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   Posted 9/8/2011 2:03 AM (GMT -6)   
Hello all wow it has been a while.  Let me catch you up.   My docs in the office I go to in FL have really been trying to get all of their patients to start taking less and less of the medication.  This is not a bad thing if it is really needed.  I was told a month ago that the medication I was using for long tern control (morphine er) was to much.  I told my doc that no other doc in that practice had ever said anything to me about taking a higher than normal dose or medication.  Also let me say,  I have not seen the same doc in a 6-10 month span.  Everytime I go in there is someone new to see.  I think I must go to a teaching office where there are alot of fellows.  Anyway,  I had never been told I was approaching a higher than desired level of pain control.  Not higher from my lips but the doctors.  When I asked the doc why I had never been told this before he said we have alot of docs here and sometimes they treat patients like numbers or an assembly line.  I thought that was kind of odd.  But he was telling the truth.  THe next doc I saw said each doc treats patients differently.  When I asked my current doc what the ultimate goal for me would be he said to be on non narcotic pain medication.  Right then I thought about the government and how they are cutting way back on PM.  I said to him but what if the percocet works great for me?  He said well we can keep you on it but maybe start to decrease the dose.  And my responce to him was well you are already decreasing my around the clock med dont you think taking the b/t med down as well might increase my pain levels?  To my suprise he said I should not notice much if any difference and I should be fine.    Guess what all of my PM friends out there?  Right then and there I know PM in my state (FL) has changed for good.  It is no longer between the doctor and patient.  Now the govt will regulate everything and the government itself will decide if and how much pain I am in and how much treatment I need.  It is becoming very very very very sad that I cannot get the care I need because a doctor is scared.  Doctors are no longer your friends and people who look out for whats best for you.  Doctors are now running scared from the Govt (DEA) and will do anything they are asked with feared of being banned practicing medicine.  It is so so so so so sad!

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   Posted 9/8/2011 7:01 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Shaw, it is never good when you are in a clinic like yours where you never see the same dr. Why, because it is just as you wrote, each dr has a different aspect on how to treat CP patients. Its almost like the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. You have had such a hard time getting good care for a very long time.

I do have to wonder if a lot of the problem you are running into is where you live in Florida. The reason I say this is we do have members here at the forum that live in Florida and they are not running into the problems you are for decent care. They are getting their medications and not getting the song & dance routine like what you are getting.

