Has anyone had the swine flu/H1N1 vaccine yet?

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   Posted 11/11/2009 3:18 AM (GMT -7)   
Despite being in remission I seem to be living at the docs at the moment!! Had a bloodtest and wound check after 3 excisional biopsies of suspect melanoma on friday today and while I was there they offered me a swine flu jab appointment for the weekend.
Apparently the side-effects are a bit stronger than the normal flu vaccine (which I've had every year for the last 7 years without a problem) including possibly an upset tum and fever. The nurse I saw had the jab from the same batch yesterday (they only got in 400 vaccines so I'm pretty fortunate to be offered it) and said all she's got is a dead arm, obviously they have to warn you of side-effects but I'm just wondering how many people actually got them when they had it?
So have any of you had had the swine flu vaccine yet and did you have any side effects? If so how long did they last and were you able to carry on as normal or did you have to have a couple of days downtime?
I'm definitely going to get the vaccine regardless, the risks of swine flu itself are just not worth it (my personal opinion obviously). My mum knows of a lad with Crohn's who got swine flu and had to stop his meds til he was over it and flared nastily and was poorly for quite a while with both Crohn's and the swine (can you imagine! poor guy) - it took me ages to get into remission and 8 months in I'm not about to ruin it! I just want to know what I'm letting myself in for!

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   Posted 11/11/2009 5:16 AM (GMT -7)   
My daughter got the shot yesterday. It's certainly a very personal decision, but our family Dr. highly recommended it for her considering. She said she's already seen many very bad cases. Her arm is really quite sore, and I've heard this from just about everyone that's had the shot. Mind you it's only been one day, but so far no other problems.
My daughter was diagnosed Feb. 19/07, (13 yrs. old at time of diagnosis), with Crohn's of the Terminal Illium. Has used Prednisone and Pentasa. Started Imuran (02/09), had an abdominal abscess (12/08). 2cm of Stricture.

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   Posted 11/11/2009 6:37 AM (GMT -7)   
I got the shot this past Friday. I had no side effects what so ever. I am also in remission. I had to wait in line at work for an hour to get it - well worth it IMHO.

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   Posted 11/11/2009 7:16 AM (GMT -7)   
Here is a recent post we had about this very subject.

I personally plan on getting the shot when it becomes available.  Right now my insurance is only giving it to children, healthcare workers, and pregnant women.  This H1N1 vaccine is made the exact same way as the seasonal flu shot, just a different strain.  I recently read that it would have been included in the seasonal vaccine if it had been discovered sooner, but was discovered after this years seasonal vaccine was already made.  Good luck!

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   Posted 11/11/2009 8:51 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks Nanners!
From the research I've done it does seem like side-effects are more likely but as I'm usually one who doesn't get side-effects from the regular flu vaccine I'm hoping I'll be lucky with this one too (got lots of uni work on and can't afford to take any time off at the moment!) but even so its on a weekend I'm having it so even if I do get side-effecty hopefully it'll wear off before the week starts!

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   Posted 11/11/2009 9:55 AM (GMT -7)   
Popping in from the UC forum:
My GI approved me getting the H1N1 nasal mist because I'm in remission and not on any immunosuppressants. I chose to get it rather than waiting for the shot to be available--in my area, it's looking like the shot will only be availble to pregnant women, kids 6 mo-2 years, and health care workers with chronic health conditions for a while longer. It's been over two weeks, and I'm fine. If something bad was going to happen, it would have by now.
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Thread with links to UC resources and  information:

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   Posted 11/11/2009 10:27 AM (GMT -7)   
I live in Canada and got my h1n1 shot last week. Because I fall in the high risk category (I have a kid under 6 months) I was able to get it. The Canadian version of the vaccine has squalene in it. Not a big deal for me but it is controversial.

