Hello Everyone, just an introduction and a thank you to everyone who has posted before me

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   Posted 8/4/2011 9:54 AM (GMT -6)   
I found this site a few days ago and have been reading this forum thoroughly since then; it's been a great wealth of information.  Just as important, though, it's made me feel like this is a real place of support and understanding for those of us who may not find it elsewhere.  A little about my situation:
I am 38 years old and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in April 2011, although I was most likely suffering from it since August of 2009.  It was my fault that I wasn't diagnosed earlier, I knew something was wrong, but I HATE doctors and refused to see one.  I was also very stubborn and thought that if I ignored it and/or tried to treat it myself, it would go away.  Shortly after I started feeling the symptoms of diabetes, I began feeling pain in both my knees.  about 6 months after that pain started, both my feet began feeling numb and tingly.  Then, my toes started feeling like someone was constantly holding a flame to them.  Throughout the following months, I started experiencing pain sensations throughout both legs, from my hips to the tips of my toes.  In June of 2011 I saw a neurologist and he confirmed that I have peripheral neuropathy.  In July I started seeing a Pain Management Specialist for the pain.
Some days the pain is very manageable, and there are some days I spend laying in bed sobbing from the pain.  In the short time since my diagnosis of neuropathy, I have tried Lyrica (which did nothing for the pain and really made me feel like a zombie), Norco (which helped a lot for the pain, but my primary care physician stopped prescribing for me without much explanation), and percosets (which helped with the pain but also made me very nauseous, which consequently also interfered with my blood sugar).  My pain management doctor currently has me on 200mg tramadol and 900mg neurontin daily, as well as a ketamine/clonidine/imipramine/gabapentin/lidocaine cream I apply 3-5 times a day.  These latest treatments help, but not as much as I'd like.
Most days my pain level is usually around a 6 or a 7, which I have learned to deal with without too much trouble.  Some days it is less, and I have learned to really appreciate those times.  Some days, however, the pain gets to a 9 or a 10, and when that happens I am absolutely miserable.  For me, it is difficult to deal with that amount of pain intensity as well as all the different pain sensations (different parts of my body feel different pains, from intense numbness, to burning, tingling, prickling, stabbing, etc.).  I sometimes think that if it was only one kind of pain sensation at a 9 or a 10, or if it was the feeling of different sensations at a lower intensity level I would be ok, but the combination is almost unbearable at times.  I have been missing far too much work lately either due to the pain, or the side affects from the various medications.  Thankfully my employer has been very understanding and willing to work with me, and I am in the process of applying for an intermittent Leave of Absence.
I have been seeking treatment for only a short time, and that is my fault.  And I am hopeful that over time my doctors and I will find something that will help me manage the pain in a more effective manner.  My pain management specialist suggested I consider implanting a medtronics scs, and initially I was wary of putting anything near my spinal cord.  On the other hand, I hate the idea of being on medications for the rest of my life, and am open to any and all alternatives.  After discussing it further with the doctor, and doing some research, my wife and I have decided to go forward with the process of getting the scs implant.  Currently I am waiting to schedule the psych evaluation.  I believe I have reasonable and realistic expectations for the scs implant (I don't expect it to eliminate my pain or my need for pain medications, but am hopeful it can minimize both). 
Even though I found this place just a few days ago, all of you have been a great help to me.  Not only have I found a great deal of information here, and more ideas of what to expect from my pain and the scs implant, but the stories I've read here about your experiences have been both a source of comfort and a great inspiration to me.  My wife has been very supportive and understanding, and there is no way I could make it through this without her, but it's also nice to be in the company of others who are going through the same things I'm going through.  It's nice to know we're not alone in what we are going through!  I don't wish this kind of pain on my worst enemy and if I had my way nobody would be going through any of this, but that's not the reality and we all need to lean on each other and help when we can.  Together we can get through this, and hopefully come out the other side better for it.  Again, thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences!

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Hi Badger and welcome to Healing Well's chronic pain forum. Well, I hate to say it, but you sound like my husband with the diabetes. He went into complete denial and messed around so much now he is on insulin shots 3 times a day and its still not under control. He too has all the rotten neuropathy issues too.

We have several people on here with the SCS units and I will suggest that you check out our Search feature at the top of this page and type in SCS units. There is a wealth of information there about the units, both good and bad. With as much pain as you are describing in so many areas I would be wary of the claim the SCS will help, it seems to help more where the pain is centralized in one area versus all over or several areas. I do wish you the best in the adventure. The desired range to consider the trial a success is in the 50% range of reduction in the pain. Have you done the trial yet?

