Why no NEWS / Media coverage on lack of treatment?

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   Posted 9/9/2007 4:30 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm sure (hopefully) that others will see eye to eye with me on this issue.  I don't understand why I don't see any coverage on the lack of treatment, by doctors, for pain patients.  The only coverage I see is the abuse and subversion issues.  The only thing that the media has done is made it harder for doctors to treat patients. 
Has anyone ever seen coverage on undertreatment?  I would be more than willing to contact news agency's about this issue.  I'm sure everyone knows someone who suffers from some sort of chronic pain.  I think that it should be made clear to the public that MANY people suffer needlessly in "the greatest country in the world". 
I'd like to hear others opinions and comments on this. How would you approach this issue.  Would anyone be willing to discuss this to the media?  I feel it needs to be addressed.  The media has done so much damage to US as a community that they should take the time to see the suffering they have caused, due to the apprehension of doctors to fully treat pain patients.  Maybe they can find other avenues of treatment or understanding of pain patients. 
Please leave your opinions and suggestions as to how to approach or handle this.  Also, what other forums and communities are there that could be "recruited" to help with this issue?
Thank you for your opinions and suggestions!

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   Posted 9/10/2007 3:14 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Hurtin'

The reason??? IMHO it's not a hot story...doesn't sell news papers and they're hurting. Currently the news stations and new papers are hurting financially. Most people get their first and most often only bits of new from the radio or online. So in order to either sell a news paper or win popularity of the way-too-many new stations they have to be the first and most outrageous. You have to get people attention with the most shocking stories. Telling people that patients don't get enough pain pills/prescriptions doesn't sell papers. In fact many won't believe it after they heard the sensational accusations thrown at someone famous in the spotlight.

It's a shame that the media has such power. Just an accusation deems someone guilty in our society any more. I'm just glad that my prescription usage is private and protected or I'd be out of a job.

Feel free to go out there and fight for the cause. I applaud your ideas and energy. Sorry if I sound jaded and pessimistic but if we could get someone of notoriety on board we might have a chance. Look at the AIDS attention. Here is a disease that is mostly preventable and guided by lifestyle, yet because of famous people going public for the fight they get the $$. Those who truly need pain meds through no fault of their own are denied. Yes, it is frustrating. (Please understand I'm not tearing down those with AIDS nor do I wish any less funds for research, just making a comparison. Just wish those with chronic pain could have as much help)

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   Posted 9/10/2007 5:58 PM (GMT -6)   
Chutz is right. My husband and I have talked at great length on this topic, and in jest said maybe if I threatened to jump off the skyway bridge until I could speak with the media about chronic pain, then we'd get some publicity.Of course the time to do it would be rush hour and then maybe somebody would listen.
In all serious, I have sworn that if I ever al well enough that this will be the battle that I fight.  Every time Oprah or Montel or somebody does a show on addiction or people diverting their meds and how terrible these doctors are I write in and tell them my side.  But as Chutz said, nobody cares.
If anybody has any ideas I am in.  There has to be some way to get our stories out.

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   Posted 9/10/2007 6:38 PM (GMT -6)   

I have a lot to say on this subject but because I am having a 10 pain day I am not up to it.  I am however, suprised that you did not draw interest from MOntel as he usually is an advocate for those in pain.  As he has MS, but I think he got off the meds and went el-natural for healing.  I have other issues that I am as passionate about, people who need disability and wait years to get it, Workers comp denial, and the list goes on.  If I ever get past the pain myself I can focus long enough to help in some way.  I am a very organized, passionate, and energized person but pain can do a number on you .  I cried today over the smallest thing.  Unlike me. 

I guess to answer your question, there are many things on this forum that are unjust and I am thinking of ways to make it public.  Lets see what others say. 

