensations. I do physical therapy, I swim and do the hot tub, and I walk lots. Walking helps the most I think, as long as I am moving, if I have so sit or stand in one place within twenty minutes I have to get up. This last fall I had to leave the packer game by the 2nd quarter becuase of my back, NOBODY LEAVES A PACKER GAME EARLY IN WISCONSIN! LOL. Well I hope that answers some of your questions. Thanks for caring!!
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