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   Posted 8/27/2011 10:17 AM (GMT -6)   
I Just wanted to sop in and say hello. I have not been here in a while, but I have been reading everyones post. There sure are a lot of new members which is great, but so sorry that you are all suffering with pain.
I have been checking in on all the members that have supported me in the past, you all gave me such comfort when I needed it most. Screaming happy that you are now a moderator. 
As for me.....Things were going great after my second fusion in December. Recovery was tough, and kicking all the pain meds was even harder.  I some how made it thru.  I was able to get back to the old me.  Started working out, getting in shape, mentally and physically. Lost 50 pounds and felt great. Was having 'some" leg pain, but was able to manage the pain without pain meds.  Well.....things are getting worse. Surgeon thinks eventually will need more surgery. Had talk with my husband about it this morning, he thinks I should do it now while I am in a good place mentally and physically. He thinks the pain will increase like it did in the past, and I will end up in the same dark place I was in before.
I guess I am looking for an opinion, Would you do it now? Or just push thru the pain like I want to do. I can't go back to that place I was in just a short time ago.  I feel like a different person mentally than I did last year and for years before. 
The only med I am taking is Tramodal, which really is not cutting the pain, but I can't take anything stronger.  The pain after surgery was terrible and don't want that agian.
As alwyas I appreciate everyone help, I always felt so welcomed by everyone.
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   Posted 8/27/2011 10:22 AM (GMT -6)   
So nice to see you post Hydrangea! So sorry it's not great news. I am so proud of you for getting to where you are now. What a wonderful feeling!

I think at this point if the pain is getting so bad again I would opt for the surgery. My thoughts are if it can be fixed, then fix it. Although I know that surgery is not always successful.

I hope you can come to the best desicion for you. Please keep us posted. Take care.
Gentle Hugs,

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   Posted 8/27/2011 12:27 PM (GMT -6)   
Hydrangea, wow, you are right it has been a very long time since you were last here at the forum. I have to say kuddos to you for the weight loss, getting in shape mentally & physically and getting off pain medications. You have been one busy person.

I am sorry to hear another surgery is looming on the horizon though. I know that must have been quite a blow to you. I am really sorry to hear that especially after all of your hard work.

I would have to say if this were me, I would do it now before the pain got out of control again and this is something that probably will happen if left alone. Being physically fit and having that extra weight off will be a plus when recovering from such surgery. Let it drag on and if the pain gets too bad you may not be able to work out and end up with weight back on which will not help at all. I have many times seem drs make patients lose weight before having back surgery so being fit is a plus.

But, you have to make sure your head is on right when making this decision or you will end up possibly with a lot of problems and none of them are good. Yes, its easy for us to say what we do but what do you want to do? Being mentally prepared for any surgery is just as important as being physically ready.

What type of surgery is being proposed and is it a disc that was not as bad as the one surgery was done on the first time around? I know many times a disc above or below will go if there were some problems with it but not in need of surgery until later. For some reason this happens quite frequently, makes you wonder why drs don't fix it all to avoid a 2nd surgery.

Lets us know and again good to hear from you.
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   Posted 8/28/2011 10:47 AM (GMT -6)   
Oh come on Stray, you know why they dont fix it all, its that mean green, keeps them coming back.
Sorry, Hello Hydrangea,  I am Kathy/nini53, and since I dont know you well or maybe at all, I will say hi to you and also I agree with Straydog.  All she said made sense to me, but in the end the decision must be yours.  I do think she made a great point about you being in good physical health, and good mental, I believe that is important when making decisions like that.
Congradulations on losing weight, I myself am batteling with my weight, I want to lose 25-30 lbs before next June when my youngest is getting married.  But I also quit smoking, almost 4 months now, and it is difficult, but not impossible to lose that weight.
Good luck to you whatever you decide,
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   Posted 8/28/2011 1:13 PM (GMT -6)   


        Well I keep finding these members who have been absent from the Role Call for quite some time! smilewinkgrin  

             Hello Hydrangea! Welcome back the the CP forum!

       I have read through your post here, and see that you are looking at another back surgery again. This will be the 3rd right? It looks like the last one was done in December, so that would only be 9 months of recovery?

     Please remind me and the members what disk were fused the first time and then the second time,....and now which one they are looking at? It will be a fusion right?.....and the other two were full fusions as well?

      You know I'm asking the question, because most of my pain returned much later after the fusion was mostly healed. Have you had a current MRI of the disk or problem area....and maybe a discogram again?

     At this point, I'm probably not the best person to ask if I would have surgery again, however if the surgery is to stabilize your spine to prevent further damage, then yes I believe I would opt for the surgery.

         If I remember right you went back to work two weeks after your first fusion....I think I remember that, and was amazed that you're healing process went so quickly.

    I went back to work at the 8 week mark, and was no where near well enough to work at that time. However my boss ad crew covered for me, and I did do quite a bit of office work for a couple of months.

      If your first two surgries were considered a sucess,  then yes,...maybe you would want to consider getting it done. I now have the dreaded FBS, and am back up to almost where I left off on with the med's before the fusion. It's a real bummer! shakehead

      Take care, and I'm glad you came back for a visit. Fill us in a little more on this, and I'm sure you will get more comments on it.

       SE wink

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   Posted 8/28/2011 3:57 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Hydrangea,

I'm very happy to see you back, but very sorry about the surgery. I'm seeing the neurosurgeon tomorrow for perhaps a new surgery recommendation to clean up a prior fusion at L5-S1. I'm thinking I'm going to say no, but I have to hear him out before I make the final decision.

I really understand the frustration and depression when you have done so much to make yourself better and things just don't go as planned. I really hope you will find an answer soon.

It's nice to see you again!
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   Posted 8/29/2011 4:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello everyone,
Thank you for all responding. Yes this is all very frustrating as you all know.
The previous levels were s1 l5 in march of 2010 and l5 l4 in December of 2010.
When we talked to the surgeon about the second surgery he did say that the one above probably should be done "in the distant future". We asked if it was best to do it at the same time. His philosophy is that the recovery from two disc is so much longer than just one. As I am sure many of you agree. I did not think that I would be having symptoms so soon.

NO, I will NEVER have another discogram again. The one prior to the last surgery was horrific, and my surgeon said he would not make me do that again. I will hold him to that.

I did go back to work way to early from the first surgery, but the one in December was a much slower recovery. I did take a full six weeks off, and took it easy at work.

As for my decision.....if i Do another surgery it won't be till December (slow time in the landscape industry) I am at a great place physically and more important mentally, you all made a good point saying that I could go down that slippery road of pain again. I did notice that I was really feeling sorry for myself this weekend. I sure can't do that again. I have another appt with my surgeon next week. I already know what he will say, so I really need to think about this.

THANK YOU everyone for your support. It is so nice to come here and have people understand.


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   Posted 8/29/2011 4:10 PM (GMT -6)   
Good to hear from you today. You keep that good attitude going, you deserve it after all you have been through. Jeesh, I just hate hear more surgery again. This would make you a 3 level fusion I am guessing. My husband has a friend out in Ca. that was just released from the hospital Saturday. He had a 3 level fusion complete with rods the whole nine yards. He is 66 yrs old was in good physical shape, but I was shocked at a 3 level being done on some one his age. I just hope he will be able to be somewhat active, as he and his wife are retired and they are very active people.

Hydrangea what type of work do you do for this company? Try not to be a stranger.
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