I need help with pain now!

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   Posted 3/21/2012 10:40 AM (GMT -6)   
Hello. I have sever chronic migraines and symptoms that I believe are fibromyalgia. I want to know if you people agree. This is what I'm giving to my RA. Keep in mind I am 19, almost 20.


-Bad migraines pulsating and pounding coupled with neck pain. This has been progressively getting worse since age 7.
-Extreme lower back pain since age 15-16.
-When I am touched it is extremely sensitive and if pressure is applied to most parts of my body, it has a deep burning pain that's indescribable.
-I have ground down my teeth from clenching them due to pain from every reach, bend, etc. that I have to endure through the day.
-It hurts to sit, I don't get releif when I lay down
-My ribs are constantly sore and I have trouble bending and sitting
-Trouble swallowing sometimes, it feels like my throat is swelled
-I get no sleep at night because of the pain and pressure. I've tried three different matresses each supposed to be more comfortable and I still can't sleep.
-I am tired and fatigued all day because I am never rested.
-It is hard to work and I am losing hours and am afraid of losing my job.
-Tingling in my hands and feet that is very scary, sometimes worse than the actual pain. My limbs sometimes go numb. It is an almost daily occurance.
-Achey constantly. It hurts to do any thing besides lay in bed. Even laying in bed is painful in my hip and shoulders and head.
-Tightness in my head, neck top of back, and shoulders
-Aching joints
-Knees get very tender in the morning and worse throughout the day
-Diarrhea at least twice a week

This is how it effects my life:

-I have serious sleep issues, I'm always exhausted.
-I can't excercise, it's too painful. I used to love to go to the park and walk but I can't anymore.
-I have trouble concentrating at work, because of pain and fatigue and not getting any breaks.
-I wake up and feel like I got hit by a truck.
-I set my alarm and hour early, so I have time to properly wake up and deal with pain before getting out of bed.
-Taking showers causes horrible pain from bending, reaching, and moving a lot. If I take a shower it can make me exhausted for the whole day.
-I get panic attacks from the bad pain and from the tingling feelings in my limbs.
-I want to attend college but can't in this condition.
-I afraid of losing my job because I can't perform in pain.

Medications used in past:
Imitrex Pill/Nasal Spray - Worked well for first six months, lost effectiveness. Still using 100mg dose occasionally.
Voltarin - No effect, tried raising dose three times
Depekote - Bad reaction, gave me double vision
Amerge - No effect, made me feel dizzy
Celebrex - No effect, tried raising dose three times
Inderal - Made migraines much worse
Vistiril - No effect, just drowsiness
Torodol - Made me swell up, had to stop taking.
Maxalt - No effect even at raised doses
Vicodin - Helps for 2-3 hours but gave me a throbbing pain in my lower back.
Axert - Gave me frightening chest and shoulder pain
Lyrica - Gave me hives and peeling skin - I believe I am allergic
Relpax - Had identical effects to axert
Excedrine - Helps for 20-30mins, then get a worse migraine
Zomig - No effect even at raised doses
Relefan - No effect, then caused rash and had to stop use
Naproxen - Very minimal relief. Helps to use in conjunction with other treatments.
Midrin - No effect at high dose
Prednisone - Caused extreme agitation and moodiness worse than headache
Migranal - Caused extreme nausea, tried taking with a meal and was still very ill from it.
Fiorinol - Helped slightly, as much as naproxen.
Corgard - Extreme fatigue and tiredness throughout entire day.
Ativan - Helped at first, but after a month no effect, drowsiness.
Neurontin - No effect, drowsiness
Fexeril - Made me very dizzy had to stop taking it, didn’t help at all.
Elavil - No effect, tried two months of gradual dose raising
Tofranil - Made migraines worse
Cyclobenzaprine - Gave me dizzy spells no effect on migraine.
Tramadol - Didn’t help with pain and made migraines worse.
Percocet - Helped well for four hours with headache and back pain.
Aventil - Worsened migraines
Klonopin - Helps with nausea, no effect on migraine. Helps me sleep when I have bad migraines.
Adapine - Worsened migraines
Cardizem - No effect
Tenormin - Helped slightly, made me fatigued, lost effect after about a month.
Calan - Turned my skin red
Lopressor - Made migraines much worse, worse with higher doses.
Benadryl - Helps with vomiting, still occasionally use.

