Constantly sick and doctors can not figure out what is wrong.... please help

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   Posted 8/28/2012 12:42 PM (GMT -7)   
I am desperate for help... my doctors can not figure out what is wrong...I have a few symptoms: I never know when I will wake up feeling "good". Every day is a toss up.... I either wake up feeling extremely tired and dizzy, some days starving and feeling as though I may pass out.

Rarely, I will wake up feeling okay. I used to play a ton of sports and be very active and in shape... I am 23 now and no longer workout as much because I do not ever feel well enough to. I am 5'5" and weight 123 pounds.

My appetite is strange because I will eat cereal for breakfast or a bagel and cream cheese sometimes at 7:30 AM because I wake up feeling starving... then I will eat again around 11:30 and have a sandwich or pasta or a filling salad, and then some days this is when I become really sick all of the sudden... I will feel like I am going to pass out, my heart will race, I will get somewhat blurred vision and everything I look at looks like it is closer than it really is.... I get either really hot or freezing cold....

I get a headache... and have fainted at this time I just went to my kitchen and felt too exhausted and weak to stand up so I sat down at the fridge almost in panic and drank juice and had some pre-made cold pasta feeling like nothing would help and that I was going to pass out but then 5 minutes later.... I feel much better just have a headache?

The other day I did a fat blasting boot camp for the first time and it was more difficult than I have ever imagined and rather than just feeling out of shape and tired.... I kept getting tunnel vision and feeling like I was going to pass out... I kept taking breaks but she would not let me quit....

After the class I felt really sick and my heart would not stop racing, even after our 15 minute cool down I could not seem to slow my heart down. On my way home I called my dad and could barely talk... I kept feeling like I was going to fall asleep and that I could not talk normally.... I had to talk really slow and slurred my words.

My eyes kept closing and I had to pull over. I then checked my pulse and it was still racing. I finally got home and my husband made me a hot bath and I sat in the tub for about 45 minutes and my heart still did not calm down. It was racing as fast as it was when I was exercising. The heart racing happens quite frequently...whether I am just in the shower or laying down. Especially if I drink any alcohol.

The doctors have tested me for hypoglycemia and that was negative... they tested me for diabetes... that was negative... I took an allergy test which came out normal... I was hooked to to a heart monitor for a few minutes which came out normal....

I have had a brain MRI and an EEG test which was normal. I was tested for Lupus which I showed a positive screen to by my family doctor, but when I was actually tested by the came out negative. I also get frequent UTI's that are excrutiating and sometimes hardly anything comes out and there is bleeding....

The last few UTI's have been tested and come back normal? It is so painful I am crying and have to use the restroom often and feeling like I will lose my bladder but then nothing comes out? Please help me :( I am really scared at this point

(I split up your post so that members with eyesight and tracking problems can read it easier.) Thanks! SE wink

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   Posted 8/28/2012 12:53 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi there....Welcome to HW...we are sorry to hear that you have things going on that are not diagnosed:(

If I could ask a quick favor...but if you could edit your post by hitting the pencil button in the upper right hand corner...and putting it into smaller would make it so much easier to read. Many of us here have trouble with our eyes, headaches, and using the computer so it's difficult to read without any paragraphs and I want the most people to read your post to help...thanks:)

Have you gone to a Neurologist? It sounds like you have with the MRI as that came back normal...

All I can think of at this point is maybe having anxiety attacks. These can be a catch 22 after you have something go wrong the first time around....the minute you start to feel bad again...then the heart can start racing and feeling dizzy....

We have an anxiety board on here as well that you may want to share your story there to see if they can offer any help...

Just one more option to look at. The good news is that you don't seem to have anything wrong with your heart...or any type of brain tumor...or diabetes...etc. Although I'm sure it's just awful trying to figure out what is going on...

You mention it happens when you do this often? I would be stopping this for now to see if maybe your body is not processing the alcohol properly and having some strange withdrawals the next morning/day. And I assume that you don't use anything that isn't prescribed by a Dr....

The only other thing I would try to look at with the Dr. is your adrenal glands and maybe after heavy exercise or other things they are producing too much cortisol...This can cause racing pulse....dizzyness...and other issues...

Obviously no one here is a we can only offer help on what to ask the Drs. you are seeing....Sorry again for your troubles:(
SB (Snowbunny) and the pup that snores (my yellow lab:))

3, two-level, cervical fusions over the past 11 years. The last one was anterior and posterior with lots of fun titanium!
Still have active herniations along with knee problems and another Morton's neuroma in left foot.
I try to find joy in each day even with chronic pain:)

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   Posted 8/28/2012 1:21 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Snowbunny 21, thank you for your response and splitting up my long post.... I didn't really think about how difficult it is to read one big jumbled essay.

