This disease...sad post just to let you know

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   Posted 10/14/2008 11:14 AM (GMT -7)   
My sister-in-laws brother's wife had Crohn's Disease and passed away Sunday night.  Anyhow, I have so many mixed feelings about this, I don't know where to begin.
She was not old at all--44.  My sister-in-law said her Crohn's was under control until recently and she ended up in the hospital, just like 2 weeks ago.
When she passed away, my family was afraid to tell me because they didn't know how I would react.
I feel scared and sad.  Sad for the loss and scared that it seems this disease can do whatever it wants...whenever it wants.  I never did get to meet her personally and I had hoped I would have the chance, when she recovered, but she never did.  sad
I won't be attending the funeral, but I will be watching my brother's and sister-in-law's children.  I know my son, who is 9, will be asking why we are home that day and watching his cousins and while I don't hesitate to tell him why, I don't want him to know that she had Crohn's and died from related complications.  Ugh!  If he happens to find out, I don't even know what to say.  I know it will scare him. 
This death really hit close to home. 
Any thoughts, anyone?

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   Posted 10/14/2008 11:23 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm so sorry. I always tell my kids you don't die from Crohn's but it really isn't true, you die from complications. It does hit close to home, I'm 43, almost 44 and while I would like to think I have years and years, we never know do we. That is why we need to enjoy every moment. I refuse to let this disease rob me of enjoying a single day with my family and friends. If there is any way possible, I will do whatever I had planned for the day, no matter what CD throws at me.

I think the only way we can talk to our children is honestly. And tell them that we do everything in our power to take care of ourselves and as long as we do, most likely we will live to be old scrawny CDers.

I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

CD 19 years offically, 29 unofficially. 3 resections '93, '95 '97
Symptoms constantly but all tests show only minor ulcerations. Currently having multiple episodes of gastritis with no known cause.

Prednisone, 6MP,Prevacid, B12 shots, Bentyl, Xifaxan.....

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   Posted 10/14/2008 11:31 AM (GMT -7)   
I am so sorry about your sister
'I too tel Cait ( daughter) that you dont die from this DD but ......

My thoughts heart and prayers go out to you and your family at this time

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   Posted 10/14/2008 11:49 AM (GMT -7)   
So sorry for your family's loss!!! It still really blows my mind when I hear of a crohn's death. To be honest, I know NOTHING about the statistics, but I would venture to say that these deaths are rare. I think that anything that causes your body to be weak and susceptible could in it's very worst and uncontrolled state cause death. I think the best we can do is take care of ourselves, find a good doctor, and keep a little faith. Don't let this terrible tragedy skew your perspective about your own body and health. Perhaps there are contributing factors that you are unaware of. (((HUGS)))

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   Posted 10/14/2008 1:27 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi I am so sorry for your family's loss.
Hi, I am teddybearweiser, I am a male.
I was diagnosed with crohns disease when i was admitted to the hospital

in 1992, in Jan of 1993 I was back in the hospital for surgery for my crohns. I had part of my right colon resectioned with ilecolonstomy.

My GI doctor has me on Asacol, Dicyclomine,Imuran,Celebrex and Remicade. B-12 injection once a month.
Also diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

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   Posted 10/14/2008 1:27 PM (GMT -7)   
So sorry to hear of your families loss. I will definetly keep them in my prayers. I too think death due to Crohns is pretty rare. I think more than likely what gets most who die of Crohns complications is either the abcesses or sepsis setting in. I agree with Stef17 that you shouldn't let this tragedy cause you any undo worry, these types of things are pretty rare.

God Bless,
Gail *Nanners*
Been living with Crohn's Disease for 32 years.  Currently on Asacol, Prilosec 60 mg, Estrace, Prinivil, Diltiazem, Percoset prn for pain and Calcium.  Resections in 2002 and 2005.  Recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and doing tests to see if I have Inflammatory Arthritis or AS.

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   Posted 10/14/2008 1:51 PM (GMT -7)   
:(... *Hugs*
I think I am being picked on by life, sometimes. But's that okay. Life and I are good buddies... I know life doesn't mean no harm. It just is the way it is. I can accept that.

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   Posted 10/14/2008 2:08 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Keeping you in my thoughts. lol gail
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   Posted 10/14/2008 2:25 PM (GMT -7)   
I came back to say she was young and your right it hits home harder when it is someone young. Just was wandering if she was a member here. I know someone that went young near where I live, and it is sad to say the least. How you doing with coping? lol gail
Hallarious woman over 50 ,CD ,IBS 27 years--resection,fistula's,obstructions,and still gail

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   Posted 10/14/2008 3:17 PM (GMT -7)   
I can only imagine what the family is going through...

God Bless.

