Posted 10/18/2007 3:01 PM (GMT -7)
To answer your qustion at the end of your post, YES.  I know all of those things.  adn as much as i tell myself each month that i'm going to take less, it hardly ever works out that way.  when i'm in pain it effects my relationships with my fiance, family and friends.  So when i'm not in any pain and i dont' have to mention it or talk about what i can or cannot do it seems better off.  I always plan on just not taking as many on low pain days and someitmes i get those days and sometimes i don't...  sometimes i only need what's written or less to keep out of pain, but sometimes what's written just doesn't cut it.   
i came here for advice, not to brag about how many pills i can take.  i'm not taking tons of them every day but like i said some/most days requires  1-2 more than written and talking to my doc about this is why he wants me to see a pain management doctor so hopefully they can provide something he can't.  just his first thought was tolerance to the drug and maybe a ER version (hence the OC talk)  i really don't want to be tied to a darn pill bottle my whole life.
i don't know what i want to do.. i sure don't want to go 7500+ dollars more in debt for a series of 3 shots that may or may not work.   I do PT on my own, 3 times a week at the gym, not to mention teh physical demands of the sport i'm involved in.
The time i died and was revived has sat in the back of my mind for years and years...and you know what..most of the time i think it would have been better off for them not to have found me for another few hours and to have jsut let me sleep peacefully there in the woods. I remember as i crawled through the grass the best i could that all i wanted to do was sleep and i fought that notion knowing what the outcome would be untill i passed out. Then i woke up in the hospitol on a morphine pump as if it were all a dream.  Now everything in my life is limited by what my back can or cannot put up with.  and at the age of 30  this is not something i want to deal with for another 30+ years and i don't want to put the people close to me through it either
here's what i came home to the next day proving it was no dream...and only one of MANY accidents where the vehicle never made it out but somehow i did.  I've got an archive of these that make most people sick at their stomachs
Posted 10/18/2007 3:43 PM (GMT -7)

Stunt, yes boxer dogs, at the moment 4 of them.  We are involved in Boxer Rescue, so bless you for rescuing yours!!

I have not heard too much good about the shots.  My mom has had the whole slew of them and they have not done a dang bit of good. So I don't blame you for not wanting them. It's too bad some PM practices only do the epidurals. I know you don't want to be tied to pills, but if they allow you to lead the life you want, don't fret it. I'm tied to the meds and I'm unable to live my former life.  I would give anything to be able to go back to work and do the activities I used to love.

I hope you can find a good PM soon!!
Posted 10/20/2007 8:21 PM (GMT -7)
Stunt, your post started out asking how to work with the withdrawal symptoms originally... having been a Detox Tech Supervisor at one point in my career lives, I can give you some tidbits of advice to lessen some of the symptoms but nothing is going to make it easier. Point blank you are an opiate addict due to your injuries and chronic pain and life is not easy that way. The body adapts quickly and it raises it's tolerance fast.

I would suggest a combination of homeopathic resources along with your regular pain meds and a very serious evaluation of your regular medication regimen to be sure what you're taking is specifically to tackle the pain and not a blanket shot trying to avoid any pain. I would attempt to determine what pain might be tolerable and at what intervals those occur and then try to time your pain meds at the most critical points to get the most out of your prescription. For example, if your med on standard dose is only lasting 4-6 hrs, then time it to take it so that it will tackle your pain over the most critical point so that you're not chasing the pain thereafter. That is usually what happens so that you take more and more until you've built the atomic bomb of painkiller in your system and then it's relieved but then the merry go round starts all over.

The other thing I suggest is to consider combinations of over the counter to alleviate some pain that may not require the big dog opiate... for example, if 3-4 advil (ibuprofen) will take care of inflammation and achiness, use that as an interim, until you need to sleep then hit the opiate. You can reduce your tolerance build up that way. If you're experiencing Restless legs alot (due to the injuries and the joint damage), Tylenol PM (or any store brand PM) helps with that. If sleep is an issue or anxiety a major problem, Calms Forte is a an all natural product that can be used WITH any over the counter or opiate without problems and it's good for helping you sleep, relaxing the nerves etc.

Ask your doctor about a good muscle relaxant like Flexeril (try not to go with Soma as it is addictive) and it too can be used with other meds, and isn't needed constantly, only when necessary to prevent the build up. For sleep, melatonin and valerian root and the calms forte all can be taken together to help relax for sleep at night... and Calms Forte is good around the clock every 4hrs as directed for calming the nerves during those withdrawal episodes.

Finally, during withdrawals, one of the best things my clients always said helped was a hot shower. The body goes to sleep under opiates, all it's systems slow down (digestive/intestinal- that why the vomiting and diarhea reaction, the body rebels; the muscles ache from lethargy). But clients oft reported a very hot shower (as hot as they could stand it) would relieve the creepy crawlies and soothe the muscles and spasms.

Research your meds. Explore Elavil or Neurontin for reducing the way the body percieves the pain. I've learned to combine and juggle my meds and supplements so that my body doesn't get used to any one thing... my pain isn't nearly as severe as yours by any means, but it's chronic so it requires managment as I intend to function well for a very long time! I wish you well on finding an answer.

Oh btw, if anyone suggest Methadone, avoid it like the plague. What you're experiencing now in withdrawal is amplified 100% worst coming off Methadone ... unless you make it your script for life. You can get clear of opiates in 4-5 days, Meth is anywhere from 10-30 AFTER the first week off of them. Just my experience with clients.

Posted 10/20/2007 9:15 PM (GMT -7)
I think I have mentopned Suboxone before but I will say it again.  It is what I used in Rehab.  It is much different than Methadone but works kind of the same.  You don't have to detox from that after detoxing from oxy. I am sure the Doc you have now would write that for you since he is a psych.  Good luck

DX-Fibromyagia, Allergies, Anxiety, IBS, Migraines (and all the other Fibro related stuff)
RX-Ativan, Tramadol, Allegra-many others as needed

Posted 10/21/2007 3:06 PM (GMT -7)
We spoke on friday and he said that he and my surgeon agree that i'm on very little meds compared to most people in my shape and they' aren't pulling me off, but giving me 2 more pills a day to take. I told them that due to the addictive properties i dont' want to go on higher doses ( i.e. Oxycontin) due to the withdrawals i get now. he was surprised to hear i didn't want' the meds since he had put in his notes that are going to the pain clinic, that he thinks i need the ER version.

I"m still going to see the pain clinic on Nov. 12th, and i should have insurance in a few months after speaking with the lady who's doing the hiring for the govt job i was offered and MAYBE i'll try the epidurals, or if my coverage doesn't try adn screw me due to "pre-existing condition" BS i may risk the surgery if the govt job is as good as it sounds

thanks for the help everyone

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