Knot in upper back that inhibits the rest of the body, happy ending yay

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   Posted 4/10/2017 10:41 AM (GMT -7)   
First post and it might be in the wrong place haha
I have been dealing with knots in my back for an year now, and it's been getting better with good care of myself in a stress free environment. So I even thought against posting here but I believe it wouldn't hurt.
These knots are numerous in number, I assume from the frequency in which they pop all the time.
They also affect the muscles in my shoulder and then my biceps and so forth. My whole body in fact, and it really tires me out and its easier for me to develop fatigue. There is one effect in particular that I hate, and it's where the tendon of my hands which are visible, pop over my knuckles. They make no audible sound but the sensation of it feels like a popping one. I've been to a hand doctor and he looked over it, and sent me to a doctor specializing in nerves, and they did all these tests on me. MRI, sticking needles in my arms and making me move around, shooting electricity into me, the works. And all they told me was,"It's chronic pain".
Wow thanks that helps a lot. Then I went to a chiropractor and what he did helped me more than anything.
You see before all of this I was depressed to all hell. I had no friends, just acquaintances. My family life was in shambles and I even dropped out of school because of all of it. No one in school would really take my problems seriously anyway. A teacher even told me, "It was all in my head."
What the chiropractor told me was basically, "You are depressed so stop being depressed, also slam your back into the corner of the wall and grind on it for 20 mins". I didn't really believe the second one but the first thing that he said got me thinking. Grinding my back does feel good though, I should listen haha.

But that when I realized that it really is all in my head.
Before the dropout happened, I already hated school. I was working on my own to have a stay at home job. I was studying and studying and studying but it was all driven by fear. I would be sweating profusely every time I would study, get hot flashes and I would be really tensed up. If I don't get better, I'll have nothing is what I told myself every time I would study. I hated it.
That's when my symptoms started to show. I no longer could write, barely type. My hands were fatigued in less than a few minutes.
I needed these hands to work, but they hated me too. I was sorely depressed, right after all of this the dropout happened.
I was in the pits, I just stayed at home, got fatter and did nothing but watch comedy shows and wasting time. Every time I would attempt to write or type it would flair up again. But after the chiropractor visit, I started to wonder, how come I can use my hands but whenever it relates to something that I fear (studies, schoolwork, work, etc) it would come again? I believe now is because my mind hates doing those things, so it does everything it can to make a reason to stop. To be honest I'm still not sure what happened to my back. Is it the tendons, the muscles, etc? I have no clue. All I know is that it's something that my mind created to stop myself from doing things that I fear. Cause it would make no sense why I can play a game for hours on end but not be able to write or type. When I started to realize that, and told myself to study because you want to, because you love doing it. It's gotten better ever sense. It has not gone away completely, but ever since my realization, my skills have developed beyond my wildest expectations,and I even got a lover. I'm the happiest I've ever been my whole life, and I'm still living with the knots in back. But it really has gotten better, I typed all of this out this morning.

Maybe I'm a weirdo and no one else has experienced this, and I'm still not sure why I just slapped my life story on a forum I've never been to. Maybe it was in the hopes that I learn more about me and what I am going through.
I do want to say this although. The teacher that told me that it was all in my head also compared me to a another student she had that was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and that what I have is nothing so suck it up.
Don't ever, ever compare yourself and use that to put yourself higher or to put yourself down. You'll never be happy. okay thats all bye

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   Posted 4/11/2017 1:26 AM (GMT -7)   
'Do not harm' should include telling the truth, as in, if doctor does not know, s/he should just say so. I am not the only person who had to talk to quite a few of them before finding the real deal:please don't give up because the right doctor made all the difference for me.

Look at symptoms of myofascial pain syndrome.. Knots is one.. I liken them to Charlie Horses - those cramps in calf muscles. Only worse ! Yikes!

I have been diagnosed w/both fibro & myofascial...
Sometimes folks have both. I Have knots in various parts of my body, & sometimes they are Worse than other times... Mine are mostly located around an injured joint, but there are some in my hips & back too.

My wonderful therapist helps so much - look up myofascial release for definition of what really helps me the most. Some people get relief with acupuncture or dry needling.

Can use a theracane - to rub them - mine was a gift - I just checked & Amazon sells various styles for around $30.

