Rank your experience with different scope prep

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   Posted 5/13/2009 7:29 AM (GMT -7)   
Scopes suck.  Prep sucks more.  Some preps are slightly better on the disgusting scale than others though.
  1. OsmoPrep - tablets!  So much better than drinking anything.  Still tastes horrid.
  2. Fleets Phospho-soda.  At least it's only a couple of glasses of nasty.
  3. GoLytely - OMG, that stuff is the WORST.  How on earth is anyone supposed to drink a gallon of stagnant salt-water?  I think they give us that stuff just to torture us.  I had it in the hospital and I'm sure the nurse was sitting there, chuckling to herself at my expense. 
Are there any others that I am lucky enough not to have experienced yet?

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   Posted 5/13/2009 7:42 AM (GMT -7)   

My GI used to use Golytely, which is certainly effective if only due to the volume. In recent years he has switched to a much more simple and tolerable mixture:

4 Dulcolax pills at mid-afternoon the day before

A Dulcolax supository that evening

One small bottle of magnesium citrate at 8 p.m., which runs through by midnight

A second bottle at 4 the next morning, which is pretty well through by the time you leave for the appointment

Phayzyme tablets to control gas that morning

Always had a clean colon with that regimen, and aside from some mild cramping when the Dulcolax kicks in and four of five trips to the commode for each MagCit bottle, it's pretty tolerable.

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   Posted 5/13/2009 9:30 AM (GMT -7)   
I had to prep yesterday and I had to:

take two pills
drink 10oz of magnesium citrate and
drink the gallon of horrid stuff

I am still leaking liquid this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

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   Posted 5/13/2009 9:52 AM (GMT -7)   
I've done the pill preps for the last 4 or 5 years, can't even think about any of the liquid preps without gagging. But I just had my appointment with my GI and of course I'm waiting to hear if I have to schedule any lovely tests based on results from my blood work. Can't take any of the pill preps anymore, black box warning and all. Not sure what I'm going to do.

CD 20 years officially, 30 unofficially. 3 resections '93, '95 '97
Managing with strict low residue diet, keeping symptoms to a minimum. All test show small amount of ulceration, still have occasional blockages. But still have a great time with my 2 daughters and husband!

Prednisone, 6MP,Prevacid, B12 shots, Bentyl, Xifaxan.....

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   Posted 5/13/2009 10:36 AM (GMT -7)   
Clear liquids 2 days before
Clear liquids day before, 4pm until midnight drink 2 bottles of citro mag (in slushie form with LOTS of flavouring....actually not bad).
Clean as a whistle.....though does make for a bad night....husband needs to sleep in the spare room or he ends up staying awake all night! LOL
RX Crohn's 1999, over 30 surgeries, 3 strokes, still kickin!!
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   Posted 5/13/2009 12:28 PM (GMT -7)   
I did the half lightly once.  That was the last time.  You would have to pin me down to do it again
Fleet phospho was nice and easy.  Not bad at all.  Now all the reports out are saying no good with the sodium even if you have healthy kidneys.
When I had my resection, I just did ducolax and clears.  That was by far the best.
This prep I will do miralax mixed with 64 oz of gatorade.  Gatorade I guess to stay hydrated.  Ok, with me but I doubt I will get that much gatorade down.
The hardest part for me is not eating!!  I'm hungry and I get cranky.

28 years with Crohns in the term ileum.  Feb 07 Resection.  No meds currently..but there will be some I'm sure. Taking acidophilus.

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   Posted 5/13/2009 12:40 PM (GMT -7)   
The only prep I've ever used was the phospho soda along with 4 dulcolax tabs, if they've pulled phospho off the market then they better have a better option than those 4 l jugs of anything cuz that's just not going to happen, infact I'd probably refuse getting a colonoscopy if they don't have a better alternative to those 4l preps...I'm kinda stubborn that way LOL!

My bum is broken....there's a big crack down the middle of it! LOL :)

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   Posted 5/13/2009 12:44 PM (GMT -7)   
I've done Pico-Salax and Golytely. I only managed to drink like 4 glasses of Golytely before I decided to go out and buy more Pico Salax LOL. The first time I reacted badly to it, but the second time it was fine. Pico Salax is defiitely the best tasting liquid prep, but I'd be curious to try the pills.

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   Posted 5/13/2009 2:06 PM (GMT -7)   
phospho soda 3x . . . not so bad

jug-O-puke! (go-lytely/half-lytely) with 4 dulcolax - SO aweful. nausea, cramping, pooping pants. Aghhhh!!! Never again!

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   Posted 5/13/2009 4:57 PM (GMT -7)   
Phospho soda #1
1/2 lytley #2
Go-lytle bottom of the list3

these are the on'y 3 that I've had
Diagnosed with Crohns in 2001
First and hopefully last Ileocecectomy 2/18/2009

Medications: Asacol, Folic Acid, Multivitamin, Dbl. Calcium, Probiotics, Protonix, Monthly B-12 injections.

