oxycofone shortage in central florida

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   Posted 6/23/2012 8:45 PM (GMT -6)   
Well once again nobody can get the meds they need cause the dea thinks everyone that takes oxycodone are drug dealing junkies. Such bullcrap!!!!!! I went and called atleast 70 pharmacies and they all said they didn't have it and didn't know when they would. Although I did find a couple pharmacies that had it but wouldn't take Medicaid, I guess cause it won't pay what their price goudging asses are charging for the med. When I first got put on oxycodone I was buying them for $.89 ea. and now the same chain of independent pharmacy is charging $10 ea and won't take Medicaid anymore. If you tell them you have Medicaid they will tell you they don't have the med. I understand the dea involvement cause of people Dr shopping and all the people getting the drug for the wrong reasons, but people that need it like me are suffering. I went to the Dr on the 19th and now its the 23rd and still have no meds and I'm going through withdraws on top of my normal pain that I go to the Dr for. I can understand why people commit suicide cause its a lot to bare. I hope this get fixed real soon.

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   Posted 6/23/2012 9:01 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi and welcome to the chronic pain forum. I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting your meds.You need to get in contact with your dr Monday and let him know that you do not and cannot get your meds. This sort of thing has been going on for quite awhile in certain parts of Florida and seems to be getting worse instead of better. We have heard this story a lot here at the forum.

Please keep us posted on how you get this taken care of and again welcome aboard....Susie
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   Posted 6/23/2012 9:12 PM (GMT -6)   
The reason behind all of this is all of those pain clinics that were springing up like weeds in Florida and the licensed drug dealers who would prescribe hundreds of pain pills every month to individuals. While something needed to be done about it the Florida state legislature went about it the wrong way and went too far.

It is not so much the Federal Government that is the cause of the shortage in Florida but rather laws that were quickly enacted and not thought through by your state government.

The only real hope you and all the other legit pain patients have in correcting things down there is to get the state government to understand what is going on. Work on starting letter writing and phone campaigns. Get your friends and family involved. Try to get the doctors and nurses you know to get involved and get them to get their buddies in the medical community working on it too.
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   Posted 6/23/2012 9:35 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi and welcome,

I'm sorry that you are in pain and going through withdrawals.

That has got to be rough not being able to have your meds. Can your doctor prescribe you a different dosage that they may have in stock? Or maybe a different med?
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   Posted 6/24/2012 1:30 AM (GMT -6)   
Im sorry you are having so much trouble. Can you ask your doctor to switch you to something that medicade will cover?
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   Posted 6/24/2012 10:49 AM (GMT -6)   
I'm not sure if mail order pharmacies take medicaid, but that is an option to explore. I once ordered Ultram, a schedule III drug from Prime Therapeutics, who is partnered with Blue Cross; and as others have mentioned, how about a different pain med that is available locally? oxymorphone, hydromorphone, morphine, etc.?

I also wonder if some pharmacies just say over the phone that they have no oxycodone and are reserving it for their long-time customers. If that might be so, consider trying to build a relationship with a local pharmacy. That's not an immediate solution, but may help in the long run.
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   Posted 6/24/2012 3:01 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanx for all the advice guy and gals. I did have a pharmacy that I went to for 2 years in a Winn Dixie and one month he all a sudden with no call or nothing said he can't get ANY narcotics anymore, and I think if was because about 30 miles away a cvs had ordered over 3 million oxycodone in less than a year. That's why cvs no longer has the med cause the entire chain pulled the product. It's dirty pharmacist that do this knowing they make Enuff money on a regular salary to live nice, but they get greedy. From what I understand and have read about is the distributor that was supplying the whole central Florida was suspended for selling one place that many when most pharms in the us only go thru about 80,000 a year. I also read that that distributor is off suspension now so I don't understand why there is still a problem. Like I said before everyone that takes and gets oxycodone is nomore than drug dealing junkies in the eyes of the dea. Wow this makes me mad and it seems like you can write and call all you want and all they say is its bein taken care of.

I have edited your post as there are rules here at the forum concerning language. This is a family oriented forum, please take a look at the rules here. Thanks.

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   Posted 6/24/2012 6:49 PM (GMT -6)   
I have used the same CVS drug store here in S.C. for a good 12 years now, and have never heard of any shortages on the pain meds you mentioned. Perhaps its a region by region thing. I agree with another poster above, that it pays to have a good long term relationship with the same drug store. The staff where I go know me by face and name, and it helps. Plus they have had good communications with my oncologist, and he makes sure that they have what I need, when I need it. I know not everyone is that fortunate.

But even at my drugstore, the pharmacist told me, they are on constant alert for the drug-shoppers and the drug seekers, its a problem in all 50 states. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to the problem and it just makes it more difficult for those in serious need with true chronic pain.

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   Posted 6/25/2012 1:38 AM (GMT -6)   
Yes David I agree 100% that a good relationship with a good pharmacist and after 2-2 1/2 years I thought I had that cause he did know me my wife and my lil one by first middle and last name. Just makes no sense. I'm either gonna switch to a different medicine like diladid or opt for surgery, but I'm only 37yrs old and with meds I can live a halfway decent life, but back surgery scares the devil outta me cause I've not seen or meet a lot of people with great success with having their back opened up and messed with. I know in my heart that one day I will need it done but just not ready to be in worse shape yet, I think I have a few more years to prolong it if I can stay on meds.oh yea I have 2 herniated disc in L3&L4 and a disc that is leaked, all out on L5 that the doc explains it wud look like a raisen and also disc digentetave disease. Not a great feeling with no meds and withdraws and no sleep for 5 days. Thanx all for letting me vent. Talk later.

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   Posted 6/26/2012 5:58 PM (GMT -6)   
I live in Central Fla. and filled my Oxi script about 2 weeks ago at my reg. CVS w/ no problems. When did you say this started? I can asure you tha CVS still carries Oxicodone #15, I've been getting them there for years!! You didn't say what strength her scrit was for, maybe they are out of the larger doses?
Oh and yes, I've been thu this shortage thing many times before! It realy sucks!!! The last couple times it happened to me, my doc changed it to Percocet #10/ Iforget the 2nd number which is the amount of tylonol but I think it was 200 maybe?
Good luck and I'm sure I'll be posting if they are still out of stock in 2 weeks when my script coms due!!!
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   Posted 6/27/2012 10:31 AM (GMT -6)   
lahaina, good luck with the ex-friend issue you were having, keep us updated.
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   Posted 6/29/2012 7:27 PM (GMT -6)   
sometimes i have problems getting my oxy in newyork im prescribed 180-240 of the 15s . i was told if you call and ask if they have it in stock they will always tell you no because they have new policy due to recent robberies. and i think they look at the person and judge the by looks,... and if they seem ok they will fill it, but if they dont know you and u seem sketchy they will say they dont have it in stock or tell you they have to order it which takes a week knowing you will prob leave. i hope all this gets fixed soon

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