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   Posted 11/11/2009 10:29 AM (GMT -7)   
My nurse told me to get it in the but :)

Then you wont feel so bad.
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   Posted 11/11/2009 1:02 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi i had the jab last week and everything is fine no side effects. Bev x
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   Posted 11/11/2009 4:12 PM (GMT -7)   
Got it Saturday. No problems at all.
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   Posted 11/11/2009 4:30 PM (GMT -7)   
Waiting for my turn...
Chronic illness is way down the list...
When its available I will get it...
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   Posted 11/12/2009 11:38 AM (GMT -7)   
I got it yesterday (the shot) and feel very lucky to have been able to get it...since they have been few and far between in my community. Didn't have any side effects at all.
**32 year old female; Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2001; diagnosis changed to Crohn's disease in 2009 (but still only impacts colon)
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   Posted 11/13/2009 7:47 AM (GMT -7)   
I had my shot yesterday. Nothing to it.


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   Posted 11/13/2009 12:23 PM (GMT -7)   
My whole family has had the H1N1  & seasonal flu vacines with no side effects or problems.  In addition to my & my mom's CD my dad had a kidney transplant about 1 1/2 years ago, so we can't take any chances on not getting the vaccine.  My CD docs advised me to get the H1N1 shot because of being on 6MP and it lowering my immune system.

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   Posted 11/13/2009 5:40 PM (GMT -7)   
I had my shot yesterday with no problem.

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   Posted 11/13/2009 6:23 PM (GMT -7)   
This stupid country and its H1N1 vaccine bogarting. It will supposedly be available to lower risk levels around the end of the month, but I'm not holding my breath.
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   Posted 11/13/2009 11:40 PM (GMT -7)   
No, since here it requires going to the Health Department at 5 am, to stand in line until 7 am. Then MAYBE you'll get a braclet to come back another day, stand in line and get the shot. No thanks! I think it's terrible how it's being handled.
My guts are at their worst that early in the morning, and it's cold here. So the idea of standing out in the freezing cold to possibly get turned away doesn't appeal to me.
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   Posted 11/13/2009 11:54 PM (GMT -7)   
Me & my daughter and my husband will not be getting the h1n1. For one, it's dispersment IS being mishandled. For two, I don't trust the research available at the moment. Yes, it's there, but in order to mass-manufacturer they have added an adjuvent in which they said they wouldn't. Given they are not finding that my Crohn's may indeed be more hereditary than "fluke" I don't trust injecting my child with something that could possibly alter her immune system. That's just my personal thoughts and I in no way would judge someone for their own feelings. As of right now I'm in remission. I do not get the seasonal flu as my doctors do not recommend it. My husband got the flu shot 2 years back when we brought our daughter home from the NICU because he was out and about far more than me and it was a means to protect her...otherwise, we use the good ole' handwashing and sanitizer method the NICU taught us..

I will say I am scared of this virus for my family, but I also realize there are SOOO many other things that could happen illness wise. My daughter is only 2 and the first year she had a small case of pneumonia and at 19 months she had RSV.
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   Posted 11/14/2009 9:35 AM (GMT -7)   
I just recently was approved for Humira and the doctor wants me to get both shots. I'm kind of on the fence with this. I know my immune system will be lowered but I'm paranoid about vaccinations. I told him that I didn't want the shot. Taking on the Humira was a big enough decision and now he wants me to take the shots as well??
It sounds like most are doing it here but I'm still a bit afraid due to the stigma that vaccinations have.

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   Posted 11/14/2009 10:35 AM (GMT -7)   
No, my daughter has not had it. We are not confident it won't stir up Crohn's inflammation.
Have always wondered whether all the shots she took, all once, for a family trip to Africa, helped to trigger Crohn's.
We were both very sick this summer with a flu, so I'd like to find a way to check whether it might have been a milder form of the swine flu. Not sure whether this can be done.
Btw, she is NOT on an immunosuppresant...if she were, she would definitely get the shot.
Daughter (22) Dx'd Crohn's 3/06. Misdiagnosed for two years, including by top pediatric Crohn's specialist as stress. No symptoms for the past two years. Recent colonoscopy shows stricture gone but still two spots of inflammation in TI. Used LDN to taper off Entocort. Was on Entocort since April 06. Never had D. SCD multivitamin, homemade yogurt, 5000IU vit D3, 500 mg calcium, 27 mg iron, monthly B12 shots, daily oral B12 1000. SCD diet modified to include potatoes and rice. 

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