Shoulderblade Pain

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   Posted 6/28/2012 10:48 AM (GMT -6)   
Ok I'm new to the forum found it after doing a Google search on trying to find out what is causing my sever pain. about a year ago I was breaking up some crates at work using a sledgehammer *ya I know what your thinking already!*. I twisted or something and hurt myself as the story always goes that way when your using a sledgehammer right? Well it hasn't been all to bad at first sure it hurt like hell but seemed to go away for a little bit then it would come back. I'm a gamer and spend a lot of time at the computer after work and always thought that my desk was causing the pain as the chair/desk isn't ergonomic.

Now pain isn't something new to me as I have a slipped disc in lower back and the disc above/below are bulging from the pressure so its normal everyday pain for me. But in the last month the pain that I've been experiencing is anything but normal, its located right behind my left shoulder blade itself. Its feels like someone is taking a chisel to that specific spot and it comes in we'll say waves. You know how the ocean has waves that splash at the beach well every time a I feel pain a darn wave splashed up on shore. I've tried Alleve, Motrin, Bio freeze, heating blanket, ice pack, doctor gave me Volteren Gel *SP*, and now he has me on Hydrocodon which isn't really helping.

I do get relief from the pain if I'm sitting in a chair and i slouch down enough to were the weight of my back is on the chair so its like pressure on the spot helps stop the pain. I'm sorry I'm not good at describing pain. But when my fiance massages in the Volteren Gel just her pressing on the area takes the pain away immediately almost withing like 20-30 seconds.. She stops and the pain comes back within we'll say 2-3 minutes. The pulsing waves of pain don't get any less with 7.5mg Hydrocodon meds, I just can't get relief and I absolutely hate taking medicine, I've dealt with my lower back pain since I was 9 when I got hit by a car that caused the problem and I'm now turning 30 in a couple months.

SO that is 21 years with dealing with pain everyday of my life without using drugs to solve the problem. What can I do to help? Pain is driving me insane I just want to scream all the time!!

(I took the liberty of splitting up your post into paragraphs that are easier for our members and visitors to read, as many of us have tracking problems) Thanks! SE wink

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Hello OrcD3vil!….and Welcome to our Chronic Pain forum!

After reading your post here…I can relate as I have the same type of pain! shakehead Of course we cannot diagnose you here, but I might suggest that you seek medical attention. Not what you want to hear I know!…but we simply are not Dr's and cannot diagnose. I will say that there are several things that may be the cause…one of them being a "Cervical" problem. Has your Dr, done any test, like a CT scan or an MRI? I believe I would start there first. There is some truth behind the need for good ergonomics while playing on a computer, so you might want to invest in a decent chair as an after thought.

My pain is a stabbing type located on the inside of the right shoulder blade, radiating up towards the neck...and an MRI confirms cervical problems, and will more than likely need surgery to correct the problem. I have had Physical Therapy and several injections (Epidural's)…and not gotten much help from them. At the moment were using pain med's for relief, as the Neurosurgeon said I'm not quite ready for surgery.

I wish you luck!…and again Welcome and enjoy the forum and it's members!

SE wink
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   Posted 6/28/2012 6:34 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Orc and welcome to the chronic pain forum. It sounds like you have finally just about reached the end of your rope trying to deal with your pain with the least amount of medication possible. Anyone that suffers with true chronic pain generally starts out this way, but as time goes on our pain level changes and many times our physical problems will change also, usually meaning we get worse instead of better.

Since this has been a long standing problem you probably would fare better under the care of a pain mgt dr at this point. They are trained to help patients that have pain and know which medication help this type of pain or that type. They also do different types of injections and procedures for the pain. I know you would like to be medication free but I think you already know this is not going to happen at this stage. Most of us here at the forum treat with pain mgt drs..

Any way, I wanted to pop on here and say hello and welcome aboard.Take care & keep us posted....Susie
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   Posted 6/29/2012 8:30 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank you all for the response, I did not mean to imply I'm looking for a diagnosis only what people have experienced and if they have experienced something similar to mine it might give me a direction. I have seen my regular Primary Care Doctor he has refereed me to Physical Therapy which didn't do anything. I now have a appointment on July 17th with the "Back Specialist" which I'm assuming they will want to do something like a MRI/CT Scan. Whats weird is if I have any pressure on the spot that is radiating pain it the pain goes away. Like if I sit back in the chair and let the weight of my body push me into the back of the seat the pain usually goes away in 30 seconds to 2 minutes. I have a little pain left over but I would say 90% gone! Weird.

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   Posted 6/30/2012 5:29 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Orc and welcome.

Although as SE and Susie have said, we are not doctors and can't provide a diagnosis, I can't help wondering if part of your problem might be severe muscle spasm and trigger point formation - possibly even with nerve entrapment somewhere - though even if this is correct of course you need a professional who can do a proper work up and determine why.

I have quite severe osteoporosis that lead to my fracturing eight thoracic vertebrae almost a year ago. Since then, I get pain that - if I were describing it- would sound similar to how you're describing your pain. I see my physio weekly and she does massage on the area. She can instantly feel - especially on the days when the pin is worse - hard lumps and knots in the muscle. It's sore when she presses on those areas - particularly in my rhomboids and lower traps - but it's a very satisfying pain if that makes sense? I - like you - also get some relief if I can rest with pressure on the painful points. Can your GF ever feel tight muscles or obvious knots when she massages or presses into your shoulder/ back?

Best of luck.

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