C one day then D the next??? HELP!!!

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   Posted 7/8/2009 4:30 PM (GMT -7)   
I dont understand, I have like 2 days of going to the bathroom 8-9 times a day and then ill have one day of severe constipation and bloating. Its very painful too, both are. I have been flaring so I havent been eating a very crazy diet, but it seems like I cant adjust my diet to fit either the C or the D because by the time I adjust it my bowel movements change so much I dont even know what to do. I have been eating basically the same things everyday. a very bland diet. Usually scrambled eggs or cherrios for breakfast, tuna and crackers or chicken soup for lunch and same for dinner, sometimes grilled chicken. sides are usually mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, and a biscuit. I drink PLENTY of water and juice(cran-anything)and I never drink sodas. I just dont even know what to do. If I eat alot of fiber, my stomach hurts, if i dont, im so constipated my stomach hurts and when I finally have a BM after a whole day of being bloated and hurting to no end, Its like the begining is really thick and then after that its thin and soft. sorry to be so graphic. anyone have any tips on what to eat or know what is going on and why this could be happening?
Sorry to be so detailed and graphics.
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   Posted 7/8/2009 6:10 PM (GMT -7)   
It's the nature of the beast, when I complained about something similar as you're describing to my GI he told me to take fibre supplements daily and indefinitely, it's been almost 6 yrs now and I haven't missed a day, the best advice a GI ever gave me....fibre helps with D and/or C. Initially when I first started taking it, it increased my excessive gas and bloating but all that went away after 3 months (everyones time varies), now I have no mucus, no D, just formed stools, less stools/day too, no more bloating (which I had previous to taking the fibre pills) and very little gas at all in a day especially compared to the excessive amount I had before the fibre pills.

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   Posted 7/9/2009 4:27 AM (GMT -7)   
My GI told me last appt, that constipation and food not moving, and then a couple of D days afterwards were probably an obstruction. SO I'd watch the fiber. I was pretty surprized because I told her my symptoms and she said -- did you have a few days of D at the end? And I said yes, and she said, that probably was an obstruction... maybe you want to check with your doc before you make big changes. The thin part could be the part that was at the stricture site. That's how it works with me. I usually do a few days of liqiods only and give it a chance to heal. If I was going thru what you were, chicken and a bisciuit would do me in.
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   Posted 7/9/2009 9:18 AM (GMT -7)   
I have this too, only more days of C - up to 5, then I get serious pains and D. I have  partial obstruction in my Ileum (a narrowing caused by tickening of the intestine). Janicea I was told the same thing about mine... LOW fiber (and NO fruits or veggies) until it heals.  Maybe you should see your GI about it, so that if it is an obstruction you can know for sure, and if not, you can get good advice about your diet?
 I find ANY juice or high sugar drinks make the D much worse, so maybe try to avoid that? My nutritionist calls it "sugar dumping" in the sense that the body can't handle the sugar intake when the system is so inflamed and not working (especially if dehydrated) and so it will pull a ton of water out of your tissues to dilute the sugar and throw it out of your digestive tract as soon as it can... ala D. It was the best advice I ever got!
Hope you feel better soon!

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   Posted 7/9/2009 10:15 AM (GMT -7)   
I am so relieved to see these posts. On the ohter hand I am truly sorry for everyones pain and discomfort. I bounce back and forth as well. It is a major job to keep up with what I can and can't eat. What I also found true for myself was that I would find something that worked like plain pasta or soup(low Sodium) I was so happy to find something that I didn't have an instant reaction to that this would be on the list as a staple for a while. My list was very short! After a few weeks of this my symptoms which have been flaring for almost four yrs now would return. SO I'd wait awile before I attempted, say, the pasta. It was almost as if my body recognized what the food was before I got the chance to digest it. D or c would surely follow and that food would be taken off the list. I have been disabled for almost five years. In this time I have read the books, searched the net, talked to other sufferers and no two people are exactly the same. SOUNDS DEPRESSING. I did however come up with a list of foods that I rotate. I've learned to make sure that I am getting protein and vitamins through my food. Any time I have tried supplements I would get violently ill. I saw three nutritionists who weren't of much help other than to make sure that I knew I was overweight. Because I have both IBS and Crohn's it gets very complicated to explain to the dietary people what my system will process. I try to take Miralax everyday - it helps with both but you have to take it with plenty of water. It is much gentler on your stomach than the other products out their. You are corrct to stay away from sweeteners and sweets. The bacteria that is present in you gi tract will feed off of the suger which in turn will cause the pain, bloating and excess gas as well as other issues. Remember that most basic carbs break down into sugar. Small amounts of different foods are best for me. If it's d I start with some rice soup. Not too much cause it can have the opposite reaction due to the rice. I lived on rice and canned green beans for three months. I tried a gluten free diet(which did help for a time)I tried to cut out all high fat foods. There are decent fat free alternatives out there. Basicallly I have fish(mild), chicken - very interesting...if I tried to eat a cooked skinless boneless chicken my stomach would ache. I tried cutting it into thin strips or chunks before cooking it and it made a huge difference. I haven't had a problem since. Ironically enough I can eat some mexican food(fat free totillas, ground beef, rice or refried veg. black beans, fat free sour cream. no lettuce, corn, onions, peppers or corn) I don't eat it often and I always make it myself. I'm a huge fan of quick cooking. Casseroles mostly but I am very careful not to overlap. I can eat 85% ground beef. When I need comfort food that is not to rough on my gi I will cook ground beef drain it and mix it with mashed potato and season(parmesan cheese/salt). I avoid most spices with the acception of salt and garlic. Pepper is a huge no no for me. Canned veg or thouroughly cooked veggies(string beans, wax bean, carrots. Not the best tasting but to use fresh I kknow I will have problems. I drink peppermint tea which does settle my stomach(hot - caffiene free and not motre than two cups a day.) It really is a full time job. But one that can be rewarding as I can avoid some of the trips to the bathroom. I rarely eat out. I do miss dining out but the thought of ruining a dinner because I feel sick is just not worth it. I will do it on occasion but. I stick to what I know which usually means a hamburger with little on it. Battling C and D is tough and very discouraging. Sorry to ramble on but this is the one thing that I feel I have some control over. It does not mean that I don't wish for other foods cause I really do, but trying to be pain free is more important to me as well as avoiding a feeding tube or hospital low res. diet. You know best when it comes to your gi system. It will undoubtedly take some work.  I hope things start getting better for you soon!


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