I do not drink very often.... it will be maybe once a month (if that) and it will be a few glasses of wine or a cocktail out at dinner but I stopped drinking because of the problems it was causing.

I do get anxiety and I have had panic attacks before.... I just didn't think that my other symptoms were related? Although, nobody has ever really sat down and talked to me about my anxiety so I would not really know otherwise....

I will definitely talk to my doctor about the adrenal glands and anxiety... anxiety runs in my family and my sister and mom have it : / but they do not get the other symptoms I have so neither of them really know what to do and have become pretty worried about me especially now that I live on the east coast and they live on the west coast (my husband is in the military)

I guess I just wish I had a doctor who would keep testing me for other things. Every time I have gone in I am the one asking them to test me for certain illnesses due to problems that I have. They know something is wrong and they state that all of my symptoms are strange and worrysome but after one round of tests they don't really seem to care much. I am not making all of this up and it is quite frustrating because I love to runa dn be active.... I hate being glued to my bed or couch because I am too sick to go anywhere or do anything which includes getting ready for the day sometimes.... or walking down the hallway.... it is really upsetting.

I know at this point it isn't a brain tumor (which my doctor from California had thought it may be), and it isn't lupus, or diabetes (which does run in my family though and so does breast cancer and heart disease) I guess I am just hoping to find someone who has similar or the same symptoms that could help me here because I am out of possibilities...

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   Posted 8/28/2012 1:37 PM (GMT -7)   
And just FYI but that was one of our Moderators...Screaming Eagle who happened to go in and split up your post to make it easier to read...No worries as you are new around here and will learn the please don't feel bad about not knowing...

I can empathize at how frustrating it is knowing your own body and that something is going on...but not know the answers...I don't know enough about anxiety issues so that is why I was referring you over to that board as well to maybe get some additional help. You can obviously stay here as well as many folks are go to more than one board:)

Thanks for sharing more about your journey...hopefully others will pop on later to say hello and maybe offer some other suggestions...

I guess another Dr. like an Internist would be someone you haven't gone to as it seems like you have been to a Neurologist and Rheumatologist...

They can sometimes only do so much with the bloowork, EKGs, MRIs and it takes a Dr. who is wanting to really get to the bottom of everything. They can get just as frustrated when they can't figure out what is going on..

I would also caution against getting too homebound until you figure things out. You need to keep caring for yourself and get daily exercise....even just walking for 30 to 45 minutes a day....eating well....and doing things with friends and family are important...I've had 3 fusion surgeries and have other health issues going but I push myself to walk each day so I don't lose all my muscle mass...I also moved to eating all organic over 2 years ago and this has made a bid difference with my energy levels. Obviously I still have bad days too...but it's important to keep going.

If you feel you are developing depression during this time...then at least seeing a Psychologist to help talk with might be a good idea. It's nothing to be ashamed of if you need help like this..
SB (Snowbunny) and the pup that snores (my yellow lab:))

3, two-level, cervical fusions over the past 11 years. The last one was anterior and posterior with lots of fun titanium!
Still have active herniations along with knee problems and another Morton's neuroma in left foot.
I try to find joy in each day even with chronic pain:)

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   Posted 8/28/2012 2:03 PM (GMT -7)   
APM I am new too, and all your symptoms sound how my lupus started. I also I have --prolonged qt in my heart-- which doesn't cause pain but sure causes dizziness, passing out, high blood pressure, racing pulse. You should see a 2nd rheumatologist, one that might work with your regular doctor so they know why you had a positive (ANA i am guessing) screen. And with the prolonged qt I see an electrophysiologist for that.

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   Posted 8/28/2012 2:13 PM (GMT -7)   
I wanted to welcome you to our chronic pain forum. Glad you found us but sorry you have to be here.
My initial thoughts after reading your history was anxiety and panic attacks. Has the dr. brought this up with you at all?
Have they done a general workup with you, ie. bloodwork, ECG, urine testing, etc?
I would assume that you get antibiotics when you get a UTI? there is also a medication you can get that takes that burning pain away? talk to your doctor about this.

I hope you will keep posting with us and let us know how you are doing.
Take care

Girl at home
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   Posted 9/10/2017 7:28 AM (GMT -7)   
I got online after going to the ER and recieving the all good. I went in for symptoms just like you. I feel ill all the time but they say I'm all clear. I was just thinking I was crazy when I found this. I'm not sure what it may be, but I have found eating certain things help (ie. Dairy free, gluten free, soy free) I still feel awful so maybe it doesn't help I don't know.

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   Posted 9/10/2017 9:01 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Girl at home & welcome to Healing Well. You have posted on a very old thread & the members above are no longer active here. In order for more people to see your post, I suggest that you make a new thread of your own. People tend to not at threads these old.

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