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   Posted 9/11/2007 2:23 PM (GMT -6)   
Another reason is that it is not JUST the media driving this. They have the full support of the government and the people in power through the DEA and its overzealous policies regarding doctors prescribing pain medicine. Everytime the DEA revokes the liscence of a doctor for 'overprescribing' controlled meds, it gives the media a right in their eyes to jump all over that doctor and his patients and exaggerate every small discrepancy in that doctors prescribing record. This government policy also discourages other doctors from prescribing pain meds, as we all well know, even to patients who truly need them. Their are GPs who, as a rule, do not prescibre narcotics because the pressure from the DEA is too great. It is impossible to say that there are not patients suffering in that doctors office when they need pain treatment and he refers them out, because all of this takes time. And by many of these doctors admissions, the reason is DEA pressure. If that is not discouraging the proper practicing of medicine I do not know what is. I know that people also blame the issue on the people abusing the drugs so that is why the DEA has to have strict policies, but that is the wring way to think about it. The government is not everyones babysitter and it cannot stop the drug abusers no matter how much it cracks down on prescriptions or gives harsher penalties for drug possession. What the government CAN CONTROL however is to allow medicine to be practiced unimpaired by telling the DEA not to have such strict rules regarding doctors, so that they are not afraid to prescribe medicine to people who need them. This is part of the story of pain medicine that needs to be told in my eyes. No matter what people think about drugs and drug law, it should be obvious to all that the DEA needs to let up on the pressure it is excerting on doctors so that they can practice medicine they way they see best.

Hoping everyone has a pain free and wonderful day,

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   Posted 9/17/2007 10:18 PM (GMT -6)   
  IF the news or media would cover any thing like this you know it would be vary vage and not to simpathetic to the people with chronic pain. why ? because its not news. but if you got realy depressed and did something like the kid in virginia and started killing everyone that would be news. but i do hope it wont come to that. but you could be right since the news media is contoled by the FDA the FTC and the pharmacies it would be to there addvantage to make more  money for all including our govrnment officals and lobbyist involved. lets not foget the doctors that get to cut us up and perscibe more drugs for there kick backs.  if you really want to learn how it all works try reading Keaven Trudou , natural cures that thy dont wont you to know about. Chutz might remember me. i too have been in major back pain for 19 years, about 2 momths ago it went to my ciatic nerve in my right leg and was on my couch for a month it hert to get up, just to go to the bathroom. i finaly got relife from my massuse with deep tissue, it hert like *%@# but she knows what she is doing. as Chutz knows i like most of you was not getting any relief form all the doctors i have seen and vary liitle from the drugs and desided to do some reserch on my own,  i saw the infomerchial on keven truduo when i was on the coutch in pain and thuought what do i have to lose. i also desided to take my health and pain treatment into my own hands. i followed some of kevens suggestions, chyro treatments 2 times a weak, work out 3 times a weak (it was'nt easy) and a massage every other week. i hav not felt this good in years, there is still some pain but not bad enought for the morphine, oxyconden or perc's i was takeing, it's been 5 days now and no drugs and i do work hard as an electrician. as i said wat could it hurt to check out the book ? and you will learn jurt how corupt everyone is. good luck good health and god bless. :-)   :-)        

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   Posted 9/17/2007 11:07 PM (GMT -6)   
i actually brought this up in my burercacy class at school on a dicussion forum. Basically i found an article explaning that the FDA and DEA are becoming more forceful in controlling medication. I wrote on explaining that these over paid under-worked buracrats were putting to much pressure on legitmate doctors who are trying to practice legitmate medicene, and making it harder on people with legitmate long term pain and ailgments to get proper treatment to maintain good standard of live. And that these meds are the reason so many people can continue living day to day. I even used myself as an example, stating that w/o my doctor and his therapy mixed with meds i would not be able to be a student.
The only response was that greater restrictions was ligitimzed by the fact that stronger enforcement was for the greater good for the society. And that the small population of patients have to deal with the fact that they are expendable when looked at in the greater good in society.
Last time i checked "big brother" was not a good thing. Last time i checked most burarcrats do not have medical degrees or any license in pharms. How can they make judgements on how legitmate doctors are treating their patients. It doesnt make sense. If we were to look at the "greater good" i think we should make EVERY substance legal. Use the money on NA and AA and community outreach programs. The abusers might find this stuff less appealing if its legal. Abusers might actually get help if there were more programs and community outreach. Street Violenece would be down because there would be no more drug wars between gangs. And the true drug addicts that no one could ever save would eventually die sooner than scheduled. IMO drug abuse isnt because of the drugs themselves its because we as a country have no morals anymore. The idea of family is out the window. Everyone has so much hate in their hearts.... No one loves their fellow man. We give up freedom for oppression. I am a libertarian (but i vote republican), but i do hate watching our freedoms go. All the while everyone is obessesed with Lindsy lohen  and paris hilton. Or the newest reality TV show. Or what the A-list movie stars wore to some awards show that no one should really care about......
Maybe this is a rant...... and not exactly on the topic that was orginally posted.... but im sick of all this..... And the worst part about it is..... this is the greatest country in the world to live. I do study international  studies and America is the most stable and safe place to be.....
I dont know what to believe in anymore, no one does (IMO), and that is our first problem.
May God give us all the strength to get through this.