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   Posted 10/14/2008 3:42 PM (GMT -7)   
Oh, Indigo. I am so sorry.

My thoughts are with you all.

Co-Moderator Crohn's Forum.

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   Posted 10/14/2008 3:55 PM (GMT -7)   
I am so sorry for your loss. In prayer for you and your family. Blessings, Julie
Diagnosed with Crohn's March 2006
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   Posted 10/14/2008 5:05 PM (GMT -7)   
Sorry for you and your family Indigo, you will be in my prayers.

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   Posted 10/14/2008 5:27 PM (GMT -7)   
God, this disease is so hard isn't it. My heart and prayers go out to you. My youngest son is 24 and can't even handle the fact that I could end up in the hospital with an obstruction. We were talking about this the other night and he said "Stop mom, don't say that. I don't even want to think about that". I guess I must have scared him more than I can imagine when I had my resect. On one hand you want to prepare them for the reality of life and on the other you want to protect them. In your case with your son being only 9 I think I would just let him know that her job on earth was done and He needed her home. Death is hard enough at any age and certainly you don't want him afraid of losing you. I'm with the others and believe that this was a rare incidence. Let him be a child while he can. Childhood only comes once and when he gets older hopefully you can share a little more as time goes by.
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   Posted 10/14/2008 5:46 PM (GMT -7)   
So sorry for your loss, sending best wishes your way ((((HUGS))))

My bum is broken....there's a big crack down the middle of it! LOL :)

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   Posted 10/14/2008 7:35 PM (GMT -7)   
I had a close friend die from Crohn's as well she was 43. It hit me like a ton of bricks.. Sorry for your loss.
Crohns for 13 years
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2 times in hospital for blockages
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   Posted 10/14/2008 9:32 PM (GMT -7)   
I am sorry for everyone who has lost someone due to crohns. I must ask a very ignorant question however. How does one die from crohns? I've heard that "if left untreated crohns can become life threatening." Exactly how so? I would guess one could die of dehydration, malnutrition, an obstruction, or a rupture? I guess you could get to the point where there is nothing left to resect. But it sounds like a couple of you have lost someone suddenly. By no means am I trying to blame the victim I just need to know for my own sake -- there are usually warning signs right?
27 Year old married female law student (last year!!). Diagnosed w/ CD 4 years ago, IBS for over 10 years before that, which was probably the CD. I am sort of lactose intollerant too but can handle anything cultured and do well w/ lactose pills and lactaid. For crohns I am currently on Pentasa 4 pills/4x day and hysociamine prn. I also have bad acid reflux and have been on PPI's since age 13. I have been through prilosec, prevacid, and nexium. Currently I am on Protonix in the morning and Zantac at night. I also take a birth control pill to allow some fun in my life.

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   Posted 10/15/2008 3:28 AM (GMT -7)   
Please be honest with your son. I went through a major flare when my youngest was in high school and was totally wrapped up in my own problems. Long story short, he was taking it harder than he was letting on or that we noticed. His grades suffered terribly and he passed that grade by the skin of his teeth.....this was a child who always did well in school. If he has the information (age appropriate) it will help him deal with things better along the way.

Prayers to your family.

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   Posted 10/15/2008 5:33 AM (GMT -7)   

First of all I'm so sorry for your loss. 

.....I never really realised that someone could die from Crohns......  Really depressing thought, makes me wanna cry.


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   Posted 10/15/2008 6:22 AM (GMT -7)   
Fitzy most folks that die from Crohns die from things like abscesses or septis I think. I think it is more than likely severe complications that most of us won't ever experience. JMHO
Been living with Crohn's Disease for 32 years.  Currently on Asacol, Prilosec 60 mg, Estrace, Prinivil, Diltiazem, Percoset prn for pain and Calcium.  Resections in 2002 and 2005.  Recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and doing tests to see if I have Inflammatory Arthritis or AS.

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   Posted 10/15/2008 8:04 AM (GMT -7)   
Yeah that - to what Nanners said. I think something really nasty has to set in, like a raging infection that just can't be controlled. That's why I think the chances of dying "from" Crohn's are super small. I don't think you die "from" crohn's. You have crohn's and something gets super out of whack and the complications are what can lead to death - which can happen with any illness. So tragic, nonetheless, but I don't want it to put panic into the hearts of everyone here. We've not been given a death sentence, just the responsibility of taking extra good care of ourselves.

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   Posted 10/15/2008 9:58 AM (GMT -7)   

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers--they mean a lot to my family and I.

It makes a lot of sense with what Nanners and Stef said.  If we take care of ourselves and stay "on top" of the disease, then more than likely we will be ok, right? 

If anything, this has shown me that I tend to "forget" the things in life that are most important and to treasure each day. 





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