The composite of a patch

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   Posted 3/28/2017 6:32 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm glad I finally 'broke down' and read this thread. This form of pain relief may be in my future as the injections are not helping anymore.

My daughter has trouble with things not sticking to her skin and the tegaderm (sp?) is interesting to me.

My mom used to have to use nitro patches which 'tore up' her skin. She would use Bag Balm to soothe it where the patch would leave her skin red and irritated. Bag Balm was made to help cow udders from milking machine irritations. Now, most stores carry it in the skin care aisle!

Wondering if anyone has helpful hints for those of us experiencing hot flashes/night sweats, if using any patch meds?
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   Posted 3/28/2017 6:34 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi and Ho Derwood and, loyal pet companion, Lupin,

Generic medication brands will have subtle and not so subtle differences. This is true for both oral and transdermal medications.

The difference in experienced effect was of Fentanyl patches with a gel base and a matrix base are fairly well known. The gel base can be prepamutrely released absorbed at a higher rate when the body temperature is higher (being in a hot environment, taking a hot sauna, having an elevated core body temperature with an illness).

As for differences in one brand over another one of the same delivery system (gel patch or matrix patch), be aware that not all generics are biochemically equal. Generic medications can have a legal variance up to 8% of the active ingredient (someone can correct me if the percentage quoted is amiss). There is a legally allowed variance in the active ingredient.

We all have likely noticed differences in oral generic medications. For a medication that is of a relatively benign need (ex. a muscle relaxant or an allergy medication) the variation may not be life affecting. For a medication that has a significant role in alleviating a health concern or discovery comfort (ex. anti-seizure medication, narcotic pain medication, blood pressure regulating medication) the variance can and does have a substantial effect on a drug's effectiveness and efficacy.!

A generic narcotic medication with 5% less active opiate will be less effective in reducing the pain it is intended to relieve. A low quality generic narcotic can leave a person suffering and wondering why they are suffering. The pill bottle indicates that it is a certain dosage but the relief is not equivalent to that of a different generic or name brand.

I require essential medications to replace hormones that I lacks due to a failed pituitary gland. I have request that the pharmacy stock a particular name brand for one and a particular generic for another. I cannot randomly switch between generic manufacturers.

My brother has epilepsy and must take the brand name Tegretol. Generic options of Tegretol are not reliable in his case.

My pharmacy bus willInf to keep the Myland fentanly patch on stock for me and several other patients. However, there is no long term guarantee. My pharmacy, like every pharmacy, purchases its medication stock through an open bidding process. They pick up bargains in ordering their prescription medication stock. Prices vary on the wholesale markets accessed by pharmacies.

Then, too, are the wide ranges of medical insurance plans and listing of medication formularies and approved (and not approved) medications. The formulary listing will dictate the what you are allowed to be dispensed to you. Canada, with its single payor medical care, may be less constrained by formulary differences.

The workings of a pharmacies are not always transparent.

All to say, if you find a generic or name brand of a medication that works "best" or "better" for you there is more than likely a real reason. Generic medications are chemically similar but not chemically exact duplicates.

Update on my little Maltese, Molly. She is quite a little trooper. After 6 weeks of an acute flare of what is being termed Chron's disease, the worst is behind her. It has been a taxing few weeks. Usually a robust 7 pounds, she is down to a mere 5 pounds. There were a few occasions where I was not certain if she could pull through and occasions where I had to consider what was in her best interests (staying the course or gentle euthanasia). I never felt in Molly that she was at the point of wanting to relinquish, so we continued forward - some days hour by hour. Molly has regained her indomitable inspiring spirit and is gaining in strength. I feel honored to care for Molly as fully as she has cared for me over the years. I have had the good fortune of having pet insurance that has largely paid in full for her care. I strongly recommend that pet insurance to anyone with a beloved pet. For a monthly premium on a pet policy, you have peace of mind when your pet needs extensive medical care.

Molly is my soul mate. This little dog gives me reason to continue on despite my failing body. To love a dog so fully is genuinely one of the joys of life.
- Karen-
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   Posted 3/28/2017 7:14 PM (GMT -7)   

My first prescription was for my doctor's preferred brand.. Even with the spray, everywhere the adhesive touched my skin a blister formed.

The second brand did not.. Still using it - believe it is Watson.

After trying various tapes, locations, etc I had the best result NOT covering the entire patch, I think because it did not allow for skin to move, stretch, etc. skin would literally be pulled off, stuck to tape. I cut the tape (NOT the patch!!) in two pieces, one at each end. Yes, it does not always keep the entire surface of the patch in contact with skin but, per doctor's suggestion I leave patch on until it looks like all the 'liquid' inside is gone - for extra day or so.

Re:Heat.. I remove patches to shower or go into hot tub, etc. (part of my physical therapy routine, to relax muscles) -my showers are not long or really hot but feels more comfortable to be rid of everyday perspiration.

I am quiet concerned that, due to current local emphasis on heroin epidemic, "caused by over use of opioid prescriptions" 2 of my current pain meds will soon be made illegal here. Very soon. Pending legislation makes exceptions for only cancer & hospice. Trying to not stress - will do that when I know for sure, right?

Seashell.. Hope Little Molly continues to improve. I loved & learned so much from my sweet fur babies . Taught me to live in the present, with enthusiasm. Injuries, pain, blindness be dam#ed.

Best wishes
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   Posted 4/2/2017 11:19 AM (GMT -7)   
Hello all smile

Pitmom , I'm glad you took the time to read this thread too, as it
may be in your future. Although by reading this thread it may sound
almost horrific to be using a pain patch, I want you to know that in
my opinion it is not really very difficult to use the patch. The reason
this thread exists , imho , is to fine-tune the use of patches and share methods to make things better for all who use the patch. I
say that you should set your worries aside : if and when you are
prescribed the patch, you will adapt just fine.

Hiya Seashell smile
Thanks for your input to this thread regarding the differences that can and do occur from one brand of medicine to a different name-brand of the same medicine. Experience with two different brands
of the fentanyl patch has me convinced that you are completely
right. There are often differences from brand to brand.

You and Molly sure had a rough time for ( long ) while. I'm sooooo
happy that her health has improved and you both are feeling well smile
Lupin is right beside me as I'm typing away ; her purrs are like
music to my ears smile Lupin purrs hello to you and Molly smile

Hi Diane...I luv the way you ended your post smile A very healthy
approach to life, and inspiring too.
Your method of leaving part of your patch uncovered from
tegaderm is a kind of proof that one method does not fit all. Through experience we all have found ways to make the patch work better for us a individuals. And that makes this thread very useful
to all imho. In fact sharing is a huge part of why Healing Well is
such a great aid for so many people smile

Peace, and best wishes,

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   Posted 4/3/2017 8:36 PM (GMT -7)   
Yes, I read this forum, literally for years before joining - you'll saved my sanity. Reading that others felt many of the things I felt - besides 'pain'; skin so sensitive about textures, including seams in undies, pants, even a wrinkle in my sheet, etc., plus family & friends AND doctors in the first few years, Was getting on my last nerve!!

Learning what worked for others who so kindly share- & then trying a bit of this & bit of that, to find what works best for each of us.. This is A real community.

Glad you found 'us' too !
Herniated cervical discs & other disc / spine issues, Arthritis, spurs
Injuries &/or pain to/in shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, legs, ankles
Fibro / myofascial pain, neuralgia, neuritis
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