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   Posted 12/3/2011 2:27 AM (GMT -6)   
Well, December is finally here and it seems it goes so fast when the holidays are approaching. Sometimes I feel like canceling it all but then reality strikes and I get busy with things I want to do for my family. If course I always try to take on too much and pay the price. You'd think I'd learn... shakehead wink Not yet but there might be some hope this year.

I've decided early to keep gift giving simple!! After all, for me Christmas is being with family and those I love, sharing good food and good times and giving of myself and my time to those around me.

So, my thought and questions is the holiday season looking for you and what can we do to make it easier on ourselves? We more than deserve to not only have a lovely holiday but to actually enjoy it instead of being worn out. I'm open for all kinds of ideas on this jump on in and share how you not only survive but enjoy the season.

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   Posted 12/3/2011 3:53 AM (GMT -6)   
Really! December is here already....were did the year go. Well a few years ago we decided that we would each bring a dish. Everyone comes to my house this year on the 23rd, as the kids have to go to their inlaws this year. We make out a menu and then we divide up what we need and then we are incharge of a dish. This makes it easier on everybody. We even use paper plates so it leaves more time for visiting and playing games. My kids all love to try new games each year.

Chutz, I hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

Bless you, Amy

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   Posted 12/3/2011 11:19 AM (GMT -6)   
Unfortunately I have not had a Christmas at home since 2005! I just don't have the energy or am willing to undergo the extra pain. My children and I usually go to my parents home for dinner. Since we have no little kids around the holidays have been very boring and unexciting. I am supporting my 2 adult children on 1100 a month, living in a home that could be foreclosed on any day. So it is pretty bleek times here. My daughter might have a job, she just did an interview with CVS. My son is autistic and I have been fight with SSDI for 2 years that he is disabled and they say he is not cuz he didn't start collecting as a child, I was told by SSDI not to apply for him because he would get more under my disability and to apply when he turns 18. I am tired of this fight and have given it to a lawyer. I hoping everyone has wonderful and as pain free holidays as possbile.
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   Posted 12/3/2011 5:07 PM (GMT -6)   
Its ironic. I pop on to see how things are going on the forum right when my sons and hubby are putting up the "faux" Christmas tree and read this post. I get to supervise, and help with the ornaments. They do the grunt work.

Keeping things simple is a challenge for me. We as a family go to Christmas Eve service at church usually, or to another church related Christmas event to keep the reason for the holiday clear to the boys. There is also something magical about the cold air, music, lights, and spirit of fellowship. Maybe a live Nativity this year, we aren't sure yet. We do slice and bake cookies, and are going to a Chinese huge buffet for Christmas dinner now. We don't have a group to do a pot luck. It helps.

I buy gifts online, shop only when we must. The cold doesn't agree with me, so we have hot apple cider, hot teas, lots of ways to warm the house. My boys are over Santa days and surprises are getting harder and harder to pull off. We still decorate together and watch some Christmas movies or specials to.

I am interested to hear how others enjoy the season. For me, the depression can easily become overwhelming when I see others enjoy what I can no longer participate in.

Thanks Chutz, and I pray your family has a blessed Christmas.

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   Posted 12/4/2011 12:25 AM (GMT -6)   
Greetings All, yes this is a season, that for a while I had not gotten fond of.
But over the past 5-6 years that has changed, first I put my grown children to work to help me, then (I am so blessed), both of my grandchildren love to help in the kitchen, now when things get hectic, they have to go, but and my family expands, with my wonderful son in law to be, there is even more to enjoy and feel blessed.  And, since his sister was here for Thanksgiving, her and I shared the rest of the food.  Any it was wonderful.
And I stayed in bed the next 3 days,, but some things are worth it.
Well good luck to all, and happy holidays, and be careful, and dont overwork, oh well you all already know that.
Take care,
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   Posted 12/4/2011 7:51 AM (GMT -6)   
Hmm so years I don't even want to deal with the holidays. Too much to do and the week or two afterwards I'd rather curl up and hide. However I don't really have a choice, our kids are all still little.

I already have all my gifts bought and wrapped. I start shopping the day after Christmas for the following Christmas. I have several totes I store stuff in. And I try to get them wrapped and labeled as soon as I buy them. I keep a list of everything thing I've bought and for whom so I can keep track.

I still do my baking and some candy making but nothing like I used too. I start in October mixing up my cookie doughs and I freeze them. Take them out the week before Christmas and thaw and bake them up. We don't have any family near us so I bake for our friends and neighbors and give them platters sometimes a week before Christmas.

As far as Christmas dinner my 14 and 13 year old and sometimes hubby if he's not working helps get all the veggies peeled and cut up on Christmas Eve. I put everything into pots, cover them and leave on the stove for the next day.

We've had our tree up since Thanksgiving day. Hubby puts our tree up and I sit drink my coffee and watch the kids decorate it.

I don't have the holiday parties anymore. Some things are just not worth the extra pain. But I still have to do the basics because of the kids. My youngest is a firm believer in Santa and I want to keep it going as long as possible.

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   Posted 12/4/2011 12:26 PM (GMT -6)   
I bought an early gift for the family -- xbox w/kinect and a few games.
In the past few years, what I've done is give one shared gift for the house and pretty much otherwise donate money in names of individuals (wife, step-daughter, mother in law, brother in law, etc.). My side of the family does not celebrate Christmas (both sides are Jewish but my wife's father was Christian so we end up celebrating with tree and gifts).