I've tried holistic, water, yoga, and acupuncture. This has been a problem my entire life but I never wanted to go on narcotic meds but I need to! How do I ask, and what should I expect? Thanks guys.

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   Posted 3/21/2012 2:34 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Emin and welcome to the chronic pain forum. Wow, after reading your story it looks like you have been through the gambit on the typical medications that the drs rx for migraines and some you had some luck with and some you didn't. I also noticed you posted this at the fibro forum and they have a great group over there that can help you better with the fibro issues. Have you seen a rheumatologist yet? I know many of the Fibro folks are treated and given their dx by a rheummie. If you have not seen one, I think it would be worth seeing one in a consult that deals with Fibro patients.

Migraines can be debilitating, as I have them and so does both of my children. My son started having them when he was 8 yrs old. To this day he is still plagued with them, some times you can out grow them if you have them as a child, he was not one of the lucky ones.

I understand you not wanting to go on narcotics, no one in their right mind wants to go down that path. However, for some people when it comes to quality of life issues, there is no other choice.

I am not sure how educated you are in the area of treatment of chronic pain, but this may an option for you is to be treated by a pain mgt dr is you cannot get any help from other drs. One big issue is your age and being young, the drs use this against young people. Drs do not like to put someone as young as you are on narcotics. It has become very difficult for people much older than you to get a dr to rx pain medication who are living with chronic pain. Primary care physicians have pretty much stopped rxing them, they do not want to get involved with all of the red tape and have the DEA breathing down their necks. You probably do not know there are new rules and guidelines in place for drs that write scripts for narcotics, it has really tightened up and chronic pain patients are paying a heavy price as a result of this. Pain is pain no matter how old you are.

I do hope you have success in finding a dr that can help you, as no one should suffer this day in time with the medical field being as it is. Take care...Susie
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   Posted 3/21/2012 2:43 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Emin, and welcome.

I'm sorry that you're experiencing severe pain at your age. I've had chronic pain since I was 14. I'm now 27 and it's not fun.

The important thing here is that none of us are doctors, and we can't give you a diagnosis. What we can do is try to help based on our own experiences. So - that said - what sort of testing, if any, have you had done? Have your doctors checked things like your ANA, ESR? Basically - have they ruled out any auto-immune disease.

Have you had any imaging (x-ray, CT, MRI) to investigate your back pain? Is it a bony problem, a muscle problem? Is it nerve pain?

As far as medication goes, you are in an awkward position because of your age. A doctor is going to be very reluctant to prescribe you strong opioids I think, because of the issue of your body becoming tolerant to the meds over time. Do you have a pain management specialist? If not, that would be a good first step.

Your and your doctor need to go over your history, look over your medication list. You need to explain that currently your pain is not well controlled. There are different stages of meds that your doctor might be willing to look at. I hope he/she can come up with something to help.

Others here might have some suggestions for as well.

All the best,

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   Posted 3/23/2012 11:08 AM (GMT -6)   
The other here have given you good advise, as we don't know if you've seen any pain management doctor
that would be a good start and if you have then maybe seek out help with another pain management doctor, some pm doctor's
treat fibro better than others...so seek out help in finding a good pain (PD) management doctor...it can sometimes
be hard to find that right fit but when you do it'll be worth it and a good moist heating pad helps the most on bad
days....many well wishes to you and do keep us posted...
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   Posted 3/24/2012 8:57 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello Emin,

I hate to see all the problems you are having at such a young age. I noticed in the Fibro group you posted that you are going to see a Physiatrist and by the link you posted you have already researched what a physiatrist does. In answer to your question about meds, my answer to you would be just be honest with him and tell him what you want and why. Also provide the all-inclusive list you have already prepared and posted on here to the new Doctor for his review. Just guessing but I think he will probably want to know what all Doctors you have seen in the past and obtain a copy of your medical records from them. Also copies of all medical test that have been ran on you and those results. You apparently are good at keeping records to be able to provide the list of medications you did on here so if you have that info with you when you go it will probably help him figure out how to help get you some relief ASAP.

Good luck, I hope you get the help you need to be pain free.
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