Stress definitely aggravates both condition, for me.

You may have more responses if you post this in the fibromyalgia area.

Almost 4:30 A. M. Going to try to sleep for a few hours.. Hope I did not mess this post up too much - after being wide awake most of the nite, suddenly I am sleepy.. Must be the birds songs that are doing that.
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   Posted 4/11/2017 11:40 AM (GMT -7)   
Wow Diane! thank you very much, I'll definitely look into myofascial pain syndrome a lot more. It very much sounds like what I have. And ill go ahead and post this on the fibromyalgia area. Do I have to delete this post now that Im going to post it elsewhere? thanks again

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   Posted 4/11/2017 8:29 PM (GMT -7)   
I have no idea (if you should delete)..
An administrator will probably advise you re: that.

Please do come back & update us when you get some answers..

Not sure why YOU 'slapped your life story online'. But I know, now, why I did: Reading others' posts was like finding long lost cousins who acted like me, felt like me! Who welcomed me with open arms. Who have some of our 'family' traits -like being super sensitive to textures. And how they wore some clothes inside out so seams did not aggravate them. How they chose comfortable clothes, footwear.. Like family & friends do.
Not a single one has ever been anything except to be supportive to me.

Once in awhile I have read someone get pushy, trying to defend their point of view. Administrators deal with them. Promptly.

If you have not yet used the search function please do.. Great shortcut! Reading what others have already tried: what has worked for them & what hasn't ..

Depression sometimes goes hand & hand w/ these diagnosis.. Like the Chicken & the egg, I don't know which causes which - maybe an educated, experienced professional can tell you for sure. Cymbalta has helped people that I know personally.. & I've read an Explaination online, about balancing chemicals in body, etc.

when one of these friends started trying their best to get me to 'admit' that my own depression was the cause of all my physical problems, I said "if you were in awful pain, constantly, for years, do you think you might be 'depressed'??" And literally walked away from them. (I mean, who wouldn't ??)

Some days are better than others. Sometimes I wake up feeling awful, some days are almost like before my injuries though those are rare. And can switch in, less than an hour. Our pain is not like, say a broken leg, gradually feeling better & better, with predictable milestones, and the goal of getting cast off in 8 weeks.

That thru me for a loop. And seems to do the same to 'conventional' doctors.

For me, hearing others tell me what I felt & did not feel, when I was in so much pain, stressed me out even more, for years.. Years !! First I patiently explained, & provided links to informative sites. Especially to loved ones & close friends.

Surprise surprise, those who did not believe me, before reading the links, did not change their minds !!

Took me awhile to realize it. When I did, finally, get it, I got angry. Angry that people who knew me doubted me.
Did not argue. Well did a bit at first, until I remembered just how useless it was. & that i was getting even MORE stressed!!
I was 'giving my power away'.

So I refused to engage in conversations about my health, sharing my info was only giving them ammunition & they tried to use it against me, calling me crazy, a drug seeker, etc. anything to get me to argue. Politely said, "I am OK" or "It's not a good day for me".

Eventually those people stopped asking.

Tip. I learned, the hard way!!, not to ride anyplace with them: more than once they got me away from home, pushed me way past my physical limit, later telling me it was so "I would learn I had been wrong about myself"..

BS - They never hung around to see the results, see my pain. See me not able to sleep, crying, etc. Or see me the next day when I felt even worse !!

If you ain't for me, you're against me. Truth.
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Injuries &/or pain to/in shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, legs, ankles
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   Posted 4/11/2017 9:14 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Total & welcome aboard. Please feel to post in this forum any time you would like. And no, you do not need to delete your post. I hope you can get some help in both forums.

Take care.
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   Posted 4/11/2017 11:10 PM (GMT -7)   
Thank you again Diane, I looked into fibro and myofascial and found that I lean toward myofasical and making a doctor visit soon. I give your recommendation a 10 out of 10. I didn't want to mention this because I did not want to come off hard-headed, but I promise you I did not mean to say that what I am going through is make believe, just that for me, it was something caused by emotional trauma. Nobody understood and I didn't either, so I let my thoughts go wild. My apologizes for the confusion.


Thank you for the swift response, and another for the kind words!

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