I'm off all of my meds again...... turns into a rant....

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   Posted 6/22/2011 5:32 PM (GMT -6)   

The reason for stopping ..... I just couldn't take all the "red tape" BS of getting medication for pain that I really needed and also the stigma.... I just couldn't deal with the side effects of the pain killers anymore...

So I'm done but still kinda feeling crappy.... I'm on day 12...

I did the whole taper down thing... and then thought.... if I don't have to go through withdrawls then why should I?

I only started taking meds roughly two and a half years ago.... during the first 6 months I hated them and went off them cold turkey.... holy, miserable experience... I did not want to do it again... so I though I just go to the Dr. and get a script.... I had no idea it was a whole process..... If anyone is interested I'll explain.

Tomorrow marks my 12th week post op from cervical spine surgery.... I seriously think I have got some post tramatic stress thing from this whole ordeal (I'm not kidding).... the pain control in the hospital and the weeks following was very little if any..... now, every time I go outside my house to do ANYTHING.... I shake uncontrollably.... my whole body.... what have I become?

My Dr cancelled my 12 week appointment for today... and rescheduled for next week..... I just want to get this over..... I don't want to be in so much pain... I want the feeling to return to my arm/hand/fingers/upper back.... the other arm is not so bad.

.... and I know, I know I should have stayed on my meds (especially with rehab coming next month) but what do you do when one Dr- my surgeon doesn't want me on anything (remember I had my entire neck fiddled with C-2 through C10) and all I was sent home with was 5 mg Percs.... with take one every 4 hours! And my PM Dr. wants me to stay on them... he gives talks on the medication he prescribed me?????? Who can afford $500 per month?

I'm just frustrated with the whole health care system as a whole..... it should be not be for profit... we should be covered by our Government with a single payer plan... I don't trust the Pharmaceutical companies as they are after your money not your good health.

Posterior cervical spine surgery... from the report:
C2 to T1 decompression and instrumented fusion. Specifically, laminectomy at C2 to T1 with right foraminotomy C2 to C7 and left C5 to C7 with arthrodeisis C3 to C5 with structural rib allograft and local vertebral autograph, and at C7 with the same structural rib allograft and local vertebral autograft, and Vertex instrumentation C3 to C5

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   Posted 6/22/2011 6:24 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey Draka...Sorry to hear of all the troubles you are having...

Obviously being and staying on pain medication is a personal decision for each of us with our Drs....and yes...there are some side effects that can happen but most people get used to them after a month or so or they are manageable...

I certainly hope that you can manage your pain without them as you are choosing..it will probably raise your levels at rehab when you start...so just monitor this. Are you staying away from all medicine including even a muscle relaxer or a nerve pain med?

I'm thinking that you are still having withdrawal symptoms since it's only been 12 days...it takes quite awhile to 'reset' your system after those few years...

I'm hoping that you get good news at your 12 week post-op appt...I think you made a typo above when you mention your levels of cervical region..(C10).....they only go to C7...then starts with the Thoracic level...so it looks like in your signature it shows the correct info:)...

It is getting more strict and more rules to follow for both patient and Dr. to try and weed out those seeking medicine for the wrong reasons...My Dr. just started having to do the urine tests and pill counts for all his patients starting this year...It's not that big of a deal to me to bring my bottles in each visit every 3 months...and then I just did my urine test (one a year for most unless they suspect someone)...My Dr. and their offices even cover the cost of the test for those, like myself, that don't have insurance....

I'm not sure if you were saying that your Percocets were costing $500 a month?

I am self pay without insurance...and I got to Sam's club for my medicine...it's the cheapest of any place in the entire area...even more so than Walmart being the same company!...

I get each month MSContin...both 30mg and 15mg (60 count each)..and then OxyIR 5mg (240 a month)...all generic....As well as generic Ambien..(30 pills)..and then Flexeril...generic...(60 count)....I get all of this for $135 a month....so that is not bad for all of these monthly...

I know you are off of them...I just wanted to show others that there are ways and medicines that are inexpensive even without insurance...

It also sounds if you are having some emotional issues from all of this as well as dealing with so much pain...that perhaps a Pain Pscychologist or a counselor of some sort would help to manage these type of feelings you are getting and someone to talk to who understands...

Again.....I truly hope that if this is what you want to do...that you can find ways to recovery from the surgery and manage the chronic pain in other ways...

I know in addition to my meds I use exercise, PT, yoga/stretching, aqua therapy, acupuncture, injections, eating Organic, counseling...

