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   Posted 8/7/2007 7:38 AM (GMT -6)   
So I went to my follow-up with the anethesiologist with a few goals in mind: stronger pain medication, stronger muscle relaxer, MRI appointment, and a referral to a neurosureon. And I came out with only a stronger muscle relaxer, the Lidoderm Patch, and another follow-up appointment with him.
I don't know what it is with whiplash and the way it makes you forget everything. I let him know that I feel my pain has to do with a bulging disc or something of the sort. He agreed it could be bone on bone contact or something of the sort. I mentioned MRI and he basically said no, since mind came back normal. I argued that I have read that often times they do. He was adament about having another x-ray (even though they don't show the nerves and I have nerve pain....does this even make sense?).
After he prescribed me the meds, he explained many other pain doctors would do a discography on me, but he doesn't do them on the neck and feels it is too soon for me too have one. (7 1/2 months of pain is too soon?) He explained what I knew, the loss of my cervical curve can cause the muscle spasms in my shoulders....
Basically if the patch and muscle relaxers don't work (note he gave me nothing for my severe headaches) to go back in two weeks and he will give me trigger point injections and refer me for an X-ray.
I am not happy about this. I have tried too many drugs and too many injections and nothing has given me the slightest bit of relief. I understand Pain Doctors are supposed to help you manage the pain, but I have not been able to manage the pain, it has only gotten worse. I am ready to do something more invasive, and if that means surgery so be it.
I have decide to have my chiro refer me for an MRI. He is the one who referred me back in April. I think it is time for another. That is what my gut is telling me. Why is it am I worse off now than I was in the beginning? Something is not right!

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   Posted 8/7/2007 6:40 PM (GMT -6)   
Boy do I understand. I'm coming to the conclusing that Doctor's dont listen. The doctor who did my surgery in April is nice. My father in law is a doctor who referred me to see him, and he did really good on the surgery. But, the pain I'm having is coming back and I feel like I'm just a joke to this doctor. That there's nothing wrong, and well blah blah blah. I just want to be told in plain english not doctor words what is going on. Is it just inflamation, or scar tissue pressing up against my nerves or am I just bleeping crazy. So I've been crying off and on all day. Everyone thinks I'm strong due to all the pain I had to deal with til I got the surgery, but I'm not, I just want to break down every time I turn around. But anyway, I really wish you luck on getting help for your neck.


Pain pain go away and never darken my door step again :)

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   Posted 8/7/2007 8:26 PM (GMT -6)   
Wow, not a good day for you - and of course the stress will only worsen the pain! It is a horrible cycle.
Have you tried your Primary Doctor? He is the one that ordered all of my MRI's. I was hit nearly two years ago and am still in daily pain and in treatment. In my case, I would see a specialist, he would do his thing and then I'd always (and still do) check back with my PD. I am lucky as he has given us (both myself and my husband) pain meds, muscle relaxers, anti-inflamatories, patches,  etc. without hesitation. He is open to trying whatever we want to try. The injections made my husband worse but he is getting some relief from Hellerwork therapy - you never know what will work. I am trying acupunture next week and keeping massages and Hellerwork all going -- so many appointments and it is almost been two years!
Are you still seeing your Chiro? I am surprised your Doctor would allow it with your neck and disk issues. I went 2 times and then my disks and neck got so much worse I was basically ordered to stop going! My chiro felt I should continue but my PD was dead against as was the Spinal specialist and it was brought up again before I was operated on - they can cause a lot of damage so please be careful!
I agree the patches don't work! And he really should have addressed your headaches! I ended up getting injections for my mirgrains because the oral medicine just wasn't cutting it. After I got two, I was able to go back to pills along with a stronger muscle relaxer and of course the Vicadon. But it was such a relief to move past the headaches! Again, maybe you could get in and see your Primary and discuss it - they seem to have more time to listen.
On a side note, being as it is from a MVA, if your Dr. doesn't think you need an MRI and you get one, the other side may protest paying for it! That is why it would be better to get your Primary to order it if the anethesiologist doesn't want to do it. And make sure you get copies of all the medical reports and chart notes so that you are aware of what is being written. Having our Doctor always refer back to the MVA as the source of ALL our problems is turning out to be of  MAJOR importance during the settlement procedure. I know it isn't something you want to thnk about now, but it was the most helpful thing I was told after the accident. You don't need to be a victim twice and this way you can get changes made or make sure to have things added on your next visit.
I hope you figure out a way to get some relief - there is always the ER - you shouldn't have to suffer for two weeks! Oh, are you able to get into the whiplash site? I get some odd site called Maddog every time I try!

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   Posted 8/7/2007 10:55 PM (GMT -6)   



That is a crazy story, the sad thing is at one point or another we have all been there.  If there is one thing I have learned through all the Dr. appointments is to be strong and tell them everything, it is o.k. to forget, we all do.  Here is a hint that may help before you go to anymore Dr's write down on paper questions and concerns that you are having.  This way it will help you not to forget.  I know it is frustrating, one Dr. tells you one thing and another Dr. tells you something else.  My pain is also nerve pain and for 3 months they would not do an MRI, just x-rays.  I told the Dr's it is not my bones, if it was A) I would know and B) It hasen't shown on the x-ray, therefore an MRI is the only way they saw how my nerves are being squished by my twisted facet joints.  This is a very frustrating situation to be in, but you have to keep pressing on because you owe it to yourself to get as much relief as possible.  We all know that living in pain is not easy, another suggestion is to get a second opinion from another pain DR., or see if your family Dr. will send you for one.  We know our bodies a lot better than they do and if something is not right, then it isn't right.  So the goal is find the something and then you can better help yourself, rather than, going through all these dead ends.  After all without patients they wouldn't be making any money, so they owe it to us to use their resources and find out through as many tests as needed how to help you.  Well I am glad you shared and I wish you luck in getting a Dr. that understands better and one who will get you the tests you need.  Good Luck to you!




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   Posted 8/8/2007 6:22 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank you all for your responses! I truly appreciate it!
I ended up getting my chiro to refer and get me an appointment with a neurosurgeon who is a spine specialist. The chiro figured insurance may not be happy if it is the chiro referring me for the MRI since the chiro was the one who ordered the first one in April. But my gut is telling me to try and get one before the appointment so I may see if I can fill my primary care in on what has been going on since I really haven't talked to her since March. Maybe she an get me an MRI ordered.
The pain has always been there, but it has all of the sudden gotten worse by me doing my neck exercises one day as I am supposed to do. I happened to have a good day for once and did them, which is what physical therapy told me to do before they discharged me. Since then it has been pretty agonizing. I am convinced it is a disc problem. Whether it is a bulging disc or degeneration, it has to be a problem with my disc. And for the Pain doctor to ignore that basically did bother me. Granted the pain may be coming from my neck, my head is the most painful and he didnt address that. I pretty much fired him. I am supposed to go back in two weeks, but I am cancelling that appointment. I can't keep trying this and trying that when it jsut isn't working.
Thank you for listening. I am going to call my primary care and fill her in, see about an MRI, and possibly something stronger for the migraines. Thanks again!
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