Not Sure where to post this- in hospital with pleurisy

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   Posted 3/27/2012 1:47 PM (GMT -6)   
I wasn't sue where to post this but since i normally post under chronic pain, as i suffer a great deal of, I thought here was as good as any. I have suffered from intense pain, normally in my left side but sometimes in the middle of my chest since I was a teenager, normally i ride it out with rest and cough medicine to make me sleep and I normally wake up and feel ok.

Not the case this week, I started feeling it in my left side and stayed home from work and just treated it with my normal pain medicine. By Sunday I was hurting so bad I had to call the ambulance to come get me as I couldn't stand to move! Ive had 4 heart attacks and have drove myself each time but this pain is unbelievable!! I often get treated like someone just looking for pain meds after the ER nurses see my med list, which really makes me angry as those medications are PRESCRIBED by a doctor, and are irrelevant to my current condition. So they pump me up with dilauded and sent me home.
I awoke the next morning and called my gp to schedule a follow up, who happen to be the doc on call in the ER the night before, I was able to get in the same day and as soon as i walked in the door of my gp's office they sat me in a wheelchair and took me to the ER, now they admitted me and started antibiotics, steroids, and dilauded by iV. they are trying to send me home on just the meds I have from my chronic pain, that is why I'm here as those medicines didn't touch this pain! I'm very angry!!!
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   Posted 3/27/2012 2:05 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey Badheart, are you saying they have now dx'd you with pleurisy, that would explain the pain you describe, it can cause horrible pain. So, was the plan to admit you for just 24 hours for observation or what? Sure does not sound right. Is it your GP the one saying discharge him and has he been around yet today. I hope he will change his mind if he has not done rounds yet and see's the shape you are in.

Keep us posted....Susie
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   Posted 3/27/2012 2:20 PM (GMT -6)   
Yes they say its pleurisy but my GP said he has never seen anyone in so much pain from it ( obviously he has never had it!!) So he made his rounds and forgot to see me so now he can't come back till after hours- his practice is across the street, so the nurse was kind enough to give me some more IV pain meds since I will be here for awhile. Not overly impressed with my hospital experience this time!
intercostal neuralgia, degenerative disc disease,ulcerative colitis, atherosclerosis, depression, & anxiety
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   Posted 3/27/2012 2:21 PM (GMT -6)   

I'm so sorry you are suffering! I hope they keep you long enough to give the antibiotics time to work, which will also help decrease your pain. Let them know that you are afraid of going home w/ that type of pain; even though you do have pain meds, those are for your chronic pain - not for this new, acute pain.

Let us know how you are doing.... --Tina
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   Posted 3/27/2012 4:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Awe, so very sorry to hear your so ill, many get well wishes coming your ways...
Take your time and posts when your feeling better....coughing like that can hurt a lot so really hope your better soon...
Prayers and well wishes...
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   Posted 3/27/2012 5:09 PM (GMT -6)   
Sorry to hear this....

Do they know what caused the pleurisy? I wonder how the GP knew it was that without any testing....or did he just get you into the hospital and then they did the tests there that confirmed it...

I hope that it's helped by the antibiotics....

It's hard when a chronic pain patient has acute Drs. are only looking at the acute part where something like pleurisy pain is usually controlled by acetaminophen or ibuprofen.....but they don't take into account that any pain on top of what we feel each day is much worse...

Who normally prescribes your pain medicine? Can you contact that Dr. and have them work with the Drs. in the hospital to work out a plan for medication upon release?

Keep us posted...
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   Posted 3/28/2012 10:17 AM (GMT -6)   
Badheart, you are so right about the pain associated with pleurisy. I have had this before back many, many years ago. I have to agree with you, the pain that a person can get with that mess is unbelievable. I have a sister that gets this quite often and she ends up in the hospital each time. Sometimes I wish these drs could become afflicted with some of the things that the patients experience. Usually, if they have ever experienced something a patient has had, they tend to be a little more compassionate to the patient.

I do hope you are getting better.
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   Posted 3/28/2012 10:56 AM (GMT -6)   


      ..Badheart...I too have had a massive HA..and also suffer from pleurisy and I can see the worry you may have. And your Dr!...WOW!....not to ever see anyone with bad pleursiy? I have had it so bad we called an ambulance as well...thought I was having a HA! In fact I almost passed out at the hospital from it.

    I do keep Nitro on hand...both Spray and Pills...and have used them before just incase. I also get cramping in my chest while laying in bed...but can make it go away by moving my position. Also...I get a extreemly sharp stabing pain in my side as well...and hits me so hard it makes me yell out....won't tell you what I yell! LOL...but it can sure drop me to my knees very quickly.

   Lets hope they get things figured out for you I understand the worry, especially if you have had several HA's in the past.

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   Posted 3/28/2012 11:57 AM (GMT -6)   
Wow, I am so sorry for what you are going through. Heart patients should NEVER be dismissed as drug seekers (IMHO). It's not like you can pretend test results don't exist.

I do understand the pain meds thing and how they can make things worse by giving you ONLY what you take at home. If that worked, you wouldn't need to be in the hospital.

It makes me so angry when people are mistreated in the hospital where they have no control over any of their circumstances. I really hope you are able to find family or friends to come stay with you and help advocate for your medical care.

I hope your meds will help with the pain soon and you can get the attention you so deserve.
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