Personally, I think the frenzy of shopping does not seem appropriate to celebrate the birth of Christ (though I am an outsider). It seems far more Christian to give to the needy, each donation in the name of a loved-one. What I do is match the interests of the individual with the appropriate charity (my wife for instance is very concerned about how women are mistreated in the developing world; for my step-daughter, I donate to education or other children's causes in the developing world, etc..).

A good place to go to find suitable charities is Quite a few charities will send you a card or a little token that you can then wrap up and put under the tree. One example is World Vision. They have some really cool ideas, such as donating money so that families can buy livestock for milk or eggs.
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   Posted 12/4/2011 8:45 PM (GMT -6)   
I love the holidays even when I am battling hard depression. I tend to become more depressed during the holidays and there are alot of people that do this. But, depression or not I am going to enjoy the holidays and I would not for one moment try to bring anyone else down just because I may be off a little. One thing I cannot stand or would ever consider is using my health issues to bring others down during the holidays. I know people do this all the time, its unfair to the others and all they are doing is trying to draw attention to themselves.

My daughter-in-law and her mom & I get together and have our bake off days, lol. We make candy one day, cookies another and breads on another. By helping each other out it makes the job easier plus the clean up and we get to visit while having fun. cookie baking day is awesome, we make so many, we ice & decorate some sugar cookies and use colored sugar on others. We always have help from the 6 yr old grandson too.

We make a menu out and each brings dishes. We do smoked brisket & a spiral ham for Christmas dinner, all easy to make. Our side dishes are easy as well so no one is standing in the kitchen for hours cooking. We want to enjoy the day playing games and watching old Christmas movies and playing with the 6 yr old.

I still decorate the house some and put up a tree. I do not decorate inside anything like I use to and thats ok, its still pretty and much easier to deal with. Outside I put net lights up in the bushes and outline the flower bed in lights. I have some wreaths I hang in the windows that light up and I call it done. No more outlining the house and the yard & druve in lights, lol.

Shopping for the adults is kept simple-I remind them no stress allowed shopping and trying to buy tons of stuff for the others. Its too expensive, I always ask for a current family picture of each of my kids and I am very happy with that as a gift.

There are many ways to enjoy the holidays without killing ourselves, its a matter of whether the person really wants to participate or not. Just being with family and friends is always great. I hope everyone has a great holiday.
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   Posted 12/4/2011 5:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Wow I just love reading all of your holiday enjoyment. Holidays are not as enjoyable for me as they used to be before I lost our babies. I lost Jesse on December 21 and that's so close to Christmas that it's hard to enjoy.

We put our tree up earlier this week and went and bought gifts for each other last Friday night. I plan to put window clings on the sliding glass door. I put a little wreath on the door that says Let It Snow on Thanksgiving, I think it was. I still need to do a little more decorating.

We will probably go to the church up the street on Christmas Eve. I plan to have turkey and the trimmings for us on Christmas Day. Our families don't live close, so it will just be the two os us.

We have been watching specials on tv when I hear of one that is coming on.

I hope everyone has a enjoyable Christmas.

love and hugs

ps. Thanks Chutz. I hope you and your family have a great holiday.
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   Posted 12/5/2011 6:14 AM (GMT -6)   
Aww Susie - you sound a bit like me and my Mum. We always have our traditional Christmas baking too. In our house though it's Scottish shortbread and mince pies. All our shortbread are baked out of Scotch thistle moulds that belonged to my grandma, and the mince pies use a tweaked version of my great-grandmother's sweet short pastry recipe.

Christmas is often warm here, so we don't have the traditional Christmas that you guys think of. We usually have a BBQ, and everyone brings a plate of something.

I don't cope well with shopping centres or crowds, so I'm another who does a lot of shopping online. I like making presents myself, so a lot of my shopping is raw materials - this year I'm making soap, lotion and bath salts for a number of friends and family. It works out much cheaper too.
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   Posted 12/5/2011 12:32 PM (GMT -6)   
Laura your shortbread sounds awesome and the mince pie makes my mouth water, lol. I forgot to say I do avoid the malls, any place where there is a lot of people. My crohns meds strip what immune system I have and its just not worth the risk of getting sick. I usually go to the smaller stores that are out alone and I order a lot of my stuff directly from the stores. All of the toys I bought for my grandson had free shipping and I have been doing this for quite some time now. I don't do well in crowds anymore anyway, lol.

I am in Tx and the weather changes moment to moment. It can be warm enough for shorts on Christmas Day or very cold we never know, lol.
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   Posted 12/5/2011 1:53 PM (GMT -6)   
to 9yrschronicpain/Loretta
I'm so very sorry on the loss of your babies...many Prayers for you...
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   Posted 12/5/2011 6:26 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you so much Chart. I appreciate all the prayers.

love and hugs
Dx: osteoarthritis, bursitis in left hip, Osteoarthrits in right hip, compression fracture in thoracic spine due to falling on frozen ground March 2001 , ddd, spinal stenosis, bone spurs, osteoarthritis in spine, osteoarthritis in both knees
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