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   Posted 10/14/2007 8:17 PM (GMT -6)   
This is long and I am sorry. I have a new Doctor who really cares about his patients and he wants to send me to a pain clinic and I agreed to go. I have been waiting for 2 months to hear from the pain clinic. Finallu I get a call from them and they refused to see me because of something my former doctor wrote on my records. It took them 2 months to get his records.
Let me take you back to this "doctor". I went to him for 8 years. I hated to go but I was on Tenncare and they picked him out for me. He uses the f word every other word or two and uses God's name in vain all the time. His office is dirty and his staff are as unprofessional as he is. The normal waiting time to see him was 6 to 8 hours, yeah, that's right. When you have been going so long and he has all your records and you have so much wrong with you, you hate to change, KWIM? He said he would help me get on disability. I had been trying for 15 years. He wrote them a letter and told them that I never wanted to take naecotics and that I should be on disability.He wanted me to see one particular lawyer. I already had a lawyer who was working on it for me. When I told him, he blew up!!!! He told me to drop him and go with his lawyer. That was going to be embarrasing to me. He told me he had only wrote that letter for 3 people in his whole carreer and all 3 used the same lawyer and all 3 won. He said you won't listen to a thing I tell you.!I had told him earlier that I had been approved if only I could prove I was disabled before 1998, as that was when my coverage ended. So he wrote the letter and told them he had treated me since 1998( which was true) for these problems. Then after a month or so , he asked me if  got disability and I said no not yet. He accused me of lying to him to get him to write the letter. The letter sounded to me just like I told him, that i would be approved but could not be paid unless I could prove I was disabled before 1998. Other people read this letter and thought the same thing. I was badly injured and I was disabled in 1991. The pain had never let up since then. So that day I was in his office I told him I needed refills. I was completely out of Hydrocodone, Soma, Trazodone. and Neurontin. He said to me, come back Thursday (this was Monday) and I will write you some refills. I could tell he was mad. So on Wednesday I got a letter from him saying he would be unable to see me again!!!!!! No explanation. I had lost my insurance and  was desperate. I didn't know what to do. The withdrawal was horrible. I stayed in bed and cried and I never slept for 7 nights. I thought I was dying several times. I thought I was having seizures, it felt like things were crawling on me, I sweated and then chilled, I was numb in my face. Iwas so irritable abd nervous and condused. I thought I was having a stroke. You get the point.
Now back to the pain clinic. I asked thrm why they would not take me, They said my doctor had discharged me. I asked, did he say why? Was it because I lost my insurance? She said that wasn't it. but we can't take you and I can't tell you what he said.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now this good Doctor thast I have now will get the report from this clinic and I am afraid he will drop me too. I don't know what to do . Don't I have a right to know what this doctor has said about me?

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   Posted 10/15/2007 1:19 AM (GMT -6)   
Hello, I am Kitt.  I know hind sight is  20/20 but you should have reported this horrible Doctor to the Medical Board in you state, I am wondering if you still could?
You have the right to know why a clinic is refusing to take you and I would explore this with your new physician or your current attorney.
Remember you always have the right to present to an ER if you are ill as you sounded like you were in bad shape going cold turkey off your pain meds.  ER's cannot refuse to see you and do a Medical Screening Exam to rule out an emergency.  They cannot refuse to see you just because you have no funds or insurance.  That is the law.
I hope you can get your problems sorted out soon. Take care and keep posting.
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   Posted 10/18/2007 5:01 AM (GMT -6)   
Dear Pain since 91

Your medical records accroding to law are YOURS....
information in them can not be legally withheld from you
and you do need to make a call to a lawyer ASAP

Please keep us up to date.

I will pray that God will make a way....
Im a big beleiver in Truth , and walking in the LIGHT
that mwans everything is seen, in the opne... nothing hidden
there' s POWER in that (JUST MY Personal COnviction)

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their Strength, they shall mount up on wings as eagles, they shall run & not grow weary, they shall walk & not faint..."  Ish   40 v. 31
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   Posted 10/22/2007 2:04 AM (GMT -6)   
First off I'm so sorry that you are having to go through all of this mess and I know that it has been a bad time for you but please remember we are here for you.

If you don't mind me asking what part of TN are you in?and what was the reason for Tenn-care cutting you off?I am in Knoxville TN and I am on Teen-care as well.

I you are able to find some relief and if you can tell me were you are I might be able to help you with getting a good Doctor.All so like the others you have a right to your files they are yours.

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   Posted 10/22/2007 6:06 AM (GMT -6)   
wow, i don't even know what to say to your post. my temper i would have lost my cool. to begin with dropping the "f" bomb is not cool or professional at all. I used to live on the ga/tn border so i know what you are talking about. the drs are all sub-par in the area i lived in. i was at a drs in atlanta and not recieving the care i felt i needed, i was actually accused of pill seeking. i moved to fl to be with my family, as the pain was proving too much to keep my bartending job and i knew i needed a career change- and was already behind on my bills from all the medical. so, i began thinking i was imagining the pain, though i would go to bed crying every night. finally i went to the ER one day with the pain, they recommended a dr for me. i went to him and right away he sent me to a PM dr. I couldn't be happier. they confirmed i wasn't crazy... MRI's and EMG's proved that I have over 4 areas affected. i guess the point i am getting to here, is that i know what it feels like to have a dr who is only so-so and not meeting your needs. as stated above- you have the right to your medical files. they can not withhold info from you. and i am sure somehow you can report this dr to TennCare. i would do like Chartreux stated- go to the ER don't give them any history on you (if that is possible) and start from scratch. get a new dr or a PM dr. they can refer you to either. if TennCare requires referrals, this way you can get one without the cloud of this dr following you. if thats not possible, are you able to afford going on your ownto a dr of your choice? and as far as the attorney goes, if you have that trust factor/bond with him then don't change. this is your life/health and your choices to make. if you don't feel comfortable with the new attorney, then don't make the change. and there are no guarantees that he will be able to help you. good luck with everything and keep us posted.

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   Posted 10/22/2007 5:57 PM (GMT -6)   
I went to the former doctor's office Friday ready to fight. I talked to a nurse who happens to be his wife and told her my new Doctor wants to send me to a pain clinic but they refused  to take me because of what the doctor wrote about me. She insisted they had not even sent the records to the PC and they were in storage. She said she had a fax from them but that was all. So now I don't know what to think. I am going to go to the PC as soon as I can and tell them what was said. Some one is lying and I don't know who yet. The nurse said if I would give her a week, she would copy my records and give them to me at no cost.

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   Posted 10/23/2007 4:53 PM (GMT -6)   
Doctor can be really crappy. They pass the buck. Avoid people they see as problems (too much wrong with them) they can say anything and other Doc's will believe them. My thought is why did you tolerate that Doc for so long?
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