Pyloric Stricture

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   Posted 5/29/2008 1:38 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi y'all,

First time posting, been lurking a couple of weeks.

My DS is 15. He has been sick since early February. Pediatrician and I suspected that he was having a reoccurence of constipation issues that had plagued him from the ages of 4 - 12 (tried many things, meds, natural enemas, mineral oil milkshakes, etc). He had one episode of severe impaction at age of 12. A few medicines later (included a round of steroids for an allergic reaction), he was better than ever.

So in Feb., Dr puts him back on Miralax and also tests him for thyroid because of a few other symptoms and DH being Type I Diabetic puts DS at risk for thryoid. That was all fine. A couple of weeks later, still sick with Upper Ab pain, hunger/nausea relieved temporarily by food, hand joints pain and constipation was not an issue. Dr. added Prilosec. Later Dr added Carafate. Week later, Dr gets him into a Ped. Gastro in a larger city. Before we saw him, DS started throwing up every 4th day. He would be in pain for hours and then throw up massive amounts.

At the Ped Gastro, the Dr was a little cautious because there was a really bad stomach virus going around. He switched him to Nexium. I told him that it seemed like the food wasn't getting out of his stomach. Well, a couple of days later, he had another episode, so he goes for the Endo.

(Getting long, will break into smaller bits...)

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   Posted 5/29/2008 1:48 PM (GMT -7)   
Endo showed a few ulcers in the esoph and the stomach. Ped Gastro said they did not look like H. Pylori. The antrum was very inflammed and his pylorus was closed to the size of a dime. All the biopsies came back fine. They could not find any H. Pylori. My DH had been laid off work and the insurance ended a couple of days after his scope (Mar 28th). As soon as we could purchase new insurance (through COBRA at $850 a month), we set him up for an Upper GI with SBFT. He had that done on May 1st. That was all normal. At this point, DS is still having nausea, but not throwing up. Still on 40 mg Nexium twice daily, Carafate 4x. Zofran as needed (usually going through a box of 10 every 2-3 weeks).

He had another Endoscope with a balloon dialation and a colonoscopy on May 22nd. Now his pylorus is opened to about the size of a nickel. I understand it should be closer to a quarter. I didn't get to ask the Dr. about why it couldn't be opened more (I will at our appt), but am guessing that the stricture is very firm/tight and that it wouldn't be good to force it or it just wouldn't stay open more.

Anyway, this time, biopsies still fine. Nothing unusual in the large intestine. Dr. had asked his partner to be with him during the procedures to get his opinion. They decide to go ahead and treat for H Pylori, because he said after having been on the Nexium for so long, that the bacteria can hunker down in the inflammation and be harder to catch in a biopsy. They also had taken blood to check for yeast antibodies.

They asked a Gastrology Pathologist to look at all his stuff. He agreed that they were probably on the right course. Pyloric strictures just aren't supposed to happen at his age without cancer, etc. As far as gastroduodenal crohn's, I understand it usually involves this area but also other areas of the colon in conjunction. They can't do the capsule because it wouldn't go through the pylorus and Dr said that there could be inflammation there.

Well, the blood work came back with a slightly elevated number of yeast antibodies. Nurse said not so high that they would say "oh yeah, it's Crohn's", but high enough that they may pursue some type of treatment. Nurse said "he has a slight case of Crohn's). (I'm thinking is that like being slightly pregnant, lol, but think she is meaning a mild case). We see the Dr on June 13th (a week after he finishes the antibiotics).

DS has lost 20 lbs since March 6th, mostly from eating way smaller meals and more juice/yogurt/soft stuff, as well as exercise. I have been keeping a food/med diary to watch for trends, nothing significant so far. He hasn't throw up since his first endo (dr tried to open the pylorus some with the scope he was using). He had still been nauseated, rarely had pain. He has been on the antibiotics almost a week and says he feels a little better (no Zofran since last Saturday night).

Anyway, that's our story. Slight Crohn's with a pyloric stricture and possible h. pylori.

Anybody else have a pyloric stricture? Did balloon dialation help? Dr hasn't mention surgery, but I know it is done.

Sorry I got long-worded, Chedva

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   Posted 5/29/2008 5:26 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Cheda I am certainly hoping that things improve for your son . Sounds like you have had quite a time of it with all that has been going on. Really hope his vommiting does not return. Sorry not much help with your question hoping others here might know something about it. lol gail

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   Posted 4/3/2009 8:12 AM (GMT -7)   
Just wanted to share an update for others who may be searching for info on pyloric stricture and crohn's.

After almost a year on nexium twice daily, my now 16 year old son has felt wonderful. He has only been nauseated one time and that is probably better than most people who don't have gastro issues :)

Dr. wanted to do a one year eval to see how the pyloric stricture was. It was found at dime size, ballooned to a nickel size. During this endoscopy, the pyloric stricture had tightened to the size of a ink pen barrel! Dr was only able to open it to dime size.

Colon still looks great. Upper GI with small bowel followthru still normal. Biopsies normal. Still nothing "on paper" to point at and say "oh yeah, that's crohn's".

DS will be starting 6mp. DS, DH and I (Dr as well), don't want to risk an emergency situation of complete closure without having tried something. I am thankful he has felt well, is growing taller, stays active and involved in his world. I am thankful that we found all this and can start a course of action while he is still in our household and can help him navigate all the insurance/medical stuff.

Anyway, I will be looking through the forums for your 6mp info :) I wish you all relief from symptoms, healing of bodies, financial peace, uncomplicated insurance issues and all around happy lives..
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   Posted 4/3/2009 12:15 PM (GMT -7)   
You're right, I had to research that one. Glad to hear he is at least feeling good and has you to help him through this.
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