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   Posted 9/18/2007 12:55 AM (GMT -6)   
Figurinitout is exactly right (except for voting republican Haha just joking). I read an article that said "The War on Drugs is the longest and greatest policy failure in the history of the US." I cannot believe that there are people that actually think that putting more restrictions on prescription drugs will make them harder for drug abusers to get, or cause there to be less drug abuse. The only thing that this hurts is the legitimate pain patients who have more difficulty getting their medications or are under treated because doctors are afraid to treat them in the way that they KNOW to be the proper medical way, due to pressure from the DEA. The DEA is causing people to suffer. Drug users will do their thing no matter what. But because pain patients go through the legitimate channels, which have become more and more constricted due to harsher legislation and DEA pressure, it becomes impossible for all of the pain patients to 'get through the now narrow channels.' Drug users, on the other hand, are willing to go outside these channels and that is why they will always obtain their drugs, legitimate patients, however, follow the rules, and because of that, they are the ones who suffer. The War on Drugs is one of the most foolish and futile excercises ever committed by the US government. It causes pain to the people who are arrested due to violating the puritanical drug laws that say that no one can ingest a substance because the government feels it is too dangerous. It causes pain to those peoples families. It causes pain to the victims of those tempted into joining gangs swollen with drug money that is available only because of an artificial black market created by the War on Drugs. It causes pain to the victims of gang violence related to those gangs when they war with each other. It causes pain to patients who are unable to find proper relief because their doctor has been intimidated by an overzealous government agency attempting in vain to rid the world of 'the scourge of drugs.' And there are so many more examples. People need to understand, and I dont see how it is not an absolute no-brainer, that it is better for a doctor to be fooled into giving drugs to 10 drug addicts pretending to be in pain, than to neglect to treat the pain of one patient who is truly suffering because he is afraid that he may be aiding someone in 'GETTING HIGH O NO! OMG! THE WORLD MIGHT END!" I cannot see how the people who make up the DEA can say in good conscience that it is better to not treat some people who are suffering than to give away some drugs to a drug addict (who will certainly find the drugs anyway, and may even be driven to commiting a crime to attain them). It is simply something I cannot compehend.

I hope that people who read this post understand what I am saying and agree with me, and if you didnt agree before you read it, I hope that maybe I changed your mind (or at least softened your opinion a little bit). I hope that you guys go and spread this to other people so that they understand how unjust the situation is to chronic pain patients, and for what? To try and stop people from changing their state of mind, why do these people feel that they must take this puritanical view that it is worth it to cause all of the suffering I mentioned above merely to stop people from changing their state of mind? Dont ask me, I really dont understand it.

Good luck to everybody, I hope that you understand what I was saying there, and most importantly, I hope that everyone has a pain-free day,

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   Posted 9/18/2007 1:50 AM (GMT -6)   
I for one have written Oprah many times. Maybe one day I will get a responce. My hope is that she would be willing to bring our suffering to the rest of the world. Those lucky people who will never know of our suffering. Maybe some would get a clue.

We all dont look like we hurt. Some of us are in wheel chairs or walkers. Some may walk with a limp.
Me I pretty much look normal ( whatever that is ). I hide my pain for the most part from strangers because they really dont want to hear about it.
They have no clue. After all I look fine, Right? When I tell people I have chronic neck pain I get the deer in the headlights look.
Some days there isnt a spot on my body that doesnt hurt and I truly want to die. Wishing a airplane would crash into my house or I just wouldnt wake up.
Oher days I am ready to fight and be a voice for all of us who suffer day after day.

As for why nobody knows or cares about our problems. Pain wont kill you, Right? That is what I have been told too many times to count. Not like Aids or Cancer etc. real illnesses.