I wish there was something better there for you. I know how difficult it has been for you.Take care.l
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   Posted 9/8/2011 9:05 AM (GMT -6)   
It is sad, Florida is pushing things a bit to far, on pain issues...and those
of us with chronic pain get the fall out...I would suggest maybe
you seek out better care else where, maybe Petes Trip could give you some
recommendations....many well wishes to you and hope that you can find a better doctor.
keep us posted on how your doing....
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   Posted 9/9/2011 11:22 AM (GMT -6)   
I really appreciate the wonderful and helpfull comments you all have given me.  I started in pain management in GA and my doc was amazing!  When I moved to Florida the downhill rollercoaster ride began.  The first doc I saw had no problem giving you proper treatment and medication that you needed but would make you feel like you owed him something big because of it.  He would actually kinda push procedures even if you did not need them and use ur medication as a bargening tool.  Dont get me wrong I did many procedures and they worked for a bit but I believe many of them were not required.  To date I think I have had close to 25 procedures on my back (no surgery yet - fingers crossed).  I finally got sick of this doc and his arrogance so I found another office which at first was great.  I saw one doc.  I came to my appt one day and she had quit.  I was put with another doc who I saw for about 3 months then he either quit or moved to another office.   After him I never really had a relationship with one doc.  You know a doc that I can say "My doc".  Now, I see whoever and yes they all have different ways off treating their patients which is not bad but I like consistency.  I was seeing different docs (same office).  Basically I saw who was there and who met my schedule needs.  They all said we can see the notes the previous doc wrote so we know whats going on.  Then all the medication changes began.   No more methadone or oxy ir 15mg for me.  This combination worked extremely well for me.  I hear alot of people say stay away from methadone its no good.  Heres the thing ... It worked for me and I hardly needed any b/t meds.  I think that is the whole goal of chronic pain.  Try to use as little medicine or procedures as you can for the greatest effect.  Now I take many more b/t meds with the around the clock med i am on because the around the clock does not work like the methadone.  Some of you may say why did you stop the methadone and oxy ir 15.  I did not my doc did.  Not for anything I did but because they were all scared.  THe state of FL has scared them all.  After a two year roller coaster ride of trying to find a good treatment plan for me I still am not satisfied.  And to make matters even more crazy.  The methadone and oxy had little side effects for me and I took very little of the medication.  The oxy had no tylenol in it which as I have always been told is bad on your liver.  Now because my docs are scared of the system I take a long acting med that has horrible constipation, about half the pain relief as the methadone doesnt last near as long.  Also my b/t med is now percocet with tylenol!  I thought I should not take this on a chronic basis.  Every doctor I know says you should not take it for long periods of time yet my doc has me on it because he is scared of FL.  My healthcare has taken a backdoor to my physicians being scare to do what they went to school for a long time to do.  I know I am ranting and am sorry if some of you are like GOD this guy wont shut up.  If you dont like what I am saying please stop reading and do something else.  Also as I said it the original post I saw a new doc again this past time who said my long acting med was to high and we should lower it.  To this the first thing I said to him was .. "why is this the first time I am hearing this?"  I have been on this dose now for close to a year and now I hear it.  He said well us doctors all do things a bit different.  We have different training.  The doc I saw before him actually said to me we have many patients and unfortunatly sometimes you (patients) are just a number like an assembly line.  So,  Is the next doc I see gonna say ..."so ur tapering off of this med but ur pain levels are increasing.  I think we should increase it or change it all together. NO NO NO NO  NO NO NO NO!!!!!!  I want one person to deal with here.  I want me and my doctor to discuss what is best for me in my care.  I dont even consider it care anymore.  Its is so terrible. So now since i am titrating down on my long acting med (morphine er) I am takin more b/t med which you quessed it has more tylenol which is not good for me.  Also, If I tell my doc I need more b/t med because my pain levels are up as a result of the decrease of the other med he will tell me no more can be given.  So what do I do then?  Suffer thats what and I am so so so so so tired of it.  All of this is coming from a chronic pain patient who has never had a dirty urine test, whose urine always shows the meds he is taking and the right amount,  who never asks for early refills, who is always early for appts and never cancels them,  who has done physical therapy, nerve studies and many injections.  I have done everything I am supposed to do and as far as I can tell I am the model CP patient.  But still everything boils down to the medication and it should not.  I know many of you say change docs change docs... Its not that easy especially in FL.  Many of the docs here are leaving or not getting into rehabilitation medicine or pain management becaue they dont want to deal with the state.  I really can blame them.  Also how would I even start to begin the process... start calling all these clinics and offices and say i need a new doc.  To many of them this is a red flag. In no other field of medicine would it be.  Any other specialty would gladly see me but not PM.  Do I just start interviewing docs and go through 10 appts till I get the right one?  Can a person do that?  Its just so hard.  My pain levels have been up and I am at my wits end but I am still breathing and thats good.  Oh well I am sorry if you were bored by my rant but it needed to be done.  I have to get up now as my lower right side of my back, groin, hip and leg are starting to hurt pretty bad.  Time for a percocet.  With tylenol .....  Have a great day everyone and I hope you all stay as pain free as possible.
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   Posted 9/14/2011 8:32 AM (GMT -6)   
Sorry about the Improper Language Screaming Eagle.  I really did not know I used a bad word.  And as far as the long post with no paragraphs.. I dont really see why that matters.  Is this a grammer board or a PM board.  I will try and post with proper paragraphs next time.  Sorry :(

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     Shaw, I recieve emails all the time asking me to either split up post, or ask the member to split them up so that they are easier for members to read. This has been requested several times here on this forum, as well many of the other forums by moderators and members alike. Many of us have poor eyesight and or tracking problems.
       Your information is important to the members, and it looks like you have put great effort in writting it as well. My request is out of consideration not only for you and your efforts, but also for other members I try to support on a daily basis.
  I find your comment sarcastic to say the least, and is uncalled for. You may email me at anytime to discuss your displeasure with not only my request but many of the other members request. I simply asked you politely. to consider spliting up your paragraphs so that the members with eyesight problems might have an easier time reading it.
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   Posted 9/14/2011 11:16 PM (GMT -6)   
bingo, the drug dealers go to florida from here (Virginia) and get hundreds of roxis methadone and everything. maybe you should go out of state a explain your situation. your care is sub-standard. has a link to a website that actually tries to place patients with pain doctors, best wishes

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   Posted 9/15/2011 10:17 AM (GMT -6)   
Great.... meds down here in south FL are hard enough to get as it is.... now.. this:

C3 through C7 right open door laminoplasty, C2 through C10 hemilaminectomies, C2 through C7 right forminotomy, and left C5 through C7 foraminotomies, C3-C5 structural rib allograft and local vertebral autograft & C7 with the same allograft & local verterbral autograft & Vertex instrumentation C3-C5
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