Diverticulitis -Hope this is in the right section-

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   Posted 11/20/2008 3:05 PM (GMT -7)   
Just wondering if anyone here suffers from or knows someone who suffers from Diverticulitis and is willing to share their experiences with this?
My h was diagnosed not too long ago with this, it isn't bad, just in the early stages so hopefully eating more fibre, drinking more water (he drinking hates water so this has been quite a challenge), changing his diet and ofcourse more exercise.
Thanks in advance.

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   Posted 11/20/2008 3:27 PM (GMT -7)   
Has he had an attack of diverticulitis? Most people as they get older tend to develop diverticula, which are small pouches in the colon. An attack happens when particles of feces get into a pocket and cause an infection, which can usually be treated with antibiotics, but sometimes require surgery. Most folks never have that -- they are symptom free, and yes fiber and water is a good preventative (for attacks, not the diverticula themselves.) It's a pretty common condition and he should do fine.

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   Posted 11/20/2008 3:28 PM (GMT -7)   
I have diverticulosis. I have several diverticuli in my sigmoid colon and one in my cecum [rare]. I have had two flares of cecal divertiulitis and one of sigmoid diverticulitis. One more bout of cecal diverticulitis and they said it might have to go.

Diverticulitis is very common in the western world because of our diets. You are correct that increasing fiber is a must. For those that have a difficult time eating enough foods high in fiber, fiber supplements can be useful. In the US, Benefiber and Fibersure are two products that are well tolerated and easy to use. In the powder form they can be added to any liquid, totally dissolve without grit, and have no taste. They can also be added to soups, gravies, casseroles, etc making it far easier to get ones daily finer needs.

Recent studies have indicated that avoidance of nuts and seeds is no longer needed when one has diverticulosis. I have no problem with seeds but do have a problem with popcorn husks and some nuts. All my diverticulitis attacks were after consuming popcorn or pistachio nuts. So I think this is likely something one should test and see how they tolerate it. Of course, your husband should follow what ever diet specifics his doctor outlined.
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   Posted 11/20/2008 5:38 PM (GMT -7)   

The new dr I went to last week..He said my recent symptoms sounded like diverticulitis..I have not been told that before..I have not had any CT's ect in about 1 1/2..How are the symptoms different??..The new doctor found that the high dose antibiotic therapy interesting and was used successfully??  I have not had alot of D lately..I have lower abdominal pain with nausea..I have never been able to tolerate any fiber therapy without major pain??


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   Posted 11/21/2008 4:31 AM (GMT -7)   
Yep. I have diverticulum in small intestine. We found it by chance during the SBFT test. And, yes, I have had diverticulitis. The pain was different and I recognized the difference immediately. Pain was not localized but in about four different places. I was put on Leviquin and two other medications that I don't remember the names of. They helped keep me out of the ER and symptoms were better in about a week.

When the doctor says not to eat ANYTHING with seeds the do so with reason... I tested this and will never do so again. Yesterday I ordered a sandwich in a rush and forgot to tell them no pickles or tomatoes (miss both). When I opened it, I panicked and picked off every seed on the bun. When I am grocery shopping for anything that may have seeds me and my daughter both look very closely at the jar (never buy if I cannot see through the container) to make sure no seeds. If in doubt I will run it through a strainer.

I asked my (then) GI doctor if they could be cauterized or removed and he said that I am "prone" to diverticulum and that they would return.


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   Posted 11/29/2008 12:09 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks for the replies.

He hasn't had any attacks, infact the Dr who did the procedure just said to increase his fibre and drink alot of water. He didn't give us any indication on how bad this was, just to come back in 3-5 years for another colonscopy. So, we are assuming he has the early stages of this and the rest is preventable depending on his eating habits etc..

Another thing, my H is very stubborn and unless I remind him to drink water, or put out his Fibre1 cereal, he forgets or avoids. I keep telling him that if he avoids certain foods (the ones listed) then the less chance of having an attack. Guess time will tell!

Does raspberry jam count as seeds? Just curious.

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   Posted 11/29/2008 3:27 PM (GMT -7)   
yes red (unless you filter out the seeds). But see how he tolerates it, because the last thing you want is for him to dig his heels in further.

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   Posted 11/29/2008 6:22 PM (GMT -7)   
I have Chrohn's and Diverticulitis. I recently had a sigmoid colectomy done in Sept. My surgeon didn't belive my GI doctor when he told him about the Divert. It is common older people. I'm 34. I bled for a year straight before they agreed it wasn't my crohns. I feel great now after the surgery. I was getting a flare about every 2  months with severe pain. Lots of water and fiber is the key. Seeds don't bother me
Always get checked out because a diverticuli bleed can be very serious.
Hope your husband does ok

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   Posted 11/29/2008 9:35 PM (GMT -7)   
My MIL has diverticulosis as well and those that suffer with it can also get bowel perforations so if he ever feels oddly ill with stomach flu-like symptoms then play it safe and get him to a hospital and make sure they know he has diverticulosis...not trying to scare you just wanted to make sure you're aware of this since my MIL kept getting sent home from the hospital and told it was simply the flu bug and she almost died from feces poisoning because of the preroration and she ended up having to wear a bag temporarily for about a yr before they did the reversal. Just a heads up.

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   Posted 12/9/2008 9:15 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks gang.

I did discuss all this with him and told him that everything he does now IS preventative action so he won't have any attacks in the future.

What really frustrates me is the place he had this procedure done wasn't very good. We weren't given ANY real information or any detail with his results. Just that he has Divert. and to take fibre, drink alot of water. The Dr who did the procedure didn't take notes so my Husband's family Dr doesn't have much to go on either.

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