And maybe you can add in a muscle relaxer or a nerve pain medicine to help if the PT gets too tough later on...

I wish you luck...
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ACDF C5-C7, (no hardware), with autograft bone Nov. 2001
(reabsorption of bone 2 years later...still lost in body..expect to burp it out at anytime..haha")) 
ACDF with hardware, allograft bone Nov. 2005 
Anterior and Posterior CDF, allograft bone with BMP, removal of old hardware, use of titanium plates, rods, screws, & kitchen sink (lol) Oct 2006

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   Posted 6/22/2011 7:56 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for the response Snowbunny21.... I sure do appreciate you taking the time to read.

To answer your questions... yes, I still do take generic Flexeril 10 mg but find it doesn't really help much...

I do have insurance.... but since my husband owns his own business... we have private.

The $500 was for my Opana.... and I do get reimbursed a percentage (I think 60%) once we meet the crazy, costly deductible.... but you send in the forms and you wait... it takes a good three months to get the check and if you don't turn in the forms you get nothing.... I didn't know this for a while.

My report from the hospital... notes from the actual surgery says.... C2 through C10..... I guess that's the way they write it because I knew the cervical spine goes to only C7.... it stated only to C7 on the report before I had the surgery... so I am going by the actual notes after surgery.

I don't really have a Sams club that close to me.... and I got the run around at other pharmacies so I stick to CVS, even though I had to go to two different ones.... it's just all plain crazy.

Yes, I am having a emotionally hard time and would love to go to someone... I did in the past but can't seem to get past the $125 an hour.... my insurance won't cover it.... and they SHOULD.

I am a workout addict and that's where my problem lies.... I need to workout out so bad to feel better about myself but it's too painful and impossible yet....

Thanks again


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   Posted 6/23/2011 4:25 PM (GMT -6)   
Draka my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry to read all that has gone on with you and yes, you did have extensive surgery done recently. I just do not know how you will manage PT in another month, because even with pain medication it is going to be a killer. Whitebeard can and will testify to that. He too has had a lot of cervical surgery lately.

You know I want to throw something out here to you to think about, many times when people have surgery there always seems to be some post surgery depression that can creep in afterwards. This happens to a lot of people, I am one of them. In fact we have discussed this in the past here at the forum.

I also know you have tried being very upbeat about the surgery before and after surgery. Perhaps you did not realize how bad you were going to hurt after surgery too. I know often we think it will be the fix soon afterwards but many times it takes months. It took WhiteBeard a good 6 months before he could honestly say he felt better.

I think you are being a little hard on yourself. All you have done is want to get better and do whatever it took to get there. Give yourself a break you deserve it and don't be so hard on yourself because it is costing you greatly.

I would be more inclined to listen to my PM dr over the surgeon and here is why. So many surgeons think because they have done surgery on a person that they have fixed them and they should be just fine. Well, that is not how it can end up. Some times a person needs more than an aspirin after surgery and surgeons are the very worst in believing people need pain medication.

Please consider going in and seeing your PM dr and let him/her know where you are at, what you have done about tapering off meds and then see about getting back on some meds to get through your rehab. Perhaps some light meds and if you want to attempt to be medication free try this after rehab and see where you are at.

It does sound like you have tons of anxiety doing on and and its understandable. But, please get yourself bak on at least some light meds and I will suggest you ask your PM dr for Baclofen 10mg for muscle spasms. You really need something good. I cannot tolerate Flexeril and can't stand the stuff. I am having great relief of neck spasms with Baclofen. Whitebeard is on it daily and swears by it too but he is on a much higher dose than me.

I really think you will get much better you just need some help getting over the hump. Take care.
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   Posted 6/23/2011 4:50 PM (GMT -6)   
Such a good point Straydog!! I went through that type of depression after my last cervical fusion as it was so painful going in through the front and the back..and yes..WB has gone through that too.....

As mentioned...it can definitely take 6 months to even a year to actually fuse, but yes...for the really bad pain...it was many months before it started to go down some...and then back up again with rehab...

So Draka...I just hope that for whatever you decide for yourself...that know that you can always change your mind and talk with your PM about medicine if needed...
SB and "the pup who snores loudly" 
ACDF C5-C7, (no hardware), with autograft bone Nov. 2001
(reabsorption of bone 2 years later...still lost in body..expect to burp it out at anytime..haha")) 
ACDF with hardware, allograft bone Nov. 2005 
Anterior and Posterior CDF, allograft bone with BMP, removal of old hardware, use of titanium plates, rods, screws, & kitchen sink (lol) Oct 2006
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