I really need all of your help.

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I am posting here really as my last attempt to get proper treatment. Here is the situation:

I am currently 26 years old white male, average height, and somewhat on the slim side. Previous to age 22, I was a very social, outgoing, productive person who had a fulfilled life. Around the age of 22 years old, I started to produce an insane amount of kidney stones monthly. These stones were extremely painful, and usually required emergency intervention. Not only was the pain an issue, but the stones usually had to be removed via cystoscopy, and there we serious infections at times. Between the ages of 22 and 24, I would assume that I have produced at least over 100 stones, and have visited the OR about 20 times for extraction. The doctors tried different medications, diets, and other techniques to prevent the formation of kidney stones, all pretty much failing. I was also on a lot of pain medication, typically IV Dilaudid, and numerous oral/patch narcotics. As these we not required all the time, I didn't have an issue yet taking narcotics.

At age 23, following a routine cystoscopy to remove a kidney stone, this is when things really went down hill. I had the sensation of severe left flank pain radiating to the front ALL the time. Even to this day, I am still feeling the pain constantly. I received a CT of of left kidney to rule out any damage from the procedure, and they saw scarring of the ureter. I was told that the scarring and inflammation of the ureter would subside, and they continued the pain medication prescriptions (Vicodin 7.5/750 x120 with 7 refill), and referred to pain management. I would like to add that at this time, I am working, even though barely.

I arrive at the pain management doctor. She asked me for a history, as well as other questions, such as allergies, medication, drug/alcohol use, etc. Her boss enters the room and starts talking about this medication called "Suboxone" and how great it is for pain. I have never heard of it, so he advised me to look it up and come to the follow up appointment with any questions. Before I leave, they also do a drug test (which only showed the vicodin I was taking). I did research on Suboxone, and I found that it was used for opiate dependency and addiction. I was a little freaked out, because I was neither of these things, but willing to do anything to help myself function, I agreed to taking them. Within a few days, it was clear this medication did not help with pain, and I went back to the Vicodin ES. At this point, I started to require more and more of the medication in order to obtain the "pain management" dose. I did talk to the doctor at the next appointment about this, and she instructed me to not take more than prescribed, and changed the medication to MSContin. She prescribed the lowest doses possible, and because they we're not helping, I took more than prescribed. She tried pretty much every non-narcotic and narcotic pain medication available, only prescribing the minimal dose, which didn't help. I decided to change doctors a few times following this experience, all resulting with the same level of treatment.

Eventually, I said "Screw this". I still received my prescription for Vicodin, however, my tolerance was so high, I was going through all 120 in 2 weeks. This is when stuff got REAL bad. I have friends who use pills for fun and stuff, and I knew they were able to get morphine and other narcotics. I started to be comfortable with obtaining my pain medications this way, instead of dealing with doctors....

When I was 23, I had face numbness, and started to appear stroke-like. I was rushed to the ER, where they found two brain lesions from the CT scan. After some testing, the neuro said it is Multiple Sclerosis, and decided to try different MS medications to stop progression. Since this diagnosis, I have seen a total of 2 neurologists, one saying it is MS, the other saying it isn't. The doubt from the one doctor comes from the fact that my labs are not consistent with a MS patient, such as my spinal fluid (tested 3 separate times) always comes back negative for MS. The flipside is that I have had 3 MRIs, and there shows ZERO progression. However, since this issue, I have not only severe left flank radiating pain, but extreme depression and fatigue, as well as a narcotic dependency. I have had to stop working at this point, because I couldn't be relied on.

Long story short from this point, I attempted to return to college for the 2011-2012 semester, and that failed. My health was not well enough to take on such a role. I am 26 now, and have no health insurance. I have moved back from school to live with my parents, and during Christmas break, I, cold turkey, got rid of the narcotic dependency. At this point, I am on my last straw, I still experience pain.... and I am tired/depressed all the time. Is there anyone else who has any advice on this issue?

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Hi xxbwhxx.

One of my best friends growing up migrated from prescribed opioids to heroin. He was in a car accident when he was 20 and when doctors cut him off, he started buying oxycodone on the streets. This moved on to smoked heroin then to injecting it. By 23 or so, he was out of school and spending all his money on drugs. A few more years went by and eventually he began stealing from everyone he knew: friends and family to pay for his habit.

By around 30, he was just a junkie. His family put him in rehab. The first time around he didn't kick his habit, but he did during his second stay. For the next ten years, he was not given any pain meds except for an SNRI and only in the past few years did his addiction psychiatrist allow him to use oxycodone sparingly.

In addition to the obvious consequences of addiction, he had to suck up the pain for 10 years without any opioids to help him... and so he wasn't able to do much with his life.

His story is one that arose through many mistakes -- both on his part and on the part of his doctors. You may as well be on the edge of a very deep hole, but your posting today indicates that you're looking for a different direction.

There are good doctors out there who can find more suitable treatments for your pain: Morphine, Fentanyl, Butrans Patch, etc.. There are some mightly powerful opioids out there, far far stronger than vicodin. Without insurance they can be costly, but so in heroin. Maybe though, if you can find the right pain management doctor, they will be willing to find the right med and right dose for you. If that didn't happen with previous doctors, you need to either find a new one or maybe communicate your issues more fully -- maybe you get more help from one medication, and find its side effects to be more mild, but you're pain isn't being managed at the dose and need it raised.

From at least the one story that has touched my life, heroin seems just too risky. If you haven't yet tried the above prescription meds (and there are others), you should. If you tell your pain doctor that X mg of oxycodone or hydrocodone didn't help, he'll hopefully start you at a more suitable dose.

It is probably also a good idea to seek some addiction counseling. Maybe just start by making a call to Narcotics Anonymous and get some feedback from them... or see if your parents can help you out and find a therapist who can discuss chronic pain and addiction issues with you.

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MRIs are bettther than CTs. I would in all honesty go to a rheumy to rule out auto immune. There are auto immune diseases that caust inflammation. If I were you even consider an internest. I highly recommend, on my personal battle in chemotherapy, teaching hospitals. I never went to teaching hospitals before I was sick.
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Just a gentle reminder of the Forum Rule pertaining to discussion of suicide........................
1. No discussion of any illegal activity or threats of violence. (ie. illicit drug use, including medical marijuana use, threats of suicide or self-injury, or threatened or intended physical harm).  Discussions of suicide or self-harm that are deemed negative and therefore potentially injurious to others are also not permitted.
Please remember we have members who are very young and discussions of suicide, what people used, how they harmed themselves etc is not considered appropriate for the forum.
I have been reading a lot of posts recently that pertain to suicide.

Due to the anonymity of the site and the fact that this is a peer support group and not responsible for calling any authority on any member that threatens suicide, we strongly encourage members to call the hotline , 911, a family member or a friend, or to check themselves in to the local hospital emergency room.

Thank you in advance for your understandin of this rule.


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