Yes, it stinks to think we need medication to exist but when quality life issues become the issue there is little left. Most PCP's do not want to be involved with prescribing pain medication long term. Now with all of the new laws in effect the red tape is just too much unless you are a PM dr and that is what your practice is geared towards. Since you are early into treatment with PM dr it sometimes does take time to find what medication works the best and what will also mesh with your diabetes medication. I know some meds will run the sugar off the chart.

I have a Medtronics pain pump and it has been a life saver for me. Oh, I still have pain, its just more manageable some days than others. Once you hit the CP road, you will never be pain free again, unless a miracle comes along. It can be a lonely road to travel because pain can cause us to isolate ourselves and that is not good either.

When you get some time please check out the rules here at the forum. With this being a family oriented site we have to keep things in check. Also we have a topic called CP101 at the top of this page that has some excellent reading in there too.

Anyway, I wanted to pop on and tell you welcome aboard. Please keep us posted on how you are coming along.
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   Posted 8/4/2011 3:08 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome to our family sorry it's under cp instead of better circumstances...
I hope the SCS can be of help for you, make sure they get a good weeks worth on
the trial...from what I read that's the most important part of the SCS, if it's
to be of help...
well wishes and keep us posted...
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   Posted 8/4/2011 3:26 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello and welcome to this wonderful place called the chronic pain forum.  I felt just like you did when I first got on in March.  My daughter actually found the HealingWell site for me, and away I went.
I feel for you so much, I have neuropathy, its not diabetic, but I thought I was going to pass out from the pain in my right leg that felt like it was on fire.
When I first realized something else was wrong beside the ddd, it happened after a very bad fall I took.  At the time I was going to a pm doctor who had a medicine machine going on.  He never spent more than 2-3 minutes per patient, even if the waiting room was full, and it usually was, you didnt worry, he had you scripts ready by the time you walked in asked how you felt and walked out.  That worked fine for me until I fell.  I wont bore you with all the details, needless to say, at one point I accidently overdosed trying to get rid of the pain.  I got rid of the doctor.
I saw a new doctor, he prescribed medicine for me and gave me a series of shots, probably epidurals which by the second one, I was better, the burning sensation was gone from my leg, after the third shot I never felt that burning in my leg again.  My foot is still numb, but numb beats burning anytime.  So I stayed with these doctors for 2 years until they moved away from where I could get to them by public transportation.
Anyway I am glad you found this forum, the one thing you will see is you are never alone.
Good luck to you and take care, hope you are feeling well today.
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   Posted 8/4/2011 3:50 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi There

Welcome to HWF. So sorry to hear that you have pain issues but so glad that you found us so we can give you support.

Keep us updated in a few days and I will be praying for you...

Soft Hugs
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   Posted 8/4/2011 6:35 PM (GMT -6)   
hi badger73 ,I am glad you found this site .I have thoracic outlet syndrom ,hope for surgery soon !I too tryed lyrica and had the same zombie feeling ,even thou my surgeon said its the best thing on the market?I am glad you finally went to dr. I totally respect the fact that you take responsibility for not going in sooner ,but it's alot more common then you think.I am glad your getting the help you need now .I myself am having a bad pain day ,but was doing okay for awhile.I guess you have to make the best of what you do have in this life .anyway glad to hear from you and hope you enjoy this site as much as Ihave ,take care

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   Posted 8/4/2011 6:55 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you so much for the warm welcome!  I appreciate everyone here, and find you all to be a great inspiration!  You have no idea how much it means to me that I found a place that is so supportive!  We all have to get through this together, and I hope I can be an active and helpful member of this forum moving forward.  Today was kind of a rough day for me as I'm still trying to adjust to my meds, but here's hoping for many pain-free days for everyone!

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   Posted 8/7/2011 4:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi badger~

And welcome to the Family! I think you are right on about having others around us who understand and care. Without HealingWell my life would not be a good or rich as it is. I hope life gets better and better for you as we all push forward together.

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Welcome to the forum Badger. I'm glad that you found us. As you can see, our members are very loving and supportive. I agree with Chutz. My life has been so much richer since I joined this forum.

I'm sorry that you're in the pain that you're having. I hope you feel better really soon. You take care.

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   Posted 8/8/2011 10:10 AM (GMT -6)   


          Morning Badger!

                 I seem to have missed your welcome here,...and wanted to jump in on it as well! wink

       I don't have anything to add,... other than to stay engaged with the members here, and feel free to ask all the questions you want. As you can see our members are very supporting, and will be happy to help at a moments notice.

       Again Welcome!..and Enjoy!

         Take care,

  SE wink

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