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   Posted 5/13/2009 4:57 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm with Pb4, I've been very stubborn and refused to do any prep but the pills. In fact before the pills came out I did my own prep with dulcolax and clear liquid for 3 days prior, just to avoid the jug o puke. I just can't look at them without getting sick. I've always filled the script, but I just can't bring myself to take it, its a self preservation thing. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I need to do the next clean out since my GI told me this week that he won't let me do the pills again since the black box warning. I guess Miralax isn't suppose to be bad, and Pico-salax, but maybe I'll just go back to clear liquids for days on end and dulcolax, with the prep on the back burner in case I'm not clear by the end of the night. NOT that I would recommend that to anyone else.

CD 20 years officially, 30 unofficially. 3 resections '93, '95 '97
Managing with strict low residue diet, keeping symptoms to a minimum. All test show small amount of ulceration, still have occasional blockages. But still have a great time with my 2 daughters and husband!

Prednisone, 6MP,Prevacid, B12 shots, Bentyl, Xifaxan.....

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   Posted 5/13/2009 5:08 PM (GMT -7)   
I only had experience with a couple. Fleet rocks, couple glasses of nasty stuff and you are good to go! I cramp a little on Fleet but it was worth it... I'm sad I can't get it anymore. Moviprep was a huge step down, two liters of nastiness equal to or greater than Fleet! I tried to get through it but i puked up a good amount while trying. I didn't cramp on Moviprep, but the volume you have to take isn't worth it...
22 y/o Male; Dx Crohn's Disease in 2001 at age 14.
Lost 3 inches of colon and 7 inches of ileum in 2004 bowel resection.
CD returns in October 2008.
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Been on: Prednisone, Imuran, Entocort, Remicade

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   Posted 5/13/2009 5:26 PM (GMT -7)   
Guess most of you don't remember Castor Oil. Just thinking about it makes me nauseous.

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   Posted 5/13/2009 5:45 PM (GMT -7)   
I just feel like throwing up when i hear the name GoLytely hehe..

You have to drink so much of that stuff..
I hate prepping I get so sick :S

But I love having a scope and see my colon that is so much fun so I prep and get a "reward" for it so I feel it is worth it :P
24 year old female
Diagnosed with Crohn's disease in December 2008..
Medication - Asacol, Remicade, Entocort, Cipralex and Cerazette.
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   Posted 5/13/2009 7:16 PM (GMT -7)   
skull Warning-Warning-Warning skull
skullnew HalfLytely flavor........ skull
skull Pineapple(not kidding)...... skull
Could you please put that in a tall glass,and add a freakin umbrella???
diagnosed 1981
remission until 2006
Entocort, 6mp,Hydrochlorothiazide
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   Posted 5/13/2009 7:35 PM (GMT -7)   
I was diagnosed in 2000. I have had a flare up almost every year since, but this year has been the longest lasting and by far the most severe.
It seems to be affecting my joints more and more. My ankles and knees swell to the point of immobility. I break out in sores around my ankles and sometimes on my beautiful face (haha)and they don't heal for months. Blah blah blah...So, I actually was curious about Remacade. I am sopposed to be starting it by the beginning of June and am both nervous about the side effects and excited about the potential results. I could do without my buddy Crohn's for a bit, he's been a little too attached to the hip. So I was hoping you may be able to give me some insight...

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   Posted 5/13/2009 7:53 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm doing my prep tomorrow w/ ducolax + magnesium citrate + miralax.  In my opinion, miralax is the only way to go.  For my first scope, i did ducolax + fleet's phospho soda + (I think) GoLytely ... both were horrid and I've tried my best to forget them :-).   I could do without the ducolax and magnesium citrate, but the miralax is infinitely better - it's still a lot to drink but tasteless (I find waiting a bit longer between each dose helps with the amount). 

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   Posted 5/13/2009 9:58 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm convinced the drs always prescribe 3 times as much as needed because when I was younger I used to dump half of it down the drain when my parents weren't looking and everything always turned out fine.

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   Posted 5/13/2009 10:07 PM (GMT -7)   
I am hypoglycemic but doctors seem to have a hard time understanding this. The first time I tried a clear liquid diet + 1 gal of whatever it was, I passed out and had a seizure. I personally think this is a problem yet various docs seem to think I'm exaggerating. I can not keep my blood sugar up high enough on liquids alone.

I found the perfect prep for me, Nutra-prep and Lo-so prep. The Nutra-prep is a box of food that you can eat all the way up until 5:00 pm the day before your surgery or procedure. It was a life saver and got me through 2 surgeries and multiple colonoscopies. The first doc let me try it but she was very skeptical. She was quite pleased with it and convinced my surgeon to let me use it.

I need another ab surgery and when I called to order my miracle prep, they told me they stopped making it! I really don't know what I am going to do. The surgery is not on my intestines so I may have to try eating low residue foods the day of the prep and hope that I'm safe. I should have had the surgery last August but I've been putting it off because of the prep.
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