If I sound angry its because I am. I am angry for how each and every one of us has been treated / mis treated.
Im mad as He!! and Im not gonna take it anymore.

this is my life
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   Posted 9/19/2007 12:32 AM (GMT -6)   
Ok ,,,,

Lets get writing to Oprah. It cant hurt. It doesnt cost anything.

Lets see if we can make some change. If we dont help ourselves we wont get help.

I say we should all write anyone and everyone we think will read what we have to say.
What do you guys think?

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   Posted 9/20/2007 11:22 PM (GMT -6)   
Maybe the lack of action by people suffering from CP is shame; I won't speak for anyone else, but I feel judgement on occation from people when I disclose I take pain meds. I specifically started getting support from this forum b/c I felt my "complaints" about my CP in the UC forum was, ummm, not ignored, but overlooked somewhat, not many responses, etc. The other thing I noticed is that when I directly asked, many people would admit to taking pain meds, but they do not list them on their signature. For example, a couple of months ago, my MD added Oxycontin SR to my pain regime (which has made a huge difference in the quality of my life) and I have not yet listed it to my own signature--I guess I don't want to be question about it on the UC forum. I was once "questioned" about my use of Endocet. It's really hard to get a clear understanding of people's intent on the internet, but I perceived it as judgement. It's like if you have to take pain meds, there must be something you're not doing right--are you still eating wheat? dairy? sugar? aren't you taking that supplement? exercise? what is it that YOUR doing--or not doing--that's causing you all this pain!

Here's to better living through chemistry!
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   Posted Yesterday 4:58 PM (GMT -6)   
I have seen tons of posts about getting media attention for under-treated pain patients and nothing ever gets done. This is the internet and it takes little energy to express opinions of outrage about how pain patients are not getting the help (meds) they need to have productive lives. The Doctors I know personally (GP -friends) have no real understanding of how to treat intractable pain. Their approach to pain treatment is pretty much give the least amount for the shortest period of time so the patient doesn't become addicted. If the patient becomes "insistant" then a red-flag goes up that this person is a drug seeker (another words the scum of society). Do I hate these Doctors for this attitude. No! They have a medical license that supports their life-style and pays the bills. God bless them for being Doctors! What I do is go to online consulting services with my credit card and pay them to put me in contact with Doctors that know how to treat intractable pain. It costs me $$$ that my insurance company does not compensate me for. What I get is having a relativly pain free life that adds tremedously to my quality of life. Something that my primary care phycisian could not do for me. Is this legal? Yes, with some Online Consulting Services (OCS), such as Madison Pain Clinic, who meets the requirements for establishing a patient/doctor relationship. Not all OCSs meet this requirement and are often shut-down through DEA audits. I can complain all I want about the state of the under-treatment of chronic pain patients and nothing will change. Or, I can get on the internet and get the treatment I need. Thank God for OCSs!!

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   Posted 9/27/2007 6:08 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi everyone,
I am a current patient of Madison Pain Clinic. As with so many online companies that dispense meds, they are having trouble with their pharmacy, most likely due to DEA interference also. Is anyone else on here one of their patients? They are probably the only telemed clinic that is also a legit real in person clinic, and now I am afraid they will be forced out of business. Does anyone have any news about them? I also want to gripe as you all do about how hard it is to get narcotic pain meds. I have migraines, and for some reason, the going doc opinion is that these should not be treated with pain meds. I would like to give them all my migraines and see how they feel about it then! Madison Pain Clinic is therefore my only real hope. I had to go through withdrawal, never fun, because of their pharmacy issue, and now 3 weeks later, still no meds and no news from them. WHAT GIVES OUR GOVT THE RIGHT TO DECIDE FOR US WHAT PILLS WE TAKE??? I am a legit patient, but I must say that beyond the pain problem, hydrocodone helped me with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder I have struggled with almost my whole life. What is different about these meds than, say, Paxil? Paxil is addicting too. I will tell you what is different-someone is getting rich off Paxil, but noone is getting rich off hydrocodone except criminals. If hydrocodone helps me live a good life, so much better than ever before, whos business is it to take it away from me? I made the deans list and took good care of my family the whole year I was on it. Compare that to the alchoholics you know...I sure wish there was something we could do to change the attitudes towards narcotic pain meds in this country